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The Body Shop All In One Face Base 06 Review

Hello, readers
Who loves The Body Shop make up here? Cuz I do : )

 The top part of TBS All In One Case
Can be used as mirror

This time I want to share about my new love, The Body Shop All In One Face Base. I picked this product right after the SA dusted it on my face. I was in love with the finish. And the good part is I can say that this powder is something foolproof for someone like me because it’s soo easy to use. I can get nicer complexion in just seconds he he…
I’m sure many of u knew about this product and read many reviews out there. Well, let me add one more opinion from my experience.

Side part of the case
There is little gap near the case hinge, 
maybe for air flow so that the air inside of case is not too humid

Sponge place

The All in One Face Base case is easy to open and close tight and quite sturdy, so it won’t easily break when u drop it. The case design is simple and professional imo. It’s still looks good in my make up clutch. There is separate compartment for the sponge applicator included. Of course I have to mention that the sponge is in good quality, although it’s bulky but seems will last quite long and not easily damaged by everyday use.

 The inside mirror is above the powder
The case is quite functional. There is mirror inside, under the sponge sit. U could also use the outer top as ‘emergency’ mirror, it does not act like standard plain beauty mirror but I guess it’s enough to be used when u don’t want to open the case just for quick check at ur face, he he…  The opposite/ inner side of the top cap somehow could be used as ‘zoom mirror’ although it reflects up and down opposite of ur position >.<
This All In One Base did not have refill version. I have asked the SA. She said when I’m done with this product, I can return the case along with other The Body Shop bottles and I’ll receive 5 points for 3 bottles/ cases.

There is label on the bottom that can be opened
 containing info and product ingredients

The Body Shop increased their price this year. Many of their products up in their prices about IDR 50.000 from previous price >.< I remember seeing this All In One Face base for about IDR 229.000 last year and now it has IDR 279.000 in the normal tag. Several weeks ago The Body Shop sold it in 10% discount price and I paid IDR 251.100. Somehow I regretted not buying some of their products while in their sale last year >.< since now they become more expensive.

The Body Shop All In One Face Base is very easy to spread it evenly. The powder texture is soft and fine. It’s easy to pick up and spread it on my skin. It offers medium coverage. It could even out my skin tone, covers redness and few light blemishes, little camouflage on my big pores, but I could not completely hide dark acne marks. The coverage is buildable. U can add some more on blemished area. But be careful not to layer it too much or it would be chalky. I found its quite helpful in covering the appearance of my dark circles too (when I have them), I  could use it as dark circle powder.

The powder
Sorry, my hp camera is low res
The color may look paler than the real

The finish is so natural on my face. I picked shade 06 which is I thought the nearest one to my skin tone when I tried tester at The Body Shop Store. This shade could blend nicely to my skin tone. But I wonder maybe next time I should tried lighter shade, 04 maybe.
I have oily combination skin and this powder is so much on the friendly side. It has nice oil control and helps to balance moisture level on my skin. It manages to keep my skin soft and did not cause any allergic or clogged pores. I usually use it with dry sponge to set my bb cream or apply it after using moisturizer or sunscreen. Marula oil in it helps to moisturize our skin.

About the staying power, it’s quite nice. When many powder foundation tends to ‘move’ when my skin starts to oil up, this one stays on its place. Of course, I have to blot when my face become very oily so this powder foundation would not smear when I touch it. All in One Face Base did not cake up.  When the powder starts to fade on my face, it did not leave uneven coverage. Somehow this powder is attached on my skin naturally and just blends in nicely.

This All in One Face Base did not have high SPF in it. There are sun screen properties but it does not mention the number so I think it’s low. Good thing is it won’t give u any white cast when u do photo shot. Like u all know that most products with high SPF tend to give white cast appearance. So I suggest u to use product with sunscreen prior to using it.

I now know why this All In One Base becomes best seller in The Body Shop and received many raves in MakeupAlley web. I regret why I did not try it from many years ago. I think it’s time to invest in some higher quality make up product, that not only give nice complexion but also care for my skin too.

I haven’t tried to use it with wet sponge because I’m not expert in applying foundation with damped sponge I’m afraid that it will be messy and ruin the product. I ever read some beauties reviewed their experiences using this product with damped sponge and the result was not good. They said the remained powder on the case changed once it touched the damped sponge and then it would never be the same again. Until now I only use dry sponge only, it’s the easiest way. U can use powder brush for more natural softer finish. When the SA at the Body Shop Store demonstrated applying this powder using The Body Shop’s Face and Body brush, I know I gotta have that brush and the kabuki one too. They’re already in my wishlist, I gotta save some money to afford them since they’re not cheap >.< Hope I could have them soon.

(+/- CL 77891/ TITANIUM DIOXIDE, CL 77492/

So Here what I can say :
What I like :
- natural finish
- good oil control
- soft and fine texture
- easy to spread it evenly using brush or sponge included
- nice packaging, separated sponge compartment and I can use the top part as ‘emergency’ mirror he he
- helps to balance moisture level on my skin
- good coverage for powder foundation (medium coverage)

Cons :
- pricey
- no added SPF

Repurchase? Yes, if The Body Shop sells it in discount again. But for next time I want to try their other powder.

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