Sunday, 29 December 2013

Corine De Farme Radiant Complexion Moisturizing Care

Hello, dear readers

I’m back to write again after no post for long time. This time I wanna talk about natural skincare. Well, what kind of things usually cross your mind when u hear the words “natural skincare”?
We all know that many cosmetic brands nowadays realize how natural theme is getting more and more popularity. And there goes, many brands launch their skincare line and claim them as natural skincare. Well, I do have my own definition of Natural Skincare.
1. Uses as much as natural ingredients
2. Minimal artificial ingredients (such as artificial fragrance, coloring, preservatives)
3. Minimal harsh ingredients
At least those are my criteria. How ‘bout u?

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cerita Sedikit Tentang Klinik Skincare Dan Spa

(My foreign readers and friends, please hit the translate button on my sidebar, thank you : ))

Hallo, teman2 semua

Lama tak posting saya, maklum lagi banyak pikiran, jadi hiatus sementara. Daripada saya maksain nulis pas pikiran lagi sibuk sama banyak hal lain, takutnya nanti review saya malah jadi tidak karuan, he he… saya akui, menulis itu butuh mood yang bagus dan pikiran yang rileks, errr… setidaknya buat saya : )
Kali ini saya mau cerita, jadi begini, kapan tu kucing tetangga saya sudah melahirkan, loh.. ehh… Saya ini lagi di beauty blog… oke.. oke mari bicara soal beauty : ) Sebenarnya posting ini rencana saya terbitkan bulan lalu (Nopember 2013), tapi akhirnya tertunda sampai sekarang.

Antara posting sebelumnya, bulan Oktober- Nopember, saya sempat mengeluh tentang kondisi kulit saya yang bermasalah. Bukan, kali ini bukan perang melawan jerawat. Sejak saya slalu rajin membersihkan wajah, menghindari produk2 yang terlalu berat di kulit dan menemukan pembersih yang sepertinya mampu mencegah jerawat dan mengontrol kelebihan sebum, kulit saya jadi jarang kena jerawat. Sementara pembersih andalan saya masih duet Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser dan Whitening Lotion, diselingi oleh The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner, sabun wajah saya tetap Skinfood Parsley Mandarin yang tubenya gede dan ngga habis2. Dan rasanya rangkaian itu cukup mampu menghindarkan jerawat dari kulit saya. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My First Impression on Laneige

(my foreign friends, please hit the translate button, thank u)
Halo, teman2 semua ^^

Ketemu lagi dengan saya di beauty blog kesayangan kita bersama  (sok presenter bener yach saya :D). Oke kali ini saya ngga membahas review detail seperti biasanya. Saya cuman mau cuap- cuap soal perkenalan saya dengan brand kosmetik asal Korea ini. Jadi, awal saya kenalan… eh, ehmm… : ) (lah, emangnya mau nulis apaan sich)
Oke, sapa si di sini yang ga suka nonton drama Korea? Saya rasa kebanyakan cewe suka :D (kesimpulan ngasal) karenaa saya juga sukaaa banget nonton drama Korea, meski seringkali ceritanya ngabis2in stok tissue >.<
Nah, salah satu drama Korea yang paling berkesan di hati dan jiwa saya tu adalah… Jreng… Jreng.. jreng… (Perlu ga sich pakai music pembuka : )) FULL HOUSE, karenaa… Rain dan Song Hye Kyo keren banget main di situ. Kalo kebanyakan cewe kesengsem ama Rain di serial itu, say mah Hwoo… naksir dua2nya dah, eh... : ) Mbak Song Hye Kyo mukanya mulus abis gitu yak… pengen dah gua… Dulu setahu saya dia tu ambassadornya Etude, makanya saya sempat tergila2 coba2in produknya Etude terutama bb creamnya. Nah sekarang si mbak Song itu kan beralih ke brand yang lebih tinggi levelnya, Laneige, n di situ dia menampilkan sosoknya yang lebih dewasa, sesuai lah dengan umurnya. Dan tetep dengan kulit kinclongnya itu. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Wardah Basic Series : Intensive Night Cream First Impression

Hello, everyone

In this chance, I'm gonna share a review about basic series from Wardah brand. Yes, Wardah is one of Indonesian local brand that I adore because the concept of halal cosmetic. I tried it months ago but I just have the chance to write about it.

