Sunday, 29 April 2012

Review about Skin Food Gold Kiwi Gift Set

           I purchased this gift set from Rie Butik olshop on Januari. Bought this around Rp. 40.000 (+  $ 5). I got curious since I read many good reviews about it.  It’s a whitening product, the web said this can relieve ur skin that got darkened by sun exposure, well, it’s my experience too. My skin got tan easily. I really had hope for the whitening effect.
FYI, my skin type is : oily-combination, sensitive, acne prone, blemished, dull and uneven, easily got darkened by sun exposure.

I borrowed these pics from since I can't provide it my self, sorry.

Review about Mentholatum Acnes Oil Control Film

Mentholatum  Acnes Oil Control Film 
This is how it looks
 The product claims

 It has green color

This is my fave oil blotting paper, It’s cheap and easy to get in my area. It effectively removes oil in my skin. All I need to do just press it on my skin carefully and not to drag it so it won’t ruin my make up. The color of the film paper turns transparent after absorbing oil on our skin. It’s a fast absorbing film. I experience my skin becomes matte just after I remove it.
Overall I like it, it’s my second purchase. It’s better than Ovale face paper that I ever bought before. Ovale face paper did not absorb oil on my skin as fast as this.
Ingredients :
Polypropylene, Mineral Oil, Dimethyldibenzylidene Sorbitol and pigment Green 7 (Cl 74260)

Well, how about u? Any other oil blotting paper that u can suggest to me?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Citra Lasting White Bengkoang 2 in 1 Face Cleanser Review

Deskripsi kemasan :
Citra Lasting White Bengkoang 2 in 1 Face Cleanser dengan Bengkoang, untuk kulit tampak cerah alami.
Mengandung susu pembersih untuk membersihkan wajah dan make up secara menyeluruh, dan penyegar (toner) yang membuat kulit wajah tidak lengket dan segar.
Pembersih wajah ini memberikan sensasi sejuk pada kulit. Kandungan antioksidannya (Vitamin C dan E) dikenal dapat melawan efek buruk lingkungan.

Apakah deskripsi ini sesuai dengan kenyataan pengalaman aq? Mari kita lihat reviewq di bawah ^ ^

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Review Wardah Cleanser Normal to Oily Skin

Review Wardah Cleanser Normal to Oily Skin
Netto 150 ml

Minggu lalu aq beli ini coz pembersihq abis, penasaran aja sapa tau cocok kan lumayan, murah dan botolnya gede pula. Harga rp. 17rb waktu beli di Giant. 


Review Sophie Martin (2) Phase Make Up Remover

Review Sophie Martin
(2) Phase Make Up Remover
Enriched with Jojoba Oil
For All Skin Types
100 ml
This is the bottle

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sheraton Hotel Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya

Last year (2011), I'd been twice spending nights on Sheraton Hotel Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya. Here are random pics that I took. Just for ur info if u're looking for some hotel in Surabaya, u may want to know what's inside.

The room that reserved for me
Room in my first coming

Review Wardah Pore Tightening Toner

Review Wardah Pore Tightening Toner (Acne Series)

 Gambar diambil dari websitenya Wardah
Texture : Toner bening kebiruan

Monday, 9 April 2012

Oriflame Pure Skin 1 Clarifying Scrub 2 Purifying Mask

I took this pic from official oriflame website

I bought it last month ago in a discount from a friend from work who also an Oriflame Consultant. This is the first scrub and clay mask product that I bought from Oriflame. 

Oriflame is a worldwide brand so I’ll write in both English and Indonesian.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Silky Girl Lightening Two Way Cake Spf 15

Review : Silky Girl Lightening Two Way Cake Spf 15

Shade 04 Sand

Gambar ini aku ambil dari situs resminya Silky Girl

Situs resminya :

Pertama nyoba bedak ini, kesan pertamaku texturenya lumayan halus dan mudah diratakan daripada bedak yang kupakai sebelumnya. Bedak ini juga oil free dan fragrance free, ini juga yang aku suka. Aq paling anti ama produk yang mengandung mineral oil.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Miserable Me

My Miserable Me
(One dark side of me)

Love is like an illusion
It offers u a dream that will gone once u wake up
Here I dance my gloomy tango
With ur shadow
My dream shadow
Which is only exist in my dream
Only in my wish
Only in my wildest imagination
N my highest hope

My tears keep falling as my dream torn apart
As the mirror in front of me cracks n the pieces scattered around
Some of them even stab all over me
Make some part of me dying
Something stabbed the heart of my dream
The heart of my dream…
The heart of my dream, my ultimate wish, my highest hope is dying…

N I keep dancing in my gloomy tango alone…
Yes I dance with my dream…
Dancing in the teardrops rain
When no one gonna endure my sorrow
When I have to break my own vow…
Cuz my dream had broken I can’t keep my vow
Cuz I’m awake, n I made the vow while I’m dreaming
That I can’t keep it when I’m awake…

Love that I want to reach is only exist in my dream…
When I’m awake, It’s as far as the smallest star in the sky
Love is an illusion for u to did anything without any reason but love

