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The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner Review

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I come back again with new review. This is a product that I have bought and tested months ago, but I just have the chance to finish my review now, he he… lazy me. If u follow my blog from the beginning, u must know that I’m sort of toner type person. Like my skincare would be incomplete without it. I usually use toner to remove the traces of cleanser and to prepare my skin before receiving skincare and make up I currently use.

I have posted about The Body Shop Aloe Cleanser and Toner that I ‘ve used up till the last drop, and I  satisfied with them. Some months ago I read on many blogs and some of beauty bloggers raved about The Body Shop Vit E Toner. Oh, and then the next thing u could guess, I bought The Body Shop Vit E Toner just because I could not hold my curiosity. 

As expected from Vit E line, this toner is moisturizing type. It won’t dry ur skin. The good thing is this toner alcohol- free. Do remember that alcohol (drying alcohol) is bad for our skin. I my self now  avoid alcohol in any face products I use, except for blackhead toner that I only apply on nose. I still count on my The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner for blackhead removal, I’ll give the review later.

The bottle is not transparent so u can't see through

At the first usage, I noticed some medium smell from this toner, but it did not bother me. It has clear color, slightly looks just like water. The consistency is thicker than The Body Shop Aloe Toner. Of course it’s because this one is more into moisturizing type. It helped to wipe away the cleanser residue and remaining make up from my face. It gave me soft and moisturized feeling after application. My dehydrated skin at that time was quite happy with this benefit. But my happiness did not last long. When I have zits or acne on my face, somehow after using this toner those bumps became more obvious. And when my skin was in sensitive mode, I felt this toner is not gentle enough for me, maybe because fragrance ingredients on it that my sensitive skin could not take.
I used almost ¼ bottle of this toner before neglecting it. I kept it to use once in a while only when my skin at normal mode.

Ingredients List

My mom tried this toner and she liked it. It did good to soften her aging skin. It turned out to be my mom’s favorite toner. My mom usually did not like too much steps in her skincare. But since she liked how this toner softened her skin and made it suppler, then she happily added it to her routine.

Lately I browsed some articles on the internet. And then I found that Vitamin E skincare in many case does not get along well with acne prone skin since it could trigger or worsen the bumps. Well, I haven’t read much about it tough.

The label at the back side of the bottle

So, here are my conclusions.
The Pros :
- One bottle could last u long enough
- Alcohol- free
- Contains various moisturizing properties
- Doing well in removing traces of make up and cleanser
- make skin soft after use
- not including parabens in it (if I see the ingredients list)
- contains natural source of Vitamin E (Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil) besides Tocopheryl  Acetate
- no colorant

The Cons :
- Does not suit people with total or very oily skin
- Contains fragrance
- Makes my acne bumps more obvious
- not suitable for sensitive skin

U may like it if :
- have normal or dry skin
- not having acne prone or sensitive skin
- ok with fragrance inside skincare
- want moisturizing toner
- Ur skin likes/ suited with Vit E Skincare

Repurchase ? Maybe, but not for me, I’ll consider repurchase it for my mom if The Body Shop offers it in discount price, he he…

Actually this is a decent toner for certain types of skin, too bad that it’s not quite for me. To be honest I have been battling complex problems on my skin since teenager.
Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention. The price of this toner was IDR 109.000 when I bought it last year.

So, What do u think, girls? What toner u use? What’s ur favourite items from The Body Shop?
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