Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Powder Review : Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder SPF 25/ PA++ (Part II)

Hi, gorgeous^^

Before u read this post, u better read the Part I of this review in HERE. I’ve posted the ingredients list and product info in that previous article.

(I took the pic randomly from anna sui site)

Monday, 22 July 2013

SKINFOOD Lettuce Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet (First Impression)

Hello there,

After missing from blogging few days, now I'm back ^^
This time I would like to tell u my experience with one of Korean mask, Lettuce Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet from SKINFOOD.

Product Description from SKINFOOD website :

Lettuce Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet
capacity : 23g

This refreshing essence mask sheet contains lettuce and cucumber extracts rich in minerals, vitamins and moisture, to make skin feel hydrated and fresh.
Hyaluronic acids provide prolonged moisturization, and beta-glucans make skin resilient.

* To Use
After washing, apply mask gently onto face, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then peel off.
Massage remaining residue into face to absorb.

Here is my used sachet
I found the design is somehow vintage n cute :)
Korean almost always put their effort on packaging

Friday, 19 July 2013

Oriflame Tender Care Gift Set

Hello dear readers,

Just want to show u what I bought yesterday. It is my fave multi-purpose  protecting balm : Tender Care from Oriflame. U know, I'm not quite a fan of Oriflame brand, but I do like their legendary protecting balm. That's why I repurchase it. Not just one, but 4 in different flavor in a set.

This is the box
With gold colored floral pattren and oriflame logos.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Cream Review

Hello, my gorgeous readers^^

Who likes mandarin orange? or anyone here is eating parsley?
Both are nutritious food, right, and they are also contain nutrition for the skin to eat :)

Today I talk about cream from my favorite line from SKINFOOD. I have reviewed three product from Parsley and Mandarin range before. Now I'm gonna tell u my experience about the cream.

The SKINFOOD Logo on the cap

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Etude Vitamin A Essence Mask (First Impression)

Hi everyone

Here I come back again with another post about tissue mask. I actually adore this type of mask because I don't have to wash my face after using it. *lazy detected
In my opinion, this type of mask is best to be used at night. U can relax while let it stays on ur face for 20 minutes and then massage the remained fluid into ur face and neck, and then just snooze on ur bed until morning arrives :D

The mask sachet

The back of the sachet contains ingredients list
click to zoom it

I write this first impression but I’m not the one who used it. I bought it for my mother about a month ago. My mother doesn’t like to use wash off mask so I bought this one. Like mother like daughter, she likes 'quick product', the less steps of using it the better :D

My mother is 50+ years old. Her skin type was dry. She has several little pimples on her forehead and something like millia above her left brow. Yes, who said that only teenagers and adults who can suffer from acne/ pimples. Mature woman has the chance to experience it too.

So, here I write from my mom's point of view :)

She applied it after washing her face with facial wash and using toner. She put on the mask sheet and tapped it until the tissue attached and fitted to her face perfectly.

Several minutes wearing it, she felt little stinging on her pimples and millia but she continued to let the sheet stayed on her face until the mask tissue dried.
The smell of the mask was unpleasant in her opinion.
She massaged the remained essence to her face and neck. 

On the morning she noticed her little pimples and millia dried. She was happy with the result.
Well, she only use it once so I don’t see any brightening effect on her.

What my mother likes :
- helps to dry her little pimples
- soften her skin
- hydrates her skin

What she dislikes :
- the smell
- the stinging sensation to her pimples area
- contains alcohol

Repurchase ? Yes, off course, for me and my mom. I want to try it too.

My mother said to be careful in using this mask cause it may sting ur eyes area.

So dear friends, what do u think?
Please let me know if u visit my blog by leaving comment : )

Have a nice day, all

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Etude House Sun-Prise All Proof SPF 50+/ PA+++ Review

Hi, everyone
Hope u all doing good today.

So, I’d like to talk about Sun protection product. Now I’m gonna let u to know how do I feel about Etude Sun Prise All Proof SPF 50+ PA +++. Fyi, I’m exposed to sun pretty lot every day. Even the office where I work has glass windows that let sun to pass through it. Living with those conditions, I’m really concern about high level of Sun defense.
I bought it on March and have been using it until now. But I’m not using it every day, just when I think I need sweat/ waterproof sun screen to wear, example when I go for outdoor vacation.  I have lighter sun lotion from other brand that I usually put on every day.

