Friday, 28 September 2012

Make Over Lip Liner Pencil in Lust Brown Review

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This time I'm gonna show you one of my lip product.
This time is about lip liner pencil.
"Make over Lip liner pencil in Lust Brown"

Here is the appearance and makeover logo

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss

Good day, monsieur and mademoiselle^^
This time I present u my review about Maybelline lip gloss. This is gonna be some short review since I'm not gonna explain much. In exchange I put some decent snap snap about the product for ur info.

Guess lately I've been pretty lazy to write. I'm sorry if I don't post constantly, sometimes it depends on my mood. Oh yes, I always need clear head and good mood to write some proper review. (at this point, call me lazy moody amateur writer ha ha..)

Price : Rp. 29.000/  about $4 (at matahari Dept. Store)

Picture taken from official web of Maybelline

Monday, 24 September 2012

Marck Venus White Beauty Aqua Cool Gel (Cleansing Gel Review)

Hello monsieur and mademoiselle^^
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Like u know, I always curious to try cleanser from the brand that I never tried before.
And this time I want to show u my experience about :
Marcks’ Venus White Beauty Aqua Cool Gel with Plant Extract For oily skin (Cleansing Gel)
This time I write in Bahasa Indonesia since it is an Indonesian Brand from Kimia Farma Pharmacy.
(For my foreign readers please hit the translate button on my side bar)

Harga Rp. 14.000-an, belinya di apotek Kimia Farma

Ini penampakan bagian depan kemasannya

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Silky Girl Pure Fresh Oil Control Two Way Foundation SPF 20 (+ Spin Off Ted movie review)

Silky Girl Pure Fresh Oil Control Two Way Foundation SPF 20

This is the box

Recently, I went to Matahari Dept. Store to look for new pants. Accidentally I bumped into sale at Silky Girl counter, yes buy 1 get 1 free for certain items like two way cake and loose powder. Sounds tempting, eh… : )

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Review Oriflame Milk and Honey Nourishing Hand & Body Cream N' Another 11 Random Things About Me

Kali ini postingan saya adalah tentang review Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream dan 11 Random Things tentang saya.

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Picture taken from oriflame website

Hai semua, ^^ Kali ini pakai bahasa Indonesia saja