Monday, 28 October 2013

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15 Review


First I would like to apologize for tha lack of update these days. I was occupied with many things I had to deal with. Now I'm back bringing u some review about hand cream from The Body Shop. I chose this one because it is said to have brightening and anti-aging properties. Plus this one has rose scent which is my preference among others.
The SA said that it can be used for fingers and nail treatment too.

The price was IDR 49.000, I bought it on discount offer.

The squeezed tube I own

Back side of the tube

Usage instructions

Texture :
Lotion-y cream which has soft pink hint on the color. It absorbed pretty fast into my skin, leaving non greasy but moisturized skin surface.
The scent is pretty could last for decent time. I would say for 4 hours in my case. The smell is rose smell and it's very nice scent.

Ingredients list

Skin tolerance :
I felt a bit stinging feeling when I first applying it. It happened several times. FYI I have sensitive skin.
My mom used it too and she did not experience any unpleasant effect. So I just tried for couple of usages before gave it to my mom.

So, I'll continue this review based on my mom's experience. She used it about a month. Previously before using it, she had spots on her hands, because sun exposure and mark caused by accidental drops of hot frying oil when she cooked.
After 2-3 weeks of usage, she noticed visible reduction of her dark spots n marks.

What we like :
- easy to absorb and non greasy
- helps to brighten dark spots
- moisturizing
- nice fragrance

What we don't like :
- little stinging feeling on my skin (which was not happening to my mom)
- does not suit sensitive skin
- bit pricey
- the tube material is not nice when squeezed

Repurchase? Maybe yes for my mom.

So, what do u think? Do u have any suggestion for me about hand treatment? What's ur fave handcream? I'd like to know ur opinion :)


N.Munira J said...

Hi! First of all, I'm a big fan of The Body Shop products! Well, we don't have Lush here in Malaysia so..
Anyway, I love their products but the packaging on this one? No! Totally agree with you! My mom bought of of these before and gave up on it and gave it to me instead. Sure the product inside is great but towards the end of using it I just hate the tube.
Anyway, nice review and I totally would love to check this out on my next store visit and maybe ask for equivalent product with different packaging.
Have a great week ahead!
xx, Mira

Queen D said...

hello thank u for visiting here^^