Price : about IDR 88.000 via Indonesian online shop

If u live in my country and want to buy this product, I suggest u to buy online. I mean seriously, the price of this product in official Etude Shop in Indonesia is almost tripled I could get via olshop. I ever saw this product when I walked into Etude counter in Metro Dept. Store and it has about IDR 238.000 on its price label (if I remember correctly, cmiiw, but I’m pretty sure it was more than IDR 200.000). Could u believe that? I felt like I’m gonna faint when I saw that number >.< really unbelievable.
Surprisingly that crazy price tag is not happening on several body care products like Put Hands Up Deo lotion and Deo Stick, Belle Dress Cologne, Bubble Hair Color and Petit Bijou Spray, as I could remember. I can buy those products on the official ounter in here because their prices are +/- same as if I buy via online. Very much strange, right.. I don’t know what kind of policy they have in deciding their prices..

Ok, now let’s back on the product. This Sun protection is claimed to have 3 Proof : San, Water, and Dye Proof. This product can be applied for face and body.

This is the brand new product, wrapped in plastic seal.
Don't accept if the seal is broken

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Etude Sun Prise Super Aqua SPF 45/ PA +++ (First Impression)

Hi, Everyone

Today I'm gonna talk about Sun screen. Who likes to play under the sun? Me.. Me *raise my own hand : )
The Product I wrote is part of the Etude Sun Prise Line.
 I browsed this pic from cosmeticacoreana.blogspot

Friday, 12 July 2013

Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam (First Impression)

Hi, Everyone

U who follow my blog from the beginning must know that I’m sort a huge fan of Korean brand. I like to browse over them. Now I have a chance to write first impression about facial wash from Missha. This brand is quite famous as Korean high street brand but I haven’t test any of the product and this is maybe the first time I get to know it.

I got this product as freebie for purchasing some samples from one of online shop in Indonesia. And it is a pleasure for me to use it. Wanna know why? Keep reading : )

Product Description from website:

Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
Super Aqua gives your skin radiance with a help from three revitalized water from nature.

Containing Sweet Flag Extract and Willow Bark Extract which gives a massage effect with its minute and rich bubbles, Super Aqua cleansing foam gently and completely removes makeup and impurities.

Another site that contains info for this product is :
U can read additional info about this product there.

Back of the sachet written in Korean I don't understand >.<

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

SKINFOOD Snow Tea Mask Sheet (First Impression)

Hi, everyone

Now I'm gonna tell u my first impression about SKINFOOD mask sheet from my haul in this POST.
This is gonna be a short post from me.
I already mentioned its price on that post. Actually it's my first time to try SKINFOOD mask sheet.
I used it around a month ago.

U see I already used this sachet (I tear it)
and I scanned the cover so u can read the info on it.
I can't translate the Korean, why they did not provide ingredients list in english version >.<

Etude I Need U Green Tea Mask Sheet (First Impression)

Hi, everyone

I just realized that it’s been long time since I reviewed mask product. Ok, now, I’m gonna write my first experience using one of Etude Mask, the green tea one. 

Cute ilustration :)

Clik to zoom it
There the ingredients list

Look at the ingredients list, glycerin on the second, and green tea is on the third. It's good to know that active ingredients are in the top list. Glycerin and green tea, both are moisturizing.

I was curious to try Etude mask because I never use one. I choose green tea because I thought I need a hydrating mask. Turns out that I was right : )
I bought this for IDR 28.000 at Etude counter in Metro Dept. Store. Of course I can get cheaper tag on it if u purchase it online.

The essence inside is more than what could be absorbed by the mask sheet. So the water essence was dripping down when I took out the tissue from sachet. I used the remained liquid to massage my neck area.

How I use it? Rather than putting it on for just 20-30 minutes, I wear it on my face and let it there until the sheet is dry.

The scent is a bit bothering for me. Somehow it’s like mix of plant/ herbal scent and alcohol, a bit refreshing too but more into bothering side. Ugh, wished I could hold my nose while wearing it >.<

So here are my take on this product.
What I like :
- Help hydrating my skin
- Made my skin felt softer, smoother, suppler and slightly brightened after usage
- Easy to get if u live near Etude Shop

What I dislike :
- The smell is a bit strong and bothering for me
- Alcohol and perfume
- I felt some strange ‘tighten’ sensation when using this mask
- The sheet shape did not match my face size

Repurchase : Maybe. But for now I want to try other varian of Etude mask.

Gals, do u ever use Etude mask before? Can u give me some suggestion? I’d love to hear from u : )


Monday, 8 July 2013

Erhalogy Eternalips Intensive Lip Care Review

Bonjour, everyone

This is one of the posts that have been sitting long on my file, I should have posted months ago, but I always distracted to publish other product, he he.. I'm a really random person >.<

Every people has different problem in their skin. Everyone has their own specific condition. That applies for lips too. A product may result differently in one person to another.
There are ones who have sensitive lips that usually take alot of effort to find product that really feels nice on their lips. I'm one of them.

