Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Erha 3 Balancing Toner (First Impression)

Hi, everyone

This is another post about product from Indonesian dermatology clinic. I bought it on the same time with Erhalogy Eternalips that I reviewed in HERE, that was several months ago. This post has been abandoned for long time in my disk.

So here is the product description.

Erha 21 New Improved Formula
Erha 3 Balancing Toner
pH Balanced Toner, refreshed and revitalized your skin
60 ml

Ingredients :
Water, Witch Hazel extract, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Sodium Hydroxide, Lactic Acid 3.42 %, Propylene Glycol, Ethanol, Glycolic Acid 2.45%, Aloe Vera extract, Glycerine, Phytic Acid, D-Panthenol, Allantoin, Benzoic Acid.

Well, I heard some good review before decided to buy this product. This is Erha product that sold as regular item, it means u could buy it at Erha Apothecary without Erha Dermatologist prescription. The Erha SA said that it would work for combination and oily skin.

This is the bottle
White and clean plastic bottle packaging

Monday, 26 August 2013

Etude House AC Clinic (Trial) Admission Kit Review (Toner, Lotion and Pink Powder)

Hi, dear readers

After been absence for several days, now I'm back bringing some short review about acne treatment product from Etude. Before reading this post, please visit my previous article about this AC Clinic Kit in HERE.

Etude AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 (First Impression)

Hi, dear readers

Here I'm on whitening corner. Well, are u using whitening/ lightening treatment? I do. Well, it's not that I kinda have obsession in whiter skin. But it's more like an effort to have more even skin tone, combat dark spots and post acne blemishes.

I've posted about night regimen from Wardah White Secret before. Now I'm gonna share about the day cream from Wardah lightening series. I've been trying this cream from August 3rd until 12th 2013 .

This is the box and the jar

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Skinfood Shea Butter Lip Care Bar #5 Milk (for babies) Review

Hello, everyone

Do u have favourite lip balm? I'm sure u do. Either with me. Now let me tell u one of my favourite product. This is from Korean Brand, SKINFOOD. Actually, SKINFOOD markets it as product for babies. Lip balm for babies, that's interesting. Since this products originally targets under 5 years old so I think it contains mild, gentle, very friendly formula and less harsh ingredients. Again, this just my thought, I don't know the complete ingredients list since SKINFOOD does not provide it on the package.

Pic from Skinfood web

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash Review

Hello, dear readers

This post is just short review from me.
This is the product that I should be reviewing months ago. Yes, lazy me >.<
Why I bought this product? Tea tree is known for its ability to heal blemishes and acne. Well, my acne does not usually only on face and neck, but on my body too. I occassionally get acne on my back, chest, neck, even ear. So I decided to buy this product. Hope that it could prevent and combat the acne on my body.

The bottle

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder Review

Hi, Pretties and Anna Sui Lovers ^^

Today I'm gonna tell u about my favorite loose powder I use in current time.
On my previous review about Anna Sui Powder, I mentioned that I would try another varian of their loose powder. So here it is : Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder. I bought it on July. I decided to buy this after looking at the ingredients list. It does not contain mineral oil. That's good for me. The SA was very kind to let me examined the ingredients list before buying it. She patiently explained to me how to use it and helped me to attach the refill into the case.

The case and the refill are in separate box

SILKYGIRL Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm Review

Hi, everyone

This time, I'm just gonna post some short review.Who likes pink? I do : )
And pink stuff always catch my eyes. I really have weakness for pink >.< like can't resist to buy this pink lip balm.

This is the package when sealed

Silky Girl Lip Balm

It's the first time I do review for lip product from Silky Girl. I would call it color changing lip balm. Yes, this lip balm seems white and colorless in the container, but soon after being swatched, the color changes into intense pink. U can add more layer to achieve more vivid color.
The price is affordable. Around IDR 20.000. I bought it from Silky Girl Counter in Tunjungan Plaza.

That is the color in the container 

The packaging is slim, pink and girly. It's very travel friendly.