Here is the jar

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15 Review


First I would like to apologize for tha lack of update these days. I was occupied with many things I had to deal with. Now I'm back bringing u some review about hand cream from The Body Shop. I chose this one because it is said to have brightening and anti-aging properties. Plus this one has rose scent which is my preference among others.
The SA said that it can be used for fingers and nail treatment too.

The price was IDR 49.000, I bought it on discount offer.

Friday, 18 October 2013

ZA True White Plus Cream First Impression

Hello dear readers,

Sorry for the lack of update these days. My mind is quite occupied by many things I had to handle. Now I'm back writing again.
After satisfied by ZA True White Day Protector, I bought another product from the same line. It was ZA True White Plus Cream. I had searched for reviews and many of them said positive reaction about this cream. So, why don't I give it a shot? I thought that. So I went to ZA counter in Centro Galaxy Mall, I ever purchased ZA Vitamin Lips there and the SA was quite friendly. She said that this product is a night cream. Strange because the instructions both on the web and carton box refer to day and night usage.

ZA products that sold in Indonesia usually put the manufacture and exp. date in the sticker label contains indonesian version of product info. The cream I got has manuf. date 2010 and exp. date 2016. Now is 2013, yes it was manufactured 3 years ago >.< Well, quite a long preservation period for a skincare cream don't cha think? But I noticed most of ZA products including the day protector I currently using has long exp. Date. ZA True White Day Protector I'm using has 6 years preservation period too. It's longer period compared to what I could find on local and Korean brands (products).

The manufacture seal
Price IDR 180.000

Friday, 4 October 2013

Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balm Review

Hello, dear readers

It's been a while I haven't post about lip balm. Well, this post is about one of my favourite brand Etude House. Since the ads of this product came out, I've been dying to try it. It came into Indonesian store pretty late and I just had the chance to buy it last month ago. I always wanted to try Etude lip balm and I heard this one is raved so much out there.

Pic taken randomly from Google

Actually there are 3 options of it. I chose #01 Full Nutrition. It does not have color or glitter and it is claimed to have the most nutrition among others on the same line. Based on some info on the internet, it targets very dry lips. Since I did not look for color or shimmer, and I needed as much as nutrition for my dry lips, so I chose this one. And for ur info, among the three, only this one (#01 Full Nutrition) that could be used as lip mask in the night.

How to use it as lip mask?
Scoop more amount of it than when u use it as lip balm. Then apply it evenly on both lower and upper lips. Let it stay all night and go to bed. U can rinse it in the morning and it would leave u softer lips surface. :)

Packaging :
This lip balm is contained in little can and plastic manufature sealed when I first bought it. Actually I prefer chapstick version than this kind of packaging because of the hygiene issue. I avoid finger contamination so I just put my lips on the lip balm and slide it along the surface, and then spread the balm on my lips evenly using finger. So my finger did not dig into the lip balm can. However the can is easily opened and closed, it's some good point.
The lip balm can is printed with cute pattern, mirror, flower and ribbon, every cute things that girls usually have. I gave etude thumbs up for the cute design. But the can material seems to have 'a bit cheap looking' for me. I prefer good plastic material or glass compared to can.

The smell is medium level of lemon scent. The lemon scent is so artificial imo. Actually I prefer non perfumed product but I guess it's still tolerable. The texture is thick and quite moisturizing. The finish is more into glossy and colorless. It will add moisture barrier on ur lips after u apply it. For me, it's a decent moisture bank for my lips. The moisture effect could last pretty long time, maybe 4-5 hours in my case (indoor with little eat and drink) so I would not have to reapply it too soon. Some of u may consider that the texture is sticky and so moist. It's good to be applied before lipstick. It creates barrier on lips and seems to fill into lines so my lipstick could appear smoother. But it also adds little glow/gloss to ur lips. So if u wear it prior to using lip color, it would give little glossy look.
When I used it before my Etoinette lipstick, it made the lipstick finish better and less sink into lines, but looked more glossy.
There was a 'warm' feeling on my lips surface for the first 3 usages, maybe my lips was in adjustment with this product, well I was not sure.

