Sunday, 3 June 2012

Viva Cosmetics Face Tonic Bengkuang Review

Hello everyone!^^ 

                It's a nice sunday morning when I write this review :) I'm continuing to review about product I use that listed on my previous article.
           Here I bump into local (Indonesian) product again. This time is review about Viva Face Tonic Bengkuang. I’m sure every Indonesian women know Viva, it’s been a budget - friendly local cosmetic brand for a long time since the teenager era of my mom.
If u are having economical crisis for ur cosmetic budget (like me right now when I write this story ha ha), I suggest u to browse into Viva cosmetics, and try to find something that suitable for ur skin type. Be careful coz not all products in this brand will suit u, look for some detailed information before u decide to buy. I bought this toner from Indomaret for Rp. 4200 (about $0.5), pretty cheap for 100 ml bottle, surely the price won’t break my wallet^^ The feeling of getting cheap products always makes me happy, it creates peaceful effect in my heart which means no depression ha ha…
          I browsed a little before buying this stuff, I read that some people out there find Viva cosmetics products are too harsh for their skin, but I knew many of my friends, relatives, and my mother used Viva cleanser and toner and they’re fine with. Then I thought I should give it a chance coz u would never really know until u have tried…
This toner is the type of cleansing toner (Note : read my previous article about type of toner). Viva Bengkuang Face Tonic is supposed to be applied after using milk cleanser / cleansing gel to remove the traces of milk cleanser and the remaining dirt on our face. This toner is supposed to be paired with Viva Bengkuang Milk Cleanser but I don’t buy the milk cleanser, u know why? Because Viva Bengkuang Milk Cleanser has mineral oil in it which can’t be tolerated by my skin.

I apply this toner after using Citra Lasting White Bengkoang 2 in 1 Face Cleanser (which I already reviewed before) to wipe away the remaining cleanser residue from my face. One of the reason why I bought this Bengkuang face tonic is coz I have Citra Bengkoang cleanser at home : ) so I thought it would be matched coz both of them area bengkoang series even from the different brand, eh… (just my own assumption^^)

This is How I pair it :
Citra Lasting White Bengkoang 2 in 1 Face Cleanser as the cleanser followed by Viva Bengkuang Face Tonic as the cleansing toner

Before taking this, I was gonna buy cucumber astringent, but the smell of the astringent tells that it has high percentage of alcohol inside it. I’m afraid it’ll be too drying for me and I’m bothered by the strong scent too (even I have oily-combi skin).

This is some pic I took from Viva cosmetics website

Let’s take a peek on product description from the packaging :
Face Tonic Bengkuang
Mengandung Ekstrak Bengkuang & Ekstrak Sunflower
Netto 100 ml

Lotion penyegar untuk kulit normal, mengandung bahan alami Ekstrak Bengkuang dan Ekstrak Sunflower yang berfungsi untuk membersihkan sisa-sisa susu pembersih, menyegarkan kulit, serta merawat elastisitas/kelenturan kulit wajah anda sehingga tampak lebih cerah berseri.
Pakailah sebelum make-up dan menjelang tidur.
Refreshing lotion for normal skin, contains Bengkuang Extract and Sunflower Extract with the function to clean milk cleanser residue, refresh the skin, to maintain elasticity and keeps your skin supple. Makes the skin clear and looks brighter. Apply before make-up and bedtime.

Ingredients :
Aqua, Ethanol, Sorbitol, Pachyrrhizus Erosus Extract, Methylparaben, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, Sunflower  (Helianthus Annuus) Seed oil, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Perfume, Citric Acid.

This toner is medium-bit strong scented, just like common fragrance in viva product, actually I’m bothered by the scent. Look at the ingredients list, there’s alcohol on the second top ingredients and paraben on the fifth, well, I’m not a fan of those but guess I have to forgive it since it’s cheap. Well, my Korean toners also contain alcohol too.
Looking at the packaging description, this one is for normal skin, I have a combination-oily skin but this product works for me although gotta admit that the alcohol in this product is quite strong for targeting a normal skin. This face tonic is less moisturizing compared with my nivea refreshing toner. Before buying Viva Bengkuang face tonic, I used nivea refreshing toner in pair with my Citra 2 in 1 cleanser.
I’ve used it several times until I write this review. When my face is on it’s sensitive mode, I find this toner a bit harsh and drying. But, it’s ok to use it when my skin back to it’s normal mode. FYI, I have oily-combination skin, super oily in the T-zone area but tend to bit dry on cheeks. So I guess I would not suggest this toner for those with sensitive skin.  I’m not using this toner every day coz sometimes I use facial wash to clean the cleanser residue.
The packaging description says that it “Makes the skin clear and looks brighter” but I don’t expect much from the brightening thing. The fact that it helps me to clean my face is already enough for me.

