Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 (First Impression)

Hi, dear readers

Here I'm on whitening corner. Well, are u using whitening/ lightening treatment? I do. Well, it's not that I kinda have obsession in whiter skin. But it's more like an effort to have more even skin tone, combat dark spots and post acne blemishes.

I've posted about night regimen from Wardah White Secret before. Now I'm gonna share about the day cream from Wardah lightening series. I've been trying this cream from August 3rd until 12th 2013 .

This is the box and the jar

This the leaflet I found inside the box
page 1
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This the leaflet I found inside the box
page 2
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Ingredients list
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Some of the ingredients I searched for references :

4-methylbenzylidene camphor, another reference in HERE
triethanolamine, reference in HERE and HERE
butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, in HERE

C13- 14 Isoparaffin, reference in HERE, and HERE

Read the instruction carefully if u want to use it
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Well, if u read the instruction, this cream is kinda not suitable for u who always be in a rush in the morning. U must wait at least half an hour after application before going outdoor. And while using this, u have to use sunscreen.

How I use it?
1. After toner, apply Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 evenly on proper amount on my face and neck
2. wait about 1- 2 minutes (depends on ur skin condition) to let the product completely absorbed into ur skin.
3. apply sunscreen evenly on my face and neck.
4. wait until sunscreen dry and settled on my skin and then apply powder/twc as I like.
5. wait at least  1/2 hour from the moment after applying Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 before I go outdoor.

It has inner separator

This is how the cream looks like

The texture is white cream, it is non sticky and easy to absorb into skin. It is nice to be used before foundation/ BB Cream without affecting the coverage. Of course I have to wait until this cream settle on my skin before putting another product on top of it. The scent is the same with other product in Wardah lightening series, it is floral. Glad the smell is not too overpowering.

 I used to pair this cream with sunscreen from the same brand
but lately I found it goes well with sunscreen from other brand too

On the first time, I use sunscreen from the same brand so the formula would gather well. At 3 first days using them I noticed no problem. But recently I noticed that everytime I wear that combination, my face started to be dull, darkened, greasy and oilier after 1,5- 2 hours wearing them. I got 1-2 little pimples in the end of the dayt. So I changed my sunscreen.
And then I found out that both of Wardah Sunscreen and Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 has petroleum derived ingredient in it which is C13- 14 Isoparaffin. Well, no wonder I could easily get pimples because I use 2 products with mineral oil/ petroleum affiliated substance in it. It's like I'm using double doses of petroleum/ mineral oil affiliated substance.

No wonder my skin kinda show signs like what usually shown when I use product containing mineral oil in it. I was unaware of the ingredients list when purchased it.

Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 has C13- 14 Isoparaffin as the 8th on the ingredients list. Maybe the concentration of it is not so much, so sometimes my skin still could tolerate it.
I never use this cream alone. I always use product with sun protection on top of it.
Well, strangely it showed me different result when I top it with sun protection product that did not contain mineral oil and its derivatives. It looks fine. But still I would not use it if I had pimples on my face or when my skin was in sensitive mode because it might worsen the problem.
I've tried to apply it under Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream and it went well with it. And then I tried to apply it under ZA True White Day Protector SPF 26 PA++ and so far I have no problem.
After several days using it, I noticed slight improvement on my skin tone. Since I used it with another whitening products from Wardah, then the result is not purely only because of this cream. At night I used Wardah White Secret Night Cream and Intense Brightening Essence, that I've posted before.

So let's sum it up.

Pros :
- affordable price
- halal sertificate, so moslema don't have to be worried
- non sticky texture and easy to absorb to skin
- helps to brighten my skin(with the use of other wardah whitening products)
- the scent is not overpowering

Cons :
- contains fragrance
- there is UV protection but not stated clearly the number of SPF on it
- contains petroleum derived substance (C13- 14 Isoparaffin)
- sometimes I got little/ tiny pimples after using it (when my skin is at acne prone or sensitive mode)
- must be used 1/2 hour before going out, it means if u're in a hurry, u can't use this product

 Repurchase ? I guess no.

So, that's all I can say about my first impression with Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1. I'm not planning to repurchase it. Maybe I'll use it as neck cream instead of day cream since my neck skin is less prone to acne than my face (I'll use it for the back side of my neck too), so it's not going to waste :)

What do u think, gals? Have u ever tried Wardah brand? What's ur fave product?


Anonymous said...

wah, aku waktu pertama megang krimnya aja udah gak brani pake...

seri lightening yang kupake sekarang cuma TWC nya aja... cobain deh, enak banget pakenya...

Queen D said...

Halo, Mizha :)
Knapa koq ga brani? apa karena ada bahan2 di dalamnya yg ngga cocok di kamu?
Wah enak ya twc lighteningnya, kan ada 2 versi tu, yg light cover sama extra cover, nti kalau twc-q abis pengen coba juga aq he he... penasaran detected

Anonymous said...

kalau megang krim yg udah lengket, aku udah gak brani pake di muka... aku pake 2-2nya, tapi lebih suka yg lightfeel, klo extracover cakey..

griya ginseng wulan said...

aq pengen nyoba wardah nih. kulitku kayaknya agak berminyak (nggak banyak banget), jarang jerawatan. paling jerawat muncul kalo lagi mau datang bulan aja. kira2 cocok gak?
salam kenal.. :)

Queen D said...

coba lihat daftar bahannya, kira2 kamu ada yang alergi ngga?
aq si ngga cocok pakai krim ini, tapi kulit orang kan beda2, coba testernya dulu saja kalau pas mampir ke konternya wardah

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