See, it sometimes occurs to me to have dryness and darkening on my lips. Especially when I just recover from illness. My health often has effect to my lips condition, so does my physical stress level.

About three months ago, my lips got unhealthy. My lips was extremely dry, flaky, turning to be darker, pale and very not lively. It was because I experienced flu with sore throat, and it did affect my mouth condition too.

I had used products from Erha before, their loose powder and cleanser that I found gentle on my skin. The Erha SA said that this lip care product is one of their best seller. I also read many good reviews about it. Since this is a dermatology clinic product, I assume it is very trusted.

2 years ago I ever used lip balm from dermatology clinic too and I was happy with the result. But unfortunately that the clinic is now far away from where I live and there is some little annoying procedure just to buy one item for non active member like me, so I thought I should find another alternative.

The description on the web
Looks so promising

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lip Color Review : Max Factor Lipfinity 055 Sweet

Hello, lovely readers^^

Who likes pink? *Me, raise my hand :)
This time I want to present u some review about one of the famous max factor lip color. This line is Titled 'Lipfinity'.
The box contains 2 products, Lip color and the top coat. The SA told me that it can last up to 12 hours.
Did it sound pretty much powerful? Well, u'll find out, keep reading.

I bought this product in around August - September 2012. Whoa, almost a year owning it and I haven't post anything about this pink color. This review has been sitting on my draft for long time, waiting to be finished >.<

This is the box, there is transparent lipstick u can see the shade of the lip color u wanna buy.

Max Factor has 2 versions of ingredients list. One is written on the white sticker label along with product description in Indonesian language. The other list is the original one written on the carton box. The original list in foreign languange on the carton box seems longer than the one written in indonesian info.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lioele Fresh Sun Screen Cream SPF 45 / PA++ Review

Hi, everyone^^

Now I'm gonna talk about sun screen. Well, as u know, sun protection product is a must have item for almost every people I guess. Especially u who live in tropical geographic with plenty sunlight.

I'm telling u, I my self rarely use separated sun screen, except when I go swimming. I prefer multifunction product most of the time. Example : Foundie, BB Cream, lotion or moisturizer with SPF & PA, or powder which has sun protection.

I found that most sun screen tend to be greasy, so whitish and oily, with the chance of pores clogged after using it. But I can say that Lioele Fresh Sun Screen Cream is different.

the tube

The texture is like a white lotion, it has light consistency compared to most sun screen lotion out there. It has nice scent, but not overpowering. It absorbs on skin in an average speed and it does not leave greasy feeling on my skin as long as I don't put it too much. Good job, Lioele :)
But it still has white cast that will appear when u take some photo shot.

This Lioele Sun Screen is part of miniature I mentioned in my previous post HERE.
I found this pic randomly from Google

Here is the back of the miniature set carton box, u can see the ingredients list.
It uses botanical extracts for soothing function. It's good thing.

Each brand new tube in the miniature set was sealed with plastic like picture above.
I found this picture via random search on Google so credit goes to the party who owns it

Does it live up to its claims?
- Formula
It's lightweight and comfortable as sun cream. It does not trigger acne or make me breakout. I think it also safe for sensitive skin. Mine is considered sensitive and I don't have problem using it except for the white cast. In term of formula it lives up to its claim.

The formula is pretty moisturizing, for u who have oily skin can skip moisturizer if u want. I love the fact that it has skincare properties in it.

- Lasting Power
This is said to be waterproof, right? So I took it to go for swimming. I put it on face, neck and my hands. Not until half an hour I saw white color ran down washed away by the water on my hands. So I assume water had rinsed the sun screen from my hands and my face too. I had to reapply too soon.
It's not strong enough to waterproof claim I guess. I would like to call it as semi waterproof.

This is the full size tube of this product
The sun cream color is white, as seen in the picture

About the oil control ability, for my oily combination, this sun screen cream does not help to hold the oil production on my face. Since it is moisturizing, I can't hope for any shine blocker from it.
I think it is a nice product for everyday use. Light daily sun screen which can be applied under make up. It is good to be paired with Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream.

Repurchase? Maybe, if I don't find better sun screen with better oil control :)

So, what do u think, guys?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Etude House I’m Blooming Special Care Kit and Review for Clear Cleansing Water

Hello, cuties : )

Etude produces several lines in some 'too soon' period one after another in my opinion. This I'm Blooming line is among the latest ones that newly out in the market. But not the newest one because I know they just announce line titled 'Bling in The Sea' not long after this line came out and another ice cooling skincare products if I'm not wrong.