One thing that become serious down side for me about this product is the absence of ingredients list and product information on the packaging. How would I know what it's made of... How would I know if there's ingredients I'd want to avoid...
Oh come on Etude House, u gotta be kidding me this time, for a well known brand like Etude, at least customers deserve to know about the ingredients list.

What I like :
- very moisturizing
- long lasting moisture retention on lips surface
- cute pattern on the package
- worked good as lip mask
- managed to cure my dry lips

What I dislike :
- the absence of ingredients list and product info on the packaging
- the can jar packaging
- sticky and glossy texture
- artificial scent (perfumed maybe)

Repurchase? Not this one but for other varian Etude lip balm.
So, dear girls, what do u think?

Monday, 30 September 2013

ZA True White Instant Brightener SPF 30 PA+++ First Impression

Hi, everyone

Around last August, I ended up buying two sunscreen from ZA Cosmetic, this one (ZA True White Instant Brightener) and ZA True White Day Protector. I did not realize that the one titled as Instant Brightener is also sunscreen >.<  I thought Instant Brightener was something like CC Cream which gives instant glow and color correction. I did not know that it also serves main purpose as sunscreen, I thought it's just some product with function as (make up) skin color corrector. ZA has sunscreen moisturizer that I ever reviewed before.

The first top ingredient of this product is Silicone derivative. So if u are sensitive to silicone then better stay away from it. I did not read the ingredients list when I was buying it. 

It is packed with white plastic box and sturdy plastic bottle

Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser (Cleansing Lotion) Review

Hi, dear readers

I come back to post again. This time is about Anna Sui Cleanser. 

Product name :
Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser

Front side of the carton box
It has purple- blue rose pattern, so beautiful, can't throw it off :D

This is one of the latest addition in Anna Sui skincare range, the balancing line. This cleanser targeted all skin types.
The normal price in the counter is IDR 275.000. So much expensive for a cleanser, don't u think? Yes, I do think so. But I was really curious to try it since I read many positive reviews about it. This is a one step cleanser. If u have been following my blog from the beginning, u must know about how I really admire one step cleanser (all in one cleanser if possible). A product which I don't have to go to bathroom just to clean my face, and I don't have to do double cleanse, certainly I would go for it.

The leaflet found inside the box

The instruction on the leaflet found inside the box

This product was supposedly paired with the Balancing Lotion, but I did not buy the pair. I bought the Whitening Lotion instead of the Balancing one.

The Carton Box

Packaging :
It has lovely purple double layer carton box, so thoughtful to ensure it's safety since the product was not cheap. The bottle is so cute and purple. It has a pump and cap. I like the idea of using pump with cap since it become more hygienic.

The front side of the bottle
It has rose ornament :)

The back of the bottle

It has no manufacture seal or sticker, maybe because it has pump. The purple bottle has rose ornament on it like other Anna Sui bottle.

Here is how it's looks like when the bottle cap opened

The pump

- Ingredients list
This cleanser contains alcohol  so for skin that dry and sensitive to alcohol, better avoid it.

Ingredients list on the carton box

- Texture, scent and color
The texture is light lotion, medium moisturizing, has white- linen milky color. It has bit strong Anna Sui rose signature scent.

The lotion dispensed on the cotton pad

- Feeling on my skin
It leaves my skin moisturized after usage, and it's non greasy.

- Cleansing power n after cleansing effect
It managed to get rid of bb cream, foundation and color make up good. If I wear heavier make up, to remove it completely, I have to use lot of amount of it. It did not dry my skin, on the contrary it moisturizes my skin without making any greasiness. In the end of the day, I used it and then followed by toner, but sometimes when I was lazy I used it alone and then go to bed, he he :)

- Skin tolerance
I have used this product for about 4 weeks so far I like it. It did not irritate or cause any imbalance for my skin. I can say that my skin has good tolerance with this product.

- Benefit for skin
It has skincare properties from rose extract. It is moisturizing and non drying for my skin. It does not break me out or causing trouble on my skin.

Here are my summary

What I like :
- Water based and medium to lightweight lotion consistency
- did not break me out
- one step cleanser
- did not dry my skin
- remove my make up well
- cute packaging
- safe bottle with pump and cap, won't easily spilled by accident
- not travel friendly
- can be used for mascara remover
- non greasy

What I don't like :
- expensive
- preservatives
- alcohol

Who may like it :
- fan of Anna Sui cute packaging
- fan of quick cleansing product
- don't mind alcohol and fragrance
- don't find it expensive

Who may not like it :
- live far from Anna Sui Counter
- don't like alcohol and perfume in skincare
- find it too expensive

Repurchase? Maybe, if Anna Sui sells it in discount price, he he :)

Overall, this is good cleanser, and I'm pretty satisfied. I can save my time to do make up cleansing.
So what do u think?