Actually there are 3 varian in this line. I chose fragrance free one. The other two are scented fruity.

It has cool -menthol sensation after applied on lips. That would this product as good companion for summer.      

Sorry for the blurry pic

I had this product for about 2 weeks before giving it to my neighbour.

Wanna know why I gave it up ? I was suffering from dryness on my lips this product could not solve my problem except just giving a nice pink natural color to my lips. And  I don't think this would suit for sensitive lips. When my lips was in the sensitive mode, I felt little unpleasant feeling after applying it. 
It has poor hydration performance. My mother tried it too and this product was drying on her lips.
My neighbour whom I gave this lip balm to, is very happy using it. She likes the finish color. It looks natural and pretty on her. Since she has good lips health, so she does not expect any repairing function from this product.

Pros :
- Affordable and available locally in Indonesia
- Nice finish color
- Cute girly packaging
- cool menthol sensation after applied

Cons :
- can't hydrate my lips well
- not suitable for sensitive lips

Repurchase ? No.

So, what do u think? Please leave comment :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wardah White Secret (Night Cream and Intense Brightening Essence) First Impression

Hello, Beauties

Like I’ve mentioned before, lately I’m interesting to dig into Indonesian local brands. It’s not that I’m no longer drown my self into Korean brand, but lately I read so much raves about products from Indonesian local brand. So I decided to browse it. 

White Secret I bought
The price :
White Secret Night Cream = IDR 75.000
White Secret Intense Brightening Essence = IDR 75.000
White Secret Soothing Lotion = IDR 45.000

 The brochure inside the box (back)
click to enlarge
  The brochure inside the box (front)
click to zoom

After read blog about Halal Beauty, that matter knocked my consciousness. For ur info, I am a moslema, and my religion has absolute rule about halal (may) and haram (forbidden). It’s applied to anything we eat and use on our body. So the concern about Halal Cosmetic is important for me.
As Far as I know, Wardah is the first Indonesian Brand that put Halal Beauty as its theme. The second reason why I interested in this brand is I heard that most of Wardah skincare products are less alcohol. Me having sensitive skin, of course I need to avoid alcohol in my face products as much as possible.

So this is the latest line from Wardah. It’s Wardah White Secret. I heard so much raves about it. Well, it’s not yet on their official website (the date this post made) but it’s already available in some of their counter. Previously, several years ago Wardah has launched its whitening line, that is Wardah Lightening Series which consists of skincare and two way cake. 

The White Secret is their premium line. The price range is above their other lines. This line has more complex ingredients and targets to give more benefit for skin than the previous lightening series.
Actually I want to buy the facial wash, cleanser, day cream, essence, night cream, and their soothing lotion. As for the exfoliating lotion, scrub, and tinted day cream, I’m not very interested in. Too bad that White Secret likely to sold out in almost all Wardah counter I went to in Surabaya, couldn’t find one place that has complete stock of it. Yeah, it's a new line, just launched, no wonder its sold out, there are many beauties can't wait to try it, including me. I only managed to get 3 of the items I planned to buy. When I bought the night cream and essence on Matahari Dept. Store Tunjungan, they're the last one in stock. The SA said that the items will be back in stock next month. Well, guess I was still lucky to get the best seller items in this line.

I have been using the night cream and essence since 6 August 2013 (last week from the date of this post). I haven’t opened the soothing lotion because I still have my TBS aloe toner. Now, I want to share my impression after several days using the night cream and essence.

1. Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence

This is the package
The back of the tube

See the semi transparent gel on the tube hole, that's how the product looks like

This is the carton box
Click to zoom
Please read the direction of use carefully
It came with long and slim tube. The shape reminds me to Ponds Flawless White Serum that I ever tried some years ago. The texture is semi transparent gel- like formula. It’s lightweight, easy to absorb and non sticky. Again, the texture reminds me to old version of Ponds Flawless White Serum that I’ve ever short reviewed in THIS POST. But they’re not having same smell.
It’s good thing that this product came in tube so it’s more hygienic, and less contamination with air and finger.
I like this kind of texture. It’s not oily at all. This product is to be used only at night.
The smell of this essence is the same with the night cream, but not as strong as.
I like this serum, it absorbs without trace, and not greasy, even when I apply on generous amount.
This serum is moisturizing too. 
My order of usage :
Cleanser (followed with or without facial wash) -- > Toner -- > Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence -- > Wardah White Secret Night Cream

2. Wardah White Secret Night Cream

There is second cap inside

This is how the cream looks like

Wardah White Secret Night Cream Carton Box
Click to zoom
Please read the direction of use carefully

The smell is stronger than the Essence. Actually I don’t like perfumed skincare, especially the strong one. The texture is moisturizing and bit rich, has kinda bit gel cream- like texture when applied on skin.  I feel that it’s bit too rich for the preference of my oily combination skin, but still tolerable. I like how it also hydrates my dehydrated skin. The smell is not flowery type, somehow it's kinda fruity- sour one. It needs a while before absorbs into my skin. I usually massage it a little to make it absorbed well.
A little is enough for my face and neck so I guess this jar will last me long enough.

Since I did not get the day cream, I used Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 in the morning and followed with sunscreen. I’ll talk about the lightening day cream in separate post.

After several days using them, I feel my skin texture is getting better. They moisturizes my dehydrated skin. Makes me  wake up with suppler skin. I just tried them in several days since 6 August and I notice little brightening effect, my post acne marks start to fade. Guess  I will continue using it until that tube and jar run out.

If u want to try White Secret creams and essence, please take these note and caution :
- If u're suffering from many pimples on ur face, please cure ur pimples first (using acne treatment product) before trying this line. Because this is whitening line, and the night cream is bit rich, so it may aggravate acne on ur skin.
- if u have oily or super oily skin, use the creams in light layer, don't put too generous amount of it because it may make ur skin oilier.
- This white secret main purpose is whitening, so when using this line u MUST wear sunscreen at least SPF 15 on the daytime.   
- Since this line contains AHA, so please avoid sunlight during the usage of White Secret. Me too, gotta stay in the shade and not playing under the sun >.< This is the rule of using AHA.
- If u have ur sensitive skin acting out (redness, itchiness), I suggest to wait until ur skin back to normal. Because I'm not sure whitening products will suit troubled sensitive skin. Or u could just try a little to test whether ur skin can tolerate it or not.

For first impression, I guess these products are worth the bucks I paid for, nice and affordable. It helps to soften, and makes my skin suppler, and more brighter.
Btw, I'm not doing commercial here, I'm just sharing my thoughts. This brand is an option if u look for Halal, good and affordable products.

So what do u think, beauties ?

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

LT Pro Dual Function Compact Pressed Powder (Two Way Cake) Review

Hi, there

Lately, seems like I'm digging into Local Indonesian brand, doing some exploration. I realized that I haven't put enough attention to local brand. And in this moment I want u all to know that Indonesia has good quality make up brands too. Of course, with affordable price.

So my Make Over Two Way Cake ran out and I was looking for some replacement. I've been curious to try this brand so I decided to give it a shot.
LT Pro is the professional make up line from La Tulipe. I've been using La Tulipe lipsticks for almost 2 years and I adore them. I read many good impression about this product so here I am writing another one ^^

Btw I'm sure every woman in Indonesia must know La Tulipe. It is a famous local brand, well known for their make up line.

Taken from LT Pro Site

Taken from LT Pro Site

They have 2 version of packaging for this product. First is pallete version, consists of three shades of powder in round refill shape. And another one is single packaging and this is what I bought.

This is the box and the case, both are black

The case is made of black plastic with doff (non glossy) finish, with silver LT Pro letters on it.
The plastic material is thick, wont easy to break into pieces if u drop it. But the finish of the case material looks cheap and boring. For me that's not an important issue because it does not resemble the content at all. The product inside is good.

