Cosmetic reviews that I posted in this blog are based on my experience, I don't have any intention of breaking the image of some products.

I bought the product that I reviewed in here by my own money, except if I mention otherwise. I’m not salesgirl of some cosmetic product.

Reviews in here are based on my condition. Products that worked well on me, did not mean that would work on everybody. Do take some test before trying full amount of a product.

I tried to provide information about product in my reviews as valid as I could. Feel free to correct me if  I’m wrong.

I welcome any question about my reviews in the comment coloumn.

If there is information in this blog that not valid anymore or link that doesn’t work, I will appreciate if u’re willing to tell me and I’ll update soon.

Thank u for reading my blog
Mind my English yaw, I know I need to learn more
Have a nice day and stay pretty^^

Warm regards,
Deasy W

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