Etude I Need You, Red Ginseng! Mask Sheet (First Impression)

Hello, dear readers

This time I make quick post about another sheet mask from Etude House. The mask sheet dimension is similar to another Etude mask, taht is I Need You Mask Green Tea that I posted before.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Etude I Need You, Pomegranate! Mask Sheet (First Impression)

Hi Dear Readers,

I told u before that I would like to try other varian of mask from Etude House. And I tried this 'I need U, Pomegranate Mask'. As u know that pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and used in many products to treat early signs of aging. Some beauty blogger suggested me to try it so I did. Like other products in this mask line, this one also wrapped on cute printed sachet.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Etude Indonesia Membership and Mini Haul

Hi, dear readers

In this month Etude hold a promo. Only shopping IDR 350k and u can be a member of Etude House Indonesia. Sounds good, right?! Well, I did not want to miss the chance so I went to Etude counter in Matahari Dept. Store Tunjungan several days ago. Plus I got a free product by joining Etude member this September.

My shopping ^^

What I bought :
- Dear Girls Lip Balm 1 = IDR 138.000
- Belle Dress Lady Look Shower Cologne, which I have reviewed before = IDR. 88.000
- Vit A Essence Mask, I ever posted about this mask also and I decided to repurchase it
- Vit C Essence Mask
- Pomegranate Mask
- Red Ginseng Mask
Each of the mask costs IDR 28.000
I was charged for IDR 366.000 for my purchase.

And I got Golden Ratio Contour Maker in no.2 Pink for FREE ^^

Actually there are options for freebie, I must chose between Etude Lucidarling Lipstick and Golden Ratio Contour Maker. But because the lipstick only has 3 shades available and the colors were too pale for my lips and complexion, so I chose the Golden Ratio. Even I had to admit that the color in Golden Ratio Contour Maker is best for fairer skin than mine. But I still could use it with some trick.

My Pink member card

By owning this pink member card u can get 20% discount for every product except accessories and perfumes. And 50 % discount on ur birthday, and don't forget to bring ur ID card (KTP) to claim it.

I'll be posting about the products later after I used them, so see ya in my next review.

Anna Sui Whitening Lotion Review

Hi, dear readers

How are u? Hope ya doing good. 
I'm sorry if I did not check in my blog regularly every day and late in replying comments. But I always read every comment u leave and appreciate it. Sometimes, it's hard for me to find time to access my blog although I wanted. Cuz I usually blog privately, without no one watching around, he he...

Now, Let's get into the review. Anna Sui Whitening Lotion is part of my mini haul I posted in HERE. I already mentioned the price and how I got it in that post.
First, I have to explain to u that every brand from each country has different 'languange' to call their skincare product. For example, Japanese cosmetic brand may have different order of skincare and different word to call their products compared to Indonesian or Europe brand.
In Indonesian cosmetic brand, if we hear 'lotion' in skincare, we usually refer to light moisturizer in form of lotion, same like what we can think about body lotion. But in many Japanese Brands, such as SK II and Anna Sui, lotion means 'toner'. They labelled Toner product with 'lotion'.

Front side of Anna Sui Whitening Lotion Carton Box

New and Improved Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream Normal SPF 15 (First Impression)

Hi, ladies and gents

How was ur day? Mine same as always, loaded with many chronicles : )
I am struggling to loose my weight. Yes, I am overweight, that's true. When I was in college, I use to have ideal body, not the slim one but my figure usually did not have any problem with clothes size.
And ever since I graduated from college and be a working girl, I gained weight, more than 10 kg from my previous. And then lately I started to feel really uncomfortable with my unhealthy weight, feel so heavy when I move and I have to go to tailor to get a new pants since I hardly find my size in the clothes shop.
Ok, enough with my story now let's go to the review.

