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Etude House Vitamin C Mask First Impression

Hello, dear readers

This time its gonna be just a short article. I have tried Etude House Vitamin C Essence Mask Sheet several months ago and it’s time to share my first impression. Vitamin C is often associated with brightening benefit.

This is the front view of sachet

I forgot how much it was exactly. I think around IDR 28.000. I bought it from Etude official store.

The back of sachet contains info, direction to use and ingredients
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When I opened the sachet and lift the mask, there is remaining essence dripping from it. I used the leftover essence for my hands and neck. I think the essence was better to be used immediately after opening. I let the mask sheet for about one hour on my face until the sheet got almost dry before put it off. The smell of the mask is quite strong, mix of alcohol and lemon-y, so I had to hang on while using it. Wish I could close my nose and not breathe the smell too much >.< 
The lemon smell is very much synthetic, somehow reminds me to a car perfume >.<

 Ingredients List and directions for use

 Now, let's do some ingredients talk.
1. The Vitamin C properties are in two forms :
- Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract
- In the form of Ascorbyl Glucoside

2. Moisturizer properties :
- Glycerin : in the second place was meant so this product would be moisturizing
- Sodium Hyaluronate

3. Other plant extract : dipotassium glycyrrhizate or licorice root extract, known as anti inflammatory

4. Other vitamin : Panthenol/ Vit B5

Besides those nutritious ingredients, it also contains amino acid.

It's a good side that this mask has many skin nutrition in it but it also contains alcohol and synthetic fragrance which is very much a turn off for me. I wonder why many mask sheet I know has alcohol in it. Wish cosmetic manufacturers understand how alcohol is bad for any skin type.
If u look at the ingredients list, I think u must know that this one is not for skin which is on the sensitive mode. The essence formula is not some mild kind of one.

The size and the shape of the sheet mask is the same as Vitamin A one that I ever reviewed before. When I took it off after using it, I massage the remaining essence that still left on my skin surface so that it can absorbed into my skin. It made my skin softer and suppler after use, but no immediate brightening result. Maybe the result is long term, well I don't know. I don't plan to use it on long term.

Here are my take (first impression) on this product :
Pros :
- Hydrates and soften my skin immediately after use
- Made my skin suppler
- Vitamin C and B5
- no parabens

Cons :
- 1% alcohol
- the smell consists of lemon and alcohol, Me don't like it
- no immediate brightening effect after use (unlike Vit A mask one)
- synthethic fragrance

Repurchase ? No. I want to try other mask with no alcohol in it.

Last year I repurchased Vitamin A sheet mask and was quite like it for its brightening effect, but not for this Vit C one. Lately I become more aware of alcohol because my skin got pretty sensitive and I stop using skincare that has alcohol in it.

I think that's all I can say for now.
So what do u think? Do u have any non alcohol mask u want to recommend me ?

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