Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Body Shop White Musk Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel and Smooth Satin Body Lotion Gift Set Review

Hi, there

Here I come back again with new review about The Body Shop Bath and Body Care. About two months ago I bought The Body Shop White Musk gift set, consists of The Body Shop White Musk Shower Gel, Smooth Satin Body Lotion and Bath Lily. The shower gel and body lotion are in miniature size and they only last less than 2 weeks in my case. I like to use them very much : )

 Pic from The Body Shop

This is just gonna be a short review. I’ll tell u one by one. I love the fragrance of White Musk, both in the shower gel and body lotion. The fragrance is soft, sensual, seductive, alluring but not too much overpowering.
I remember paid IDR 119.000 for the gift set.

1. The Body Shop White Musk Shower Gel

Label at the back
open to see ingredients

Ingredients list behind the label

Here are what I can say :
- Claimed to be soap free
- Alluring musk scent
- Makes my skin soft after use
- Did not produce much bubbles without bath applicator. I use bath lily to maximize the use.
- Did not dry my skin
- Need more amount in one usage compared to another shower gel
- 1 bottle did not last long
- non parabens
- contains coloring >.<
- contains honey : )

2. The Body Shop White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion

My bottle almost empty

The back of the bottle

The back label

Ingredients list at the back of the label

So here what I say :

- Nice fragrance, same with the shower gel
- nice texture
- easy to absorb and leaves skin velvety soft
- quite moisturizing
- 1 bottle did not last long
- non parabens
- non colorant

3. The Body Shop Bath Lily

I always like tools from The Body Shop. They never disappoint me. I use their make up brush, sponge and this time the bath lily. The Body Shop Bath Lily made from good material, the net is dense enough and not easily torn. The bath lily’s net is soft, thick, durable, it’s less scratchy compared to other bath net I ever used. It does its job well to produce bubbles from shower gel.
The Body Shop tagged pretty expensive prices for their tools but u won’t be disappointed by the quality u get.

Actually it’s a better bargain to buy the shower gel and body lotion in full size. If u calculated the price and the amount u can get, u will know it. But if u plan to buy it as a gift for special someone, this miniature set will be good.

So, what do u think, girls? What’s ur fave from The Body Shop? Or do u have favorite bath and body care from other brand? Please share ur experience in comment, until then, see u on my next post


Puteri Nurma said...

white musk bau paling fave TBS. jadi pengen mandi dengan bau white musk, pasti enak banget ya. tp harganya tergolong mahal untuk mahasiswa sekaliber saya, apalagi cuma buat mandi :D

Queen D said...

Iya, ini baunya emang enak banget, soft dan kalem gitu :)
Emang sich TBS bath n body harganya bikin dompet menangis, aq mesti nabung n puasa buat beli >.<

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih infonya gan.
Lumayan buat nambah wawasan.

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