Strong illusion called love
Strong illusion called love
U never know exactly when it comes
How it could exist
N’ when u learn about it, it always too late
Cuz u have already caught in it’s grip
The cruel thing is it will never let u go
Never let u go…
Until u torn apart
N even after u torn apart

Whenever I tried to find, u never there
Coz u only exist in my dream
The love in my dream
Only in my dream…

My Skin Care and Make Up Habit

By Penulis Amatir

Actually, I’m not the kind of girl who likes to wear decorative make up such as blush on, shimmering powder, eye shadow, glitter, eye brow pencil, eye liner, nail painting, mascara, eye lashes product and the other similar bla bla bla. That's why I don't write review about those kind of products. I don’t like to wear foundation, concealer or two way cake either. But I make exception to lip product such as lipstick and lip gloss. I like to wear them coz they really lift up my look and easy to apply. I wear them almost every day except when I’m not going anywhere and just stay at home.

Ponds Age Miracle Dual Eye Theraphy UV

Review Ponds Age Miracle Dual Eye Theraphy UV
Ini krim mata pertama yang aq pakai, sebelumnya aq ga pernah punya masalah dengan kulit area mata, no eye bag, no dark circle, n no side wrinkle. Tapi belakangan aq perhatikan kadang area bawah mata terlihat lebih gelap apalagi kalo pas lagi kecapekan/kurang tidur, mulai tambah usia kali yach jadi mulai ada tanda2 masalah di kulit area mata, karena itulah aq memutuskan beli eye cream.

Gambar yang ini aq ambil dari web resminya Ponds

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wardah Exclusive Liquid Foundation

Review : Wardah Exclusive Liquid Foundation
02 Sheer Pink

Gambar aq ambil dari facebooknya Wardah

Description :

Packaging : clear pump bottle

Texture : liquid, kental, mudah diratakan

Finish : medium coverage, natural dewy look

Maaf ga bisa nulis ingredient list-nya coz bungkusnya udah terlanjur kebuang sebelum nulis review. Mungkin akan qupdate kalau aq dapet info soal ingredient list yang ada di kemasannya.
Pertama kali lihat di rak supermarket, aq langsung suka ama shade ini coz rasanya match banget ama kulitku dan warnanya yang ke-pink2an kurasa bisa bagus di wajahku (biasanya wajahku bagus pakai bedak atau foundie yang ada unsur pink-nya dikit : )
Di packagingnya ditulis kalo finishingnya natural dewy look, well, sounds like something I want to achieve, eh… : )
Harganya lebih mahal dari seri luminous foundie, tapi tanpa ragu2 langsung samber aja he he… Saat itu aq bener2 hilang ingatan tentang tipe dan kondisi kulitku ha ha (kalau bisa dibilang begitu) gara2 shadenya yang cakep n embel2 natural dewy look.
Pertama dipakai, bagus bener sesuai ama kulitku dengan finish natural yang sedikit dewy, bisa sedikit cover noda2 di kulit. Texturnya mudah diratakan. Tapi seiring berjalannya waktu, duch ngeblot lagi dan ngeblot lagi dan lagi, oh no! kulitq kan berminyak, kayaknya foundie ini bagusnya buat kulit kering atau normal dech..
Sempet seminggu aq pakai ini, kulitq yang berminyak jadi tambah berminyak tiap pakai ini, trus mulai nongol bruntus kecil di wajah. Wah, emang bener2 ga cocok ni, akhirnya berhenti pakai.
Kukasikan ke mama aq yang kulitnya kering, eh beliau seneng coz bagus di dia, kulitnya jadi lembab dan ngga cakey kata beliau, warna shadenya juga match dan mudah diblend. Now, this is her fave foundie.

Repurchase : Sadly No. But maybe my mom will since it looks good on her.

Pros :
- Harganya affordable
- Pakainya irit, sedkit aja udah bisa mengcover seluruh wajah
- finishnya natural sedikit dewy, kalo ngeblend-nya bagus bisa bener2 keliatan natural dan ngga keliatan pakai foundie
- moisturizing
- uv protection

Cons :
- Not suitable for oily skin
- coverage medium
- minim oil controlnya
- clogging my pores, muncul bruntusan kecil

Mungkin suka :
- kulit kering sampai normal
- ingin tampilan natural dewy
- ingin foundie yang mudah diratakan
- ingin foundie dengan banyak pelembab dan uv protection

Mungkin tak suka :
- kulit berminyak
- ingin matte finish
- ingin high coverage (foundie ini coveragenya medium)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Toner (For troubled skin)

Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Toner (For troubled skin) Review

Caution : I'm not yet mastering in English grammar : )
Description on label :
A refreshing toner with Parsley and Mandarin Extracts, produced using nanotechnology, to soothe and prevent skin troubles caused by external stress factors.
To use : After washing your face, gently apply with a cotton pad using outward strokes. Pay close attention to oilier areas such as the T-zone.
Packaging : A 160 ml glass bottle with golden cap, u can see the amount of the product inside

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