Monday, 23 September 2013

Etude Belle Dress Lady Look Shower Cologne Review

Hello, dear readers

Haven't posted anything for a while and now I'm back bringing another review. This time I'd like to talk about Cologne. For ur info, I'm a cologne type person, so rather than buying perfume, I choose cologne for daily use. I usually buy supermarket cologne, the affordable ones of course. So, seeing how I crave for Etude House Brand, no wonder I also want to try their cologne.
I bought Belle Dress Lady Look Cologne. Why I chose this one? Because the smell is the most flowery among others in the same line.
If u read my blog from the beginning, u must know that I prefer flowery smell rather than fruity one.

Here is the bottle

The spray

I bought it for IDR 88.000 at Etude counter in Matahari Dept. Store. It is cologne that supposedly used after bath, but u could spray it as perfume too. It contains 100 ml and it is one of most expensive body cologne I ever bought so far until now. Well, as I mentioned before, I used to buy supermarket cologne, the affordable ones, and it's usually under IDR 50k he he :)

Info :
Fragrances : soft powdery floral

Top note : jasmine and lily
Middle note : rose and iris
Base note : vanilla and woody

Packaging :
The bottle is cute. As it's name, it's form made like skirt in belle dress :)
And it's white and semi transparent.
There is no manufacture seal when I purchased it, kinda downside for me a bit.

Product info, click to enlarge

So here is my take about the fragrance.
My nose identified the fragrance as powdery floral (jasmine) with added somewhat vanilla scent, and also hint of baby product scent. The scent is really soft although it has quite noticeable alcohol smell. Wish they reduce the alcohol percentage and replace it with water >.<

So I use it in more amount compared with my other cologne because the fragrance is kinda too soft for my liking. The scent could last for about 5 hours in my case, I mostly stayed indoor.

Wish they would improve the power of the fragrance and reduce alcohol dominance in it.

Repurchase? I don't think so for this one. But next time I want to try other fragrance from Etude.

So, what do u think, Girls? Are u using any fragrance from Etude?

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