Now, I’ll resume all my opinion.
Pros :
- cheap, very much affordable
- available locally (Indonesia) in most of cosmetic store
- helps to clean my face
- did not make me breakout
- Has bengkuang and sunflower extracts

Cons :
- fragranced, the smell bothered me
- Not suitable for dry and sensitive skin
- Less moisturizing
- Contains lot of alcohol (top 2 ingredients)
- Paraben in 5th ingredients list
- cheap plastic bottle packaging

Who may like it :
- Want a cheap cleansing toner
- Don’t mind with the fragrance, alcohol and paraben
- Don’t have sensitive skin

Who may not like it :
- Have dry and sensitive skin
- Don’t like the fragrance, alcohol, and paraben

Repurchase ? Maybe. It’s a cheap and useful anywayto help clean the make up along with cleanser. I’ll continue using it except when my skin is in it’s sensitive mode but I don’t use it everyday.

Viva cosmetics, I appreciated ur commitment for providing budget-friendly products. I hope U’ll keep upgrading ur products and avoiding harmful chemicals so that even the most sensitive skin can use it.

What do u think? Do u have some favorite budget-friendly brand? Have something u can suggest to me?  Come on share it with me^^


noniq said...

Waahhh I use this too :) I like every Viva products for skin care ^^

Penulis Amatir said...

Yes, I like viva for their incredibly cheap price, many of my friends and relative use it too. I only use the toner coz all viva milk cleanser has mineral oil in it. My skin is allergic to mineral oil.
thanx for dropping by :)

Awa Zakiyah Darajat said...

Aku pake yang variant green tea. dulu pernah pake, tapi ga cocok, gatal2. :p

yang astringent juga bagus buat ngontrol minyak. sebelum pake krim malam aku pake astringent, biasanya paginya jadi ladang minyak, pake astringent malah sedikit minyaknya.

Penulis Amatir said...

wah suka ama yg astringent ya, hmm... aq cuma pernah cium baunya aja, koq kayaknya alcoholny kenceng jadi aq milih yg ini.
kalo kulit sensitif memang harus hati2 milih produk di brand viva coz rata2 produknya agak keras di wajah.
Aq kalo kulitku pas lagi sensitif atau bermasalah aq ngga pakai toner ini. Kalo kulit pas normal n ga lagi jerawatan ya baru pakai toner ini lagi
makasih udah mampir :)

Awa Zakiyah Darajat said...

kulitmu sensitif? aku ngga, hehe. iya, kl kulit sensitif harus hati2

Penulis Amatir said...

Iya ni, he he repot punya kulit sensi :)

Lee said...

Waaahhhh.... Kalo sensitifnya lagi kumat mending ga usah d pake dulu ya?
Kemaren pas kulit lg normal make viva green tea setnya ok bgt, pada bilang kulitku lbh bersih jerawat jg ga ada.

Tp pas lg "dapet" malah muka ku rada bruntusan.
Ada saran ga mba?

Penulis Amatir said...

Tapi bisa jadi kalau pas dapet, itu bruntusannya mungkin gara2 hormon.
Saranku ya kalau pas kulit lg sensitif, cari pembersih yg kandungannya lebih mild, kalau bisa yg ngga ada mineral oil/paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum & lanolin di dalamnya.
Ponds 2in1 yg ijo itu jg lumayan koq, bisa dipakai buat kulit berjerawat.

Aq pakai viva cuman tonernya aja, aq ngga berani pakai milk cleansernya coz mengandung mineral oil, ngga bagus buat kulit yg sensitif & acne prone kayak aq.
moga bisa membantu.