Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Wardah Basic Series : Intensive Night Cream First Impression

Hello, everyone

In this chance, I'm gonna share a review about basic series from Wardah brand. Yes, Wardah is one of Indonesian local brand that I adore because the concept of halal cosmetic. I tried it months ago but I just have the chance to write about it.

Here is the jar

Like other Wardah Creams, it has inner lid

The cream

Product instructions on the carton box

I remembered purchasing it for around IDR 17.000
The texture seems to be somewhat creamy, but surprisingly it was not felt heavy for my skin.
I ever read that some bloggers store this cream in refrigerator before using it, so it would feel nicer to their skin (with added cooling sensation from refrigerator).

At first application, I applied it using finger with little massage motions so the cream would absorb better. The cream sank into my skin leaving it moisturized without stickiness. When I woke up in the morning, I felt my skin became softer and suppler. It has nice moisturizing effect during night. And it did not create any greasiness.

But take a note that I have to take it in proper amount. I ever used it in so generous amount and it gave me little stinging on some parts of my face. So I guess too much is no good. I tried to use it when my face in a normal mode so I guess sensitive skin would have to be careful in using it. Try to test it a little before applying it all over ur face.

However, it's a decent night cream for basic care imo. The price is affordable, especially if u get discount, he he... So if u look for basic night cream for a starter, u may go for it.

Ingredients list

Pros :
- cheap and affordable
- easy to find locally in Indonesia
- moisturizing and supplies hydration without greasy feeling (if u put on proper amount)
- made my skin suppler
- easy to absorb without stickiness
- contains squalane and vit E

Cons :
- fragrance and preservatives on the middle row on the ingredients list
- low usage of  natural ingredients

Repurchase ? Not sure.

So, what do u think, gals ?

Personal ramble :  (u may skip this part)
Actually I'm in dilemma right now. I'm dealing with problem on my skin. No, this time is not acne problem again. But I felt my skin sensitivity kinda acting out recently, not just that, my skin is extremely dehydrated too (dehydrated but still oily), and loosing it's healthy glow, and my big pores become so much visible lately. I often experience redness these days, and I notice the appearance of spider veins on my skin kinda bother me. I have done selecting and eliminating any products on my wardrobe that have potential to trigger my sensitive skin. And I googled a lot about it.
I was thinking to go to dermatology/ skincare clinic, but fyi I ever had 'not- good' experience with some famous dermatology clinic in Indonesia which makes me swear to not go into skincare clinic again. Should I break my own promise this time?
I was thinking to look for trusted dermatologist doctor. My friend suggested me to go to a trusted hospital to consult a specialist, since she has solved her skin problem in this way. But I kinda afraid and hesitate. I think I'll try some products that is for sensitive skin, based on reviews I could find. And I'll try to solve this matter by my self first... if my attempts don't works in two months ahead, then maybe I'll consult a specialist.
I'll avoid any product with alcohol, hard scrub, and anything drying as much as possible.
well, wish me luck

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