Well, let's back to the point. I bought this miniature kit for IDR 35k from online shop.

The front box

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Facial Wash Review : Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Mild Foam

Hi, everyone

Meet another update from me. This time is about SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Mild Foam. It's part of my haul that I mentioned in THIS POST.

This is the brand new item, sealed with plastic covering almost whole tube.
Don't accept if the seal is broken.

Here is the look after I tore off the plastic seal

The back side of the tube

Label on the back side of tube. U can look at the ingredients list by opening the label on the corner with 'open here' direction.

The ingredients list

It has alumunium seal covering the tube hole when I first opened it.

I think this facial wash is best for oily combination skin. And dry skin really should stay away from it.
Let me just be clear in here. This facial wash is not kind of ‘mild’ at all.

Texture : creamy and thick, white pearly color
Scent : citrusy, refreshing, quite strong one

Here is how the product looks like

I heard that some of people experienced minor break out because of using this, which is not happening to me. Its because I always use cleanser first before this facial wash. I can’t count to this Parsley and Mandarin Mild Foam alone to clean my skin, I knew that.

Just need a little amount to produce enough lather

Again, I do really appreciate Skinfood to put so much effort in using natural botanical ingredients, even into the level of face wash product, which is only stays awhile on skin before rinsed.

I'm not gonna make this post longer, so let's jump into my conclusion. Below are my take on this product.

- give ‘clean’ feeling’ to my skin after application
- nice refreshing scent
- only a little amount would do for entire face and neck
Less the amount needed compared to common face wash
- natural plant and fruit ingredient
- it lathers much

Cons :
- Very very pricey if u purchase on the official counter in Indonesia
- Does not live up to it’s claim
- Not worth the price seriously
- Average cleansing power
- tend to drying when my skin is on dry mode
- the formula can’t be considered as soft

Repurchase : absolutely no. It’s too expensive, the benefit I got does not live up to its price.

So, what do u think, Gals?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Etude CC Cream Glow SPF 30/ PA++ (First Impression)

Hi, Everyone 

Today I’m gonna write my first impression about The Famous CC Cream from Etude. I got this sachet as freebie for purchasing Etude I’m Blooming Special Care Kit.

Product Description :

Etude CC Cream Glow SPF 30/ PA++

I got this product description randomly from google
click to enlarge

1. Texture : White cream, with 'pigment capsule', will change color after being swatched. Medium consistency.
2. Scent : medium scent, floral-ish, similar typical scent of Etude BB Cream
3. Coverage : Sheer
4. Finish : Glowy, the shade of this cream has pink undertone in it. May suit any range of skin color except maybe the very dark one.

Sample I got

Ingredients list : Since I'm not having the full size, I don't have the ingredients list but u can find it   HERE, Miss Arum had reviewed it before me.

The CC Cream on my hand

This is my bare face before I applied CC Cream, please don't be freak out >.<'
U can see redness and broken capilaries, blemishes >.<' No 'conceal' editing I swear ('_')\/
The only good news I have is my pores are more tightened and not as big as months ago.

Here is after I applied 2 layer of CC Cream
See my redness got covered, but my blemishes and broken capilaries still quite visible
(Sorry the pic lighting is poor, may look darker than the real)

If u want to layer this CC Cream, u must wait until the first layer blended and settles perfectly before u add more coverage. But u can see, even I have put 2 layer of it, the coverage could not be compared to BB Cream.

This cc cream does not have any oil control. It triggered my oily skin more. Guess this one is not for me. Btw my mother tried it too, she has dry skin. She has no problem with it. It could stay nice from morning to almost evening on her face.

I wanted to know the lasting power of this CC Cream, so I blended 2 layer of it on some area on the back of my hand. And then I went to the bathroom to wash my hand. Yes I was not just splashing water on it but also rub it a little. In the end of my test, the CC Cream still appeared there although the color got reduced. So I jumped into conclusion that it is water resistant or semi waterproof maybe.

I ran some water test
This CC Cream is somewhat water resistant

Who may like it :
- Dry skin
- Looking for glowy finish
- Don't mind scented skincare
- Don't need lot of coverage

Who may not like it :
- Oily skin
- Want matte finish
- Want good oil control
- Want good coverage

What I like :
- gives healthy complexion

What I dislike
- no oil control at all
- does not suit oily skin like me
- littlecoverage

Buy the full size? No. Not this one, I want to try the silky varian.

Etude CC Cream Glow is claimed to be more a skincare than make up. But still, in my opinion, this is a make up product, not skincare. So u may want to put ur skincare (moisturizer, essence, dll) before applying it.

What do u think, gals?