I haven't reached 30 yet but I think it's the time that I have to give some thought about anti aging skincare. 
So I've been thinking for quite some time. I heard many good reviews about this improved version of Olay Total Effect. Well, to be honest, I'm not a fan of olay face moisturizers since most of them tend to be greasy on my oily combination skin. But my mother's skin has different story. She has been using olay moisturizers for years, starting from Olay White day lotion, natural white, and Total Effect touch of foundation. So I decided to grab this. I thought if this does not suit me, my mom can use it :) Luckily there is 20 gr version so I think it's enough for trial.

I bought it around the end of July until early August, I did not quite remember.

So, what's new in Olay Total Effect? Keep reading : )

The front box

Monday, 23 September 2013

Wardah White Secret Part III (Day Cream Review)

Hi Dear Readers,

Pardon me for lack of update. To make it up to u readers, tonight I post 2 articles. I don't know when I'll be updating this blog again in this week.
Now I'm gonna continue my posting about Wardah White Secret line, this time is about the Day Cream. I prefer this Day Dream instead of the tinted one because the tinted one clearly mentions mineral oil in the ingredients list. But it turns out that I got slipped in this one too. Because this Day Cream is including C13- 14 Isoparaffin in the ingredients list, that substance is also one of the kind of mineral oil derivatives or alliance. But however, I already bought and used it for more than 1 month, so let me just make some review about it.
The texture is soft and moist. It has white color. It smells like the night cream, the smell is somewhat fruity- sour. The smell is quite strong in my opinion. Felt somewhat sticky at first when I touched it but when absorbed into skin, it's not sticky anymore.

 The jar

Etude Belle Dress Lady Look Shower Cologne Review

Hello, dear readers

Haven't posted anything for a while and now I'm back bringing another review. This time I'd like to talk about Cologne. For ur info, I'm a cologne type person, so rather than buying perfume, I choose cologne for daily use. I usually buy supermarket cologne, the affordable ones of course. So, seeing how I crave for Etude House Brand, no wonder I also want to try their cologne.
I bought Belle Dress Lady Look Cologne. Why I chose this one? Because the smell is the most flowery among others in the same line.
If u read my blog from the beginning, u must know that I prefer flowery smell rather than fruity one.

Here is the bottle

Friday, 13 September 2013

Anna Sui Protective Foundation Primer C Review

Hello, everyone^^

Who has been waiting my review for Anna Sui? Now, I'm back to present it to u : )
So I have mentioned this product previously on my post HERE.

 The box and the tube in rose pattern, it's so Anna Sui

Thursday, 12 September 2013

ZA True White Day Protector SPF 26 PA++ Review

Hello, beauties

Who lives in tropical climate and sun shiny city? Coz I do. That's why I always include sun protection as my daily regimen. One of my common problem with face sunscreen is that many of them tend to be greasy on my oily combination skin. So I browsed a lot to finally decided to try this product. Actually that was the first time I ever shopped on ZA counter when I bought this Day Protector. I got this product along with my purchase for Wardah White Secret Night Cream and Intense Brightening Essence. I don't know why I did not try to browse into this brand long time ago, maybe because this brand had not did many appearance on TV, he he... (Tv commercial victim detected)
I got this in discount price. I only paid about IDR 75.000 (+/-).

The box and the tube

Cussons Imperial Leather Anti- Perspirant Deodorant Active with Tea Tree Oil (Review)

Hi, dear readers
Today may I present u my short review, about Cussons Imperial Leather Anti- Perspirant Deodorant Active with Tea Tree Oil.

The package

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wardah Pure Olive Oil Review

Hi, dear readers

It's been a while and I'm back : ) I'm sorry if u find me have some random frequency of post schedule. I spare my time to blog whenever I have the chance, and there are days when I hardly to spend some time in front of laptop blogging. I do try to update this beauty diary everytime I can : )
So, here another short review from me.
I was running out of lip and eye remover. Some bloggers used this product as their eye remover, so I thought that I could do the same, it turned out that... wanna know? keep reading : )

The bottle

Friday, 6 September 2013

Ponds Flawless White Lightening Day Cream SPF 18 PA++ (First Impression)

Hello, Ladies n Gents

Here I came back with whitening review session. Actually, I was pretty late to post this article. I should be posting it several weeks ago.

