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Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder Review

Hi, Pretties and Anna Sui Lovers ^^

Today I'm gonna tell u about my favorite loose powder I use in current time.
On my previous review about Anna Sui Powder, I mentioned that I would try another varian of their loose powder. So here it is : Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder. I bought it on July. I decided to buy this after looking at the ingredients list. It does not contain mineral oil. That's good for me. The SA was very kind to let me examined the ingredients list before buying it. She patiently explained to me how to use it and helped me to attach the refill into the case.

The case and the refill are in separate box

The case is in round shape. The design is similar to compact pressed powder case. People who don't know this product would think that it is a compact pressed powder inside, he he.. but it is not, it is totally loose powder.
The refill cost IDR 315k, and the case IDR 135k in SOGO Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya. Oh, God this is the most expensive loose powder I ever have since I was born until now.

Even the carton box is so georgeous
The refill contains 3 gr powder

I was quite surprised when I read that the content is only 3 gr for what I paid for. But when I look into the content in the refill case when I got home. I assumed that Anna Sui powder is pretty soft particles and lightweight, for 3 gr weight, looks like it has more amount than common powder in 3 gr size. Or I could be wrong ?! Well, I don't know, but I guess it would go long way, maybe months of usage, let's see, I'll let u know when I'll be finishing this powder. 

This is the compact powder case
cute, girly, gothic and gorgeous

The case is very georgeous and luxury, even it is made of plastic, the material quality is very good. It has pretty floral pattern on the outer and inner (around the mirror inside). The color is still typical Anna Sui style, black with purple glossy 'ANNA SUI' letter on top.

The puff included is purple colored, nice and velvety soft, with good quality material.

It has typical Anna Sui Rose scent, very tempting : ) The scent quit last while I wear it.

About the staying power, it helps the coverage of my make up to last evenly longer. I can use it as finishing powder and for touch up during the day.

Side view of the powder case

It comes with purple puff, the material is good quality, and velvety soft.
There is also floral pattern around the side of the mirror

I think this design is very unique, loose powder in compact on the go format. Anna Sui Loose Powder lover would be happy with this travel friendly size.

The center round with seal sticker is the loose compact powder refill (the refill has its own case)

This is the seal sticker attached on the refill case

This is how the powder filter looks like, kinda made of rubber I guess. It's semi transparent/ opaque actually, u can see the color of the powder under it.
The center round with powder filter is the compact refill.

I got the shade 701, it's kind of bright light yellowish color that gives me nice sheer lovely finish. It offers sheer coverage and has shimmer on it. The powder is so soft and lightweight when applied on skin.

The filter is in the refill case, not included in the powder case. So if u already have the mirror powder case and u are thinking to fill in it with another powder (say having Anna Sui Loose Powder in jar u want to use as refill), on first time u have to buy the loose compact powder refill (the refill has its own case). And when the content of the refill case runs out, u can open it and fill with any powder u like, he he...

This is the hole where the powder comes out
Just press the rubber separator with puff and the stretch movement will make the holes appear and powder would come to the puff

U see the button on the center, push to open the case

The bottom of the case
Push using coins on the hole (on the top) to remove the refill

The Ingredients List on the box
Click to enlarge

I usually bring it with the carton box where and whenever I go. Since the box is pretty too and I want my mirror powder case to last long, so I always put it on the box to protect it from getting any scratch or dirty. Did I sound bit too protective? he he...

Looking at the ingredients list, yes, it has many moisturizing properties, that's good. It has water listed on the ingredients, so it has purpose in giving some cooling effect. But the cooling/ refreshing effect could not be compared to what I found on Anna SuiProtective Loose Powder. It also not as moisturizing as the protective one. But its moisture level is enough for my oily combination skin, like it.

Ok, now I guess u wanna know how good is the finish of this powder. Well, I'll show u my before and after picture. I'm using Blackberry camera, so sorry, the pic may not be in good resolution, but I've done my best.

My bare face

Finish result
Wardah sunscreen gel (no color) + Anna Sui Compact Loose Powder

I like the finish, it makes my face looks brighter, healthier, smoother, masks some of my redness, tricks the light to lessen the appearance of my pores and corrects my dull complexion. Although the coverage is sheer and u can't rely on it to cover anything.
The oil control is average. This powder is the moisturizing type so it can be understood. Good that it does not dry my skin like other loose powder for oily skin. Think dry- normal skin would love it more. If u are oily skin and wanna try this, just don't expect any superb oil control.

Pros :
- georgeous packaging
- nice lovely finish (makes my face brighter and healthy)
- long lasting
- moisturizing
- travel friendly packaging
- soft and lightweight on skin
- did not oxidize
- did not clog my pores
- creates smoother surface on skin
- has sun protection
- no white cast

Cons :
- expensive
- can't use powder brush to take the powder because of the filter design on the powder refill

Overall I really love this powder so much. This is the best loose powder I ever tried in my whole life until now. I'm having oily combination skin, and kinda fan of loose powder. Why I love loose powder? Because it can absorbs excess oil, easy to spread on, and less pore clogging chance.

This is the direction of use from Anna Sui Website

Repurchase? Yes, but for the loose powder varian in jar, where I can get more amount with similar price (for powder + container). And I can try to fill in the old refill case with anna sui loose powder which packaged in jar container, he he...

Anna Sui Loose Powder in Jar
I want to repurchase the loose powder but in this version

Actually before buying Anna Sui compact loose powder, I was gonna buy the powder foundation which offers better coverage and wider color option. But unfortunately, I read on the box that it contains mineral oil. I backed off then. 

I asked about the price on the counter, but I canceled my intention to purchase it.
Refill Price : around IDR 350
Case : around  IDR 135 k (forgot the exact price, cmiiw)
If u are dry, normal or combination skin and look for moisturizing powder foundation, and u're skin is fine with mineral oil, I suggest to go for it. It has good coverage and gorgeous finish. I've tried it on the counter, too bad I can't have it captured in photo. 

This powder foundation serves wide range of skin tone

Btw, I got some 2013 brochures from Anna Sui Counter and I'd like to share in here.
Be ready, I'm spamming u with pictures.

Someday I should try their lipstick, so bold and gorgeous

This is their lip color

The available gorgeous shades for Anna Sui lipstick and lip crayon

This is the collection from last year

The Eye Make up color collection

2012 Eye Shadow Collection

Note : I'm not paid to do this review. I'm just one of Anna Sui fan and admire this brand for the quality and gorgeous packaging.

I'm sitting on Juanda Airport while finishing this review, in the waiting lounge. Glad I brought laptop, since the schedule is delayed, I could not imagine how boring I would be if I don't have anything to do except wandering around.

So what do u think, beauties? What's ur favorite items in Anna Sui Brand?


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