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Erhalogy Eternalips Intensive Lip Care Review

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This is one of the posts that have been sitting long on my file, I should have posted months ago, but I always distracted to publish other product, he he.. I'm a really random person >.<

Every people has different problem in their skin. Everyone has their own specific condition. That applies for lips too. A product may result differently in one person to another.
There are ones who have sensitive lips that usually take alot of effort to find product that really feels nice on their lips. I'm one of them.

See, it sometimes occurs to me to have dryness and darkening on my lips. Especially when I just recover from illness. My health often has effect to my lips condition, so does my physical stress level.

About three months ago, my lips got unhealthy. My lips was extremely dry, flaky, turning to be darker, pale and very not lively. It was because I experienced flu with sore throat, and it did affect my mouth condition too.

I had used products from Erha before, their loose powder and cleanser that I found gentle on my skin. The Erha SA said that this lip care product is one of their best seller. I also read many good reviews about it. Since this is a dermatology clinic product, I assume it is very trusted.

2 years ago I ever used lip balm from dermatology clinic too and I was happy with the result. But unfortunately that the clinic is now far away from where I live and there is some little annoying procedure just to buy one item for non active member like me, so I thought I should find another alternative.

The description on the web
Looks so promising

So let's back on my problem. I have tried several lip balms/ lip care products from different brands : nivea, silky girl, wardah ; but none of them could restore the health of my lips at that time.
I decided to give this product a go.

Price : IDR 81.000
Where to buy : Erha Apotecary Ciputra World Mall Surabaya

Information on the scanned carton box
Click to zoom the pic so u can read the ingredients list

Looking at the ingredients list, I could not find perfume and alcohol. The SA said that it is safe for sensitive skin. But I would say, it is SUPPOSEDLY safe for sensitive lips. But is it really? Keep reading to know the answer.

The tube I own

Turns out that this product was not working like what I hoped for. Guess my expectation was too high. This product felt thick and waxy on my lips. At the first application, I experienced some strange 'warm' sensation on my lips. It happened on the second until fourth trial. But I continued to using it for about a week and sometimes it occured again. 
This lip product did not solve any of my matters. My lips was still dry and cracked, the color is still darker than before, plus the unpleasant sensation I got after I applied it. 
My lips was not healed at all and the condition worsened. 

So I came back to repurchased lip balm from the korean brand that I ever used before. The one that I finished last year, which in the past it managed to improve my lips condition. Although I had to buy it from official counter with more than twice the price via online, since I could not find olshop who sold it at that time. I know I should not turn away from it.

This makes me think that dermatoloy products not always better than ones that comes from cosmetic brand.

Erhalogy Eternalips Intensive lip care
This is how the product looks like
It's like cream with yellow- creme semi transparent color

So here is my conclusion :

Pros :
- 1 tube could last long time
- contains sun protection
- no perfume
- non alcohol
- no artificial coloring
- contains moisturizing properties

Cons :
- waxy and oily, felt thick on my lips, makes me look that I just eat fried food
- did not help to heal my dry flaky lips
- did not help to solve my lips darkening problem
- can't restore the health of my lips
- the formula is not gentle enough for my lips, there is unpleasant feeling after applied
- not suitable for sensitive lips like mine

Who may like it :
- Not having sensitive skin
- Looking for sun protection
- Want a colorless lip balm

Who may not like it :
- Sensitive lips
- Anyone who find that this product is not working for them

Repurchase ? Absolutely No. I gotta say this product probably is not for sensitive lips like me. There are a lot of people who adore it, but its just not for me.

I ended up giving it to my mom since she said that she wanted to try it. But in the end she gave it to my neighbour, guess she did not like it either. It's 'oily' she said.

To be honest, Guys, I do really hate when I write about product that is not working for me. I really do. Because I'm afraid that I could hurt public image of the brand producing it, even I don't mean to. But if I look at the other side, every people has different condition. One product that suits one person, does not mean it would do the same benefit for another. So does with the product I tried.

I write reviews because I want to share as much information I have. So, many girls out there could get enough info before buying skincare. It is to prevent many people making wrong decision. I my self would love to say thanks to all the beauty blogger around the world for their kindness to share reviews :) I'm sure we love to help each other, sharing useful info is an awesome thing.

So, amigos, what do u think? Have u ever tried any product from Erha?


Dine Aisah said...

Baru tahu kalo Erhalogy punya pelembab untuk bibir


Queen D said...

iya, kata mbaknya ini tu salah satu best seller mereka, sayang ternyata ga cocok di aq >.<

Dine Aisah said...

Emang kalo namanya skincare itu cucocucokan yaaa boook.
Btw.. Salam kenal..

Can we follow each other?

Queen D said...

Iya, salam kenal juga, nama saya Deasy

memang kosmetik tu cocok2an, saya termasuk yg bawel urusan bibir, ngga semua lipstik atau balm saya bisa pake

u may want t check ur gfc, I'm already there following u :)

dwi sari said...

Yesterday I've cancelled to buy this ones. Somehow I wanna read the review before, and I found it...tfs

May I know, what's the name of Korean product that u used?