Ponds Flawless White Packaging

Monday, 2 September 2013

Wardah White Secret Part II Exfoliating and Soothing Lotion Review

Hello, everyone

Wardah White Secret Exfoliating and Soothing Lotion

Who's curious about the rest of the product in Wardah White Secret line? Keep reading if u want to know : )
Now I'm gonna talk about some of their night treatment. Here I'm reviewing Wardah White Secret Exfoliating and Soothing Lotion.

Etude Dr. Ampoule Dual Mask Sheet (Brightening Care) First Impression


Today, I’ll tell u my first experience trying Etude House Dr. Ampoule Dual Mask for brightening care. I used it about 2 days ago at night before bed. I never tried this kind of mask before. The item consists of 2 step. Step 1 is the serum in sachet, and then step 2 is the mask sheet.
I bought it along with Etude Eye and Lip Remover. There was 75% price cutting for second purchase at Etude official counter in Lenmarc Mall. And I got it just for around IDR 22k (from normal price IDR 88k).

This is the Mask Sachet

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser and Aloe Calming Toner Review

Hi, everyone

These are products that I just finished in the middle of August '13. The Body Shop Aloe Cleanser and Toner. It last for good 4,5 months for the cleanser and about 5 months for the toner.

See the rate on Paula Choice Website. They have good rate : )

Why I bought these products? I'll tell u my reason. Of course I read any good reviews about them.

- this is formulated for sensitive skin (my skin is somewhat sensitive)
- no fragrance and no alcohol (I was reducing contact with skincare containing alcohol)
- no preservative (no paraben and no phenoxyethanol)
- contain aloe (known for its calming function)
- natural ingredients as the key ingredients
- help to moisturize skin

Keep reading to know if they live up to the claims : )

My (almost) empty bottle back then
I've finished it days ago and returned them to The Body Shop store to earn some points reward

Anna Sui Indonesia Membership

Hello, gorgeous

Who loves Anna Sui? Yes, me raise hand : ) I was impressed by the powder as the first item I bought from Anna Sui and I continued to splurge for more : )
In August, Anna Sui held promo, for purchasing IDR 500k, u’d be getting IDR 50k discount, so u only had to paid for IDR 450k and it applied repeatedly for every IDR 500k.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Erha 3 Balancing Toner (First Impression)

Hi, everyone

This is another post about product from Indonesian dermatology clinic. I bought it on the same time with Erhalogy Eternalips that I reviewed in HERE, that was several months ago. This post has been abandoned for long time in my disk.

So here is the product description.

Erha 21 New Improved Formula
Erha 3 Balancing Toner
pH Balanced Toner, refreshed and revitalized your skin
60 ml

Ingredients :
Water, Witch Hazel extract, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Sodium Hydroxide, Lactic Acid 3.42 %, Propylene Glycol, Ethanol, Glycolic Acid 2.45%, Aloe Vera extract, Glycerine, Phytic Acid, D-Panthenol, Allantoin, Benzoic Acid.

Well, I heard some good review before decided to buy this product. This is Erha product that sold as regular item, it means u could buy it at Erha Apothecary without Erha Dermatologist prescription. The Erha SA said that it would work for combination and oily skin.

This is the bottle
White and clean plastic bottle packaging

Monday, 26 August 2013

Etude House AC Clinic (Trial) Admission Kit Review (Toner, Lotion and Pink Powder)

Hi, dear readers

After been absence for several days, now I'm back bringing some short review about acne treatment product from Etude. Before reading this post, please visit my previous article about this AC Clinic Kit in HERE.

Etude AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 (First Impression)

Hi, dear readers

Here I'm on whitening corner. Well, are u using whitening/ lightening treatment? I do. Well, it's not that I kinda have obsession in whiter skin. But it's more like an effort to have more even skin tone, combat dark spots and post acne blemishes.

I've posted about night regimen from Wardah White Secret before. Now I'm gonna share about the day cream from Wardah lightening series. I've been trying this cream from August 3rd until 12th 2013 .

This is the box and the jar

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Skinfood Shea Butter Lip Care Bar #5 Milk (for babies) Review

Hello, everyone

Do u have favourite lip balm? I'm sure u do. Either with me. Now let me tell u one of my favourite product. This is from Korean Brand, SKINFOOD. Actually, SKINFOOD markets it as product for babies. Lip balm for babies, that's interesting. Since this products originally targets under 5 years old so I think it contains mild, gentle, very friendly formula and less harsh ingredients. Again, this just my thought, I don't know the complete ingredients list since SKINFOOD does not provide it on the package.