Information on the front of the box

Price : IDR 125.000 on the La Tulipe official counter in Matahari Dept. Store

Oh Yes, the case has big mirror, love it

LT Pro has 4 shades for this Dual Function Powder. I chose 02R Dark. The SA suggested this shade for me. I don't have noticeable problem with this color preference actually, but somehow I think it would be better if I grab one shade above this.

brand new with plastic cover

The shade I chose, it's a beige with pink undertone.
Sorry for my poor camera, the pic may look darker than the real.

The bottom side of the case

Ingredients list
If u want to try it, then pay attention closely on the ingredients, in case there is something u can't tolerate.

Bare Face, don't zoom it please >,<

So, here is the finish
So sorry for the low res pic and the messy tied hair >,<

The finish is matte and powdery. The coverage is medium to semi full. I can see it covers some of my big pores. Maybe u may find that the powder is not the light type one, yes it offers good coverage, no wonder the texture is kinda thick compared to common compact powder.

So far I don't have any problem using this Dual Function Cake. No oxidize, no cakey, no clogged pores (because I always cleanse my face in the end of the day), no sign of irritation or any unpleasant reaction. But I would not use this when I have pimples or acne because I'm afraid it would worsen the bumps.

One thing I dislike about it is the smell. I confuse how to describe it but sure in my opinion, it's not the nice one. The fragrance is bit strong and not the kind I like. I prefer non scented if possible.
In my case, this dual cake could stay nice until 5 hours in my oily combination skin, when I spent time mostly indoor. When it started to fade away, I just have to blot my face and do some touch up.
I usually use dry sponge to apply it. This product is very helpful when I'm in hurry. It is easy to be applied evenly on my face. The included sponge is in good quality, guess I have to buy more for back up. I gotta check if they sell the sponge separately.
I haven't tried to use it with wet sponge. So I don't know how it would like.

About the oil control, I could say that it is average. I have oily combination skin and my T-Zone and area sorround it is very oily.
There is sunscreen ingredient in it (titanium dioxide micronized) but the package does not provide any info how much SPF in it. So. I suggest to use product with sunscreen before it. However I my self almost never count on SPF that included in powder.

What I like :
- easy to spread evenly
- Good coverage
- Good staying power
- Nice finish
- did not cakey or oxidize
- affordable price for 14 gr

What I don't like :
- boring case (not important thing)
- the smell is bit unpleasant

Repurchase ? Yes, sure, for one shade above this one. This product is really worth the price. It's still affordable for me and I'm quite satisfied with this product. Even I have to hold my nose alittle when applying it, ugh wish they improve the scent.

So what do u think, gals? Are u using La Tulipe or LT Pro too?

SKINFOOD Shea Butter Lip Care Bar #4 Mint (for men) Review

Hi, everyone

Hope u all doing fine.

I have this product since months ago and been using it until now, of course in rotation with my other lip care products on my cosmetic box.
Months ago (between March and April), my lips was at bad condition. I bought some product to cure it but it did not work. My lips was very dry, darkened and flakes everywhere. One day I walked in front of Skinfood Counter at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya. Since I had a nice experience with Skinfood Lip Care Bar Apricot back then, I decided to repurchase from the same line. Actually I wanted to get milk varian, but unfortunately it was out of stock. After trying the sample product on the display, I decided to purchase this one.

Why I chose this?
- it is colorless (after applied on lips)
- it has nice smell (fresh mint scent)
- it has mint cooling sensation after swatched on lips

The SA told me that it is product for men. Hey, what's the difference? as long as I like it I'll buy. Fyi, it's not the first time I bought men's product. Back then, there is some period when I like to shop in men's body care (body wash, deodorant, cologne, shampoo). One brand that I adore their men's product is adidas. I ever used their body wash and deodorant, and I liked them, they smell so refreshing :)

