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New and Improved Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream Normal SPF 15 (First Impression)

Hi, ladies and gents

How was ur day? Mine same as always, loaded with many chronicles : )
I am struggling to loose my weight. Yes, I am overweight, that's true. When I was in college, I use to have ideal body, not the slim one but my figure usually did not have any problem with clothes size.
And ever since I graduated from college and be a working girl, I gained weight, more than 10 kg from my previous. And then lately I started to feel really uncomfortable with my unhealthy weight, feel so heavy when I move and I have to go to tailor to get a new pants since I hardly find my size in the clothes shop.
Ok, enough with my story now let's go to the review.

I haven't reached 30 yet but I think it's the time that I have to give some thought about anti aging skincare. 
So I've been thinking for quite some time. I heard many good reviews about this improved version of Olay Total Effect. Well, to be honest, I'm not a fan of olay face moisturizers since most of them tend to be greasy on my oily combination skin. But my mother's skin has different story. She has been using olay moisturizers for years, starting from Olay White day lotion, natural white, and Total Effect touch of foundation. So I decided to grab this. I thought if this does not suit me, my mom can use it :) Luckily there is 20 gr version so I think it's enough for trial.

I bought it around the end of July until early August, I did not quite remember.

So, what's new in Olay Total Effect? Keep reading : )

The front box

This product has so many claims on it. 2 x skin renewal, I wonder if it's including exfoliation in it.

Price : IDR 50k, discounted so I only paid for IDR 35k
Where to buy : Indomaret Swalayan

The back side of the box

With 'improved formula' it still promises same 7 benefits. Wow, it's all in one solution, don't u think?
I have most of those 7 concerns on my skin except point number 1. So enough to give me reason to try it.
It has similar scent like other and previous version of Olay Total Effect, the smell is a bit strong in my opinion. But it would soon gone after application. 
On the first usage, I only use this cream after washing my face and then top it with loose powder. I applied it on my entire face and neck. This cream is easy to absorbs into my skin. But still I could feel that the texture of this cream little bit too 'rich' for my skin. I have to be careful not to put it on generous amount because it would be greasy.  I did not feel anything at first after application but for the next 1 hour, I noticed that the oil glands on my skin seems triggered. Yes for the next hours my skin became little more oily than usual.
Be careful if u want to use it generously on ur face because there would be something like 'whitish residue' if I applied it little too much. Well, maybe it's just my oily skin that could not tolerate rich cream.
I still continue to use it for 5 days, once a day, sometimes I used in the morning, another times in the afternoon.
This cream managed to soften my skin and moisturize it but I guess it would suit best for people with dry- normal skin. But however, everyone has different condition. I have read that there are oily skinned girls who used it and they're fine with it.

I like this kind of packaging
plastic bottle with pump and cap is hygienic enough

See the olay logo on the top of the box

Manufacture info

It is said to have SPF 15 in it but it did not write how much PA +... so I suggest if u plan to go outdoor using it, better add sunscreen on top of it. But if just stay indoor I think it's enough.

Ingredients list

I was kinda missed something before buying this product. This one contains mineral oil derivatives, that is C13- 14 Isoparaffin, which my skin does not like. It also contains PTFE (Teflon material) and perfume so I don't think sensitive skin would like it.

The cream

Here is the swatch of the cream on my hand
Can u see that this cream is actually moisturizing type
But this new formula is easier to absorb and settle on skin compared to the old one

I gave it to my mother since I don't think this cream suits me. My mother has no complain about this cream, except for being a little sticky in her opinion. She likes matte finish, and dislike rich or oily cream, eventhough her skin is dry- normal type. Everyone has different skin condition so one product may give different result.

Pros :
- still in affordable price range
- easy to find (almost in every department store sells it)
- comes with pump and cap, quite hygienic and easy to dispense
- has SPF in it
- Water based

Cons :
- made my skin little more oilier than usual
- bit greasy after several minutes wearing it
- contains mineral oil derivative (Isoparaffin)
- contains fragrance
- did not suit acne prone and sensitive skin like mine

Well, it may give different result to u, even people with same oily skin type could have different reaction.

Repurchase? For me, No. I think this one does not suit my skin.

So, what do u think, Girls? Are U Olay user?

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