Pic from Skinfood web

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash Review

Hello, dear readers

This post is just short review from me.
This is the product that I should be reviewing months ago. Yes, lazy me >.<
Why I bought this product? Tea tree is known for its ability to heal blemishes and acne. Well, my acne does not usually only on face and neck, but on my body too. I occassionally get acne on my back, chest, neck, even ear. So I decided to buy this product. Hope that it could prevent and combat the acne on my body.

The bottle

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder Review

Hi, Pretties and Anna Sui Lovers ^^

Today I'm gonna tell u about my favorite loose powder I use in current time.
On my previous review about Anna Sui Powder, I mentioned that I would try another varian of their loose powder. So here it is : Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder. I bought it on July. I decided to buy this after looking at the ingredients list. It does not contain mineral oil. That's good for me. The SA was very kind to let me examined the ingredients list before buying it. She patiently explained to me how to use it and helped me to attach the refill into the case.

The case and the refill are in separate box

SILKYGIRL Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm Review

Hi, everyone

This time, I'm just gonna post some short review.Who likes pink? I do : )
And pink stuff always catch my eyes. I really have weakness for pink >.< like can't resist to buy this pink lip balm.

This is the package when sealed

Silky Girl Lip Balm

It's the first time I do review for lip product from Silky Girl. I would call it color changing lip balm. Yes, this lip balm seems white and colorless in the container, but soon after being swatched, the color changes into intense pink. U can add more layer to achieve more vivid color.
The price is affordable. Around IDR 20.000. I bought it from Silky Girl Counter in Tunjungan Plaza.

That is the color in the container 

The packaging is slim, pink and girly. It's very travel friendly.

Actually there are 3 varian in this line. I chose fragrance free one. The other two are scented fruity.

It has cool -menthol sensation after applied on lips. That would this product as good companion for summer.      

Sorry for the blurry pic

I had this product for about 2 weeks before giving it to my neighbour.

Wanna know why I gave it up ? I was suffering from dryness on my lips this product could not solve my problem except just giving a nice pink natural color to my lips. And  I don't think this would suit for sensitive lips. When my lips was in the sensitive mode, I felt little unpleasant feeling after applying it. 
It has poor hydration performance. My mother tried it too and this product was drying on her lips.
My neighbour whom I gave this lip balm to, is very happy using it. She likes the finish color. It looks natural and pretty on her. Since she has good lips health, so she does not expect any repairing function from this product.

Pros :
- Affordable and available locally in Indonesia
- Nice finish color
- Cute girly packaging
- cool menthol sensation after applied

Cons :
- can't hydrate my lips well
- not suitable for sensitive lips

Repurchase ? No.

So, what do u think? Please leave comment :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wardah White Secret (Night Cream and Intense Brightening Essence) First Impression

Hello, Beauties

Like I’ve mentioned before, lately I’m interesting to dig into Indonesian local brands. It’s not that I’m no longer drown my self into Korean brand, but lately I read so much raves about products from Indonesian local brand. So I decided to browse it. 

White Secret I bought
The price :
White Secret Night Cream = IDR 75.000
White Secret Intense Brightening Essence = IDR 75.000
White Secret Soothing Lotion = IDR 45.000

 The brochure inside the box (back)
click to enlarge
  The brochure inside the box (front)
click to zoom

After read blog about Halal Beauty, that matter knocked my consciousness. For ur info, I am a moslema, and my religion has absolute rule about halal (may) and haram (forbidden). It’s applied to anything we eat and use on our body. So the concern about Halal Cosmetic is important for me.
As Far as I know, Wardah is the first Indonesian Brand that put Halal Beauty as its theme. The second reason why I interested in this brand is I heard that most of Wardah skincare products are less alcohol. Me having sensitive skin, of course I need to avoid alcohol in my face products as much as possible.

So this is the latest line from Wardah. It’s Wardah White Secret. I heard so much raves about it. Well, it’s not yet on their official website (the date this post made) but it’s already available in some of their counter. Previously, several years ago Wardah has launched its whitening line, that is Wardah Lightening Series which consists of skincare and two way cake. 

