Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cussons Imperial Leather Anti- Perspirant Deodorant Active with Tea Tree Oil (Review)

Hi, dear readers
Today may I present u my short review, about Cussons Imperial Leather Anti- Perspirant Deodorant Active with Tea Tree Oil.

The package

It's been long time I did not talk about body care. Now I want to tell u about deodorant that I don't know how many times I repurchased it. For ur info, my skin is very picky when it comes to underarm care. I have tried many deodorant from different brands. I've tried Rexona, Pixy, Dove, cassablanca and many more drugstore/ supermarket brands but only this product that suit me the most (for now).
I have sensitive skin and could not just use any deodorant. In the past, I ever experienced rash, irritation and burning sensation because of products those not gentle enough for my underarms skin.
This product is strong enough to block my underarm odour from morning until afternoon and did not cause any irritation. This product is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, of course if I apply it on proper amount and not too much.
Of course I have another fave deodorant from Etude, but that's more expensive than this one, he he

Actually this cussons deodorant has other varian. I've tried them all but this one I like the most.
This one also available in bigger roller container version.
The form of the product is like roll on deo lotion, just roll it to ur underarms once and then it would dry in short time. It smells fresh and I like it.
It left stain/ mark on the underarms part of my clothes, but in my case, the stain usually only visible on the inner part of the cloth, where the fabric touch my underarms skin. So I usually paid attention when I washed my clothes to remove the stain.

The price is around IDR 7000 (pretty affordable, right?) and it's available in many dept. Store in where I live.

 The ingredients list and product info and caution

What I like :
- cheap and affordable
- nice longlasting perfume
- 1 container could go long time (about 4 months in my case)
- contains natural ingredient tea tree oil
- available in local stores in where I live
- strong enough to block my body odour without irritation from morning until afternoon
- non sticky

What I dislike :
- gives stain on inner part of my top clothes
- contains aluminum that has controversy about the health risk

Repurchase? Well, since I haven't found better product in the same price range so I perhaps would continue to purchase it.

Btw my spouse also like it too. He said it is felt gentle on his skin. He usually used R*x*na and been fine with that product, but when I bought him this product, he liked it more and maybe he'll switch into this.
Well, Indonesian sweeties, do u have any better suggestion for me about affordable deodorant? I'd like to hear^^
Until then see ya on my next post

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