Description from web yesstyle :
Moisturizing and healing lip balm coats lips with shea butter, providing instant relief for dry and chapped lips. Meadow foam seed oil, jojoba oil and bisabolol extracts moisturize and soften lips, smoothing out dry skin and filling in painful cracks for a smooth and luscious pout. Swipe on lip balm as often as needed to keep lips soft and chap free. Contains shea butter to moisturize lips, with meadow foam seed oil, jojoba oil and bisabolol extracts. Apply daily or on dry or chapped lips. Pack Size 3.5g

When I first bought it, the product was manufacture sealed with transparent plastic, almost whole tube covered by it. Don't accept if the seal is broken.
Ok, so this product managed to get rid of the dry flakes from my lips surface. On the first day I applied, it gave immediate hydration for my lips. In two hours I could see the flakes  tended to detach from my lips surface and I could easily rub my lips to remove it. After 2 days using it, I saw some noticeable result, my darkened lips started to back to its normal color. I kept using it and my lips health was restored back day by day.

For what I paid for, I could say it's worth it. I got the price about IDR 101.500 on the Skinfood official counter. U can get it cheaper via online.

Pros :
- cooling sensation after applied
- help to hydrate my lips
- help to restore the natural color of my lips (with the effort maintaining healthy life) 

Cons :
- Not providing the ingredients list
- the price is double if u buy on the official counter

Repurchase ? Yes, but for another varian. I want to try the colored varian too.

So what do u think, readers? If u read my post, please leave some comment.

Have a nice day and see u on my next post :) 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Nivea Soft Cream Review

Hi, dear readers

Today I'm talking about multi- function cream from Nivea. I knew this product since long ago when I was on junior high school. But I just happened to try it about 3 months ago. And finish the post just now >.<
After satisfied using Nivea UV Whitening Advanced Moisture Care Cream that I have reviewed in HERE, I decided to use another version of Nivea Cream. Here is my review about Nivea Soft Cream. Since this product is version that is manufactured and sold in Indonesia. So I'll use Bahasa for the next passage. For foreign readers, please hit the translate button on the side bar, thank u so much ^^

This is the top of the jar

The bottom of the jar, there is sticker label contains product info

Kemasannya sama dengan Nivea UV Whitening Cream yang saya review sebelumnya.

This is the sticker on the bottom of the jar

.Open the sticker. (Click to enlarge)

Di kemasan ditulis kalau krim ini untuk wajah dan tubuh, tapi saya ngga mau memakainya untuk muka karena mengandung mineral oil. Kulit wajah saya itu semacam musuhan sama mineral oil, cenderung berjerawat kalau memakai produk yang mengandung bahan tersebut. Jadi krim ini hanya saya gunakan untuk tubuh saja. terutama untuk melembutkan bagian2 yang kering seperti : tangan, siku, kutikula, tumit dan jari2 kaki. Saya cukup suka dengan formulanya yang benar - benar melembabkan.
Harga krim ini cukup terjangkau, hanya IDR 10.500 saja, ini saya belinya di Superindo Supermarket. Saya sebenarnya juga ngga demen beli produk yang mahal2, he he... coz kantong juga pas- pasan.

Tidak ada yang istimewa dari jarnya, terbuat dari plastik seperti varian lainnya yang pernah saya posting sebelumnya.
Krim ini bisa saya pakai selama 2-3 minggu, seringnya buat hand cream.      

Segel kemasan berhologram NIVEA

Tampak Samping Kemasan

Seperti ini tampak krimnya

Yang saya suka :
- harganya terjangkau dan mudah didapat dimana saya tinggal
- melembabkan dan bagus untuk krim tangan
- tidak lengket dan ada sedikit sensasi dingin ketika diusapkan ke kulit
- multifungsi

Yang saya kurang suka :
- mengandung alkohol

Bakal beli lagi ? Iya. Harga terjangkau dan lumayan melembapkan buat krim tangan. 

Selanjutnya saya ingin mencoba varian lainnya lagi dari krim Nivea, itu lho yang wadahnya warna biru.

So, what do u think?