The White Secret is their premium line. The price range is above their other lines. This line has more complex ingredients and targets to give more benefit for skin than the previous lightening series.
Actually I want to buy the facial wash, cleanser, day cream, essence, night cream, and their soothing lotion. As for the exfoliating lotion, scrub, and tinted day cream, I’m not very interested in. Too bad that White Secret likely to sold out in almost all Wardah counter I went to in Surabaya, couldn’t find one place that has complete stock of it. Yeah, it's a new line, just launched, no wonder its sold out, there are many beauties can't wait to try it, including me. I only managed to get 3 of the items I planned to buy. When I bought the night cream and essence on Matahari Dept. Store Tunjungan, they're the last one in stock. The SA said that the items will be back in stock next month. Well, guess I was still lucky to get the best seller items in this line.

I have been using the night cream and essence since 6 August 2013 (last week from the date of this post). I haven’t opened the soothing lotion because I still have my TBS aloe toner. Now, I want to share my impression after several days using the night cream and essence.

1. Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence

This is the package
The back of the tube

See the semi transparent gel on the tube hole, that's how the product looks like

This is the carton box
Click to zoom
Please read the direction of use carefully
It came with long and slim tube. The shape reminds me to Ponds Flawless White Serum that I ever tried some years ago. The texture is semi transparent gel- like formula. It’s lightweight, easy to absorb and non sticky. Again, the texture reminds me to old version of Ponds Flawless White Serum that I’ve ever short reviewed in THIS POST. But they’re not having same smell.
It’s good thing that this product came in tube so it’s more hygienic, and less contamination with air and finger.
I like this kind of texture. It’s not oily at all. This product is to be used only at night.
The smell of this essence is the same with the night cream, but not as strong as.
I like this serum, it absorbs without trace, and not greasy, even when I apply on generous amount.
This serum is moisturizing too. 
My order of usage :
Cleanser (followed with or without facial wash) -- > Toner -- > Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence -- > Wardah White Secret Night Cream

2. Wardah White Secret Night Cream

There is second cap inside

This is how the cream looks like

Wardah White Secret Night Cream Carton Box
Click to zoom
Please read the direction of use carefully

The smell is stronger than the Essence. Actually I don’t like perfumed skincare, especially the strong one. The texture is moisturizing and bit rich, has kinda bit gel cream- like texture when applied on skin.  I feel that it’s bit too rich for the preference of my oily combination skin, but still tolerable. I like how it also hydrates my dehydrated skin. The smell is not flowery type, somehow it's kinda fruity- sour one. It needs a while before absorbs into my skin. I usually massage it a little to make it absorbed well.
A little is enough for my face and neck so I guess this jar will last me long enough.

Since I did not get the day cream, I used Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 in the morning and followed with sunscreen. I’ll talk about the lightening day cream in separate post.

After several days using them, I feel my skin texture is getting better. They moisturizes my dehydrated skin. Makes me  wake up with suppler skin. I just tried them in several days since 6 August and I notice little brightening effect, my post acne marks start to fade. Guess  I will continue using it until that tube and jar run out.

If u want to try White Secret creams and essence, please take these note and caution :
- If u're suffering from many pimples on ur face, please cure ur pimples first (using acne treatment product) before trying this line. Because this is whitening line, and the night cream is bit rich, so it may aggravate acne on ur skin.
- if u have oily or super oily skin, use the creams in light layer, don't put too generous amount of it because it may make ur skin oilier.
- This white secret main purpose is whitening, so when using this line u MUST wear sunscreen at least SPF 15 on the daytime.   
- Since this line contains AHA, so please avoid sunlight during the usage of White Secret. Me too, gotta stay in the shade and not playing under the sun >.< This is the rule of using AHA.
- If u have ur sensitive skin acting out (redness, itchiness), I suggest to wait until ur skin back to normal. Because I'm not sure whitening products will suit troubled sensitive skin. Or u could just try a little to test whether ur skin can tolerate it or not.

For first impression, I guess these products are worth the bucks I paid for, nice and affordable. It helps to soften, and makes my skin suppler, and more brighter.
Btw, I'm not doing commercial here, I'm just sharing my thoughts. This brand is an option if u look for Halal, good and affordable products.

So what do u think, beauties ?