Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wardah Pure Olive Oil Review

Hi, dear readers

It's been a while and I'm back : ) I'm sorry if u find me have some random frequency of post schedule. I spare my time to blog whenever I have the chance, and there are days when I hardly to spend some time in front of laptop blogging. I do try to update this beauty diary everytime I can : )
So, here another short review from me.
I was running out of lip and eye remover. Some bloggers used this product as their eye remover, so I thought that I could do the same, it turned out that... wanna know? keep reading : )

The bottle

Price : I forgot the exact price, but I think it's around IDR 15.000, I bought it on Wardah official counter in Matahari Dept. Store.

Description from the web

This olive oil has many usages based on info I collected, here I list it:
- eye and lip remover (including maskara remover)
- to be applied on face to soften and moisturize skin at night
- to be mixed with mask for more benefit
- ingredient for DIY mask
- for face and body massage
- mix with lulur for body treatment
- as eyes area treatment, apply on eyes area in the night to reduce puffiness and dark circle
- apply on ur body to soften ur skin

Important note : Since this olive oil is the type that formulated for cosmetic use only, so don't eat or use it for food processing.
There is different olive oil for food purpose.

The hole of the bottle, makes it easier to control the amount of product we want to dispense

Info on the label and how the product looks on the cotton pas
(Click to enlarge)

So, how it works for me. Keep reading to know.

I tried to use it to wipe my eye make up. The cleansing power is good. But it stings my eyes. I suspected because it contained perfume, that the cause of the stinging effect.
I have used to remove my lip color, it cleaned my lips well, but I kinda put some perfume on my mouth, sort of bitter taste.
I used for maybe 4- 5 times as urgent temporary make up remover because I ran out my remover. And then I bought 'the real lip and eye remover' that wouldn't sting my eyes.

So now, I use Wardah Olive Oil by applying it to my hand and legs because those are parts that tend to be dry. I usually apply it at night.
It did it's job to soften my skin.

Think it's time to write the resume :

Pros :
- affordable price
- multi function
- help to soften my skin
- removes make up pretty well

Cons :
- perfumed
- stings my eyes so I can't use it as eyes make up remover
- unpleasant to be used as lip remover

Repurchase ? Maybe. But next I want to look for higher purity level of olive oil with no artificial fragrance.

So, what do u think of this product? Let me know ur thought, until then see ya on my next post :)


Dine Aisah said...

Heeiii aku juga punya ini.. Tapi yang kecil, kecil banget packing nya..
Emang enak nih olive oil dari wardah..

Queen D said...

halo dear,
aq ngga tahu kalau ada kemasan yg lebi kecil dari ini he he...
iya ni produk banyak fungsinya