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Anna Sui Indonesia Membership

Hello, gorgeous

Who loves Anna Sui? Yes, me raise hand : ) I was impressed by the powder as the first item I bought from Anna Sui and I continued to splurge for more : )
In August, Anna Sui held promo, for purchasing IDR 500k, u’d be getting IDR 50k discount, so u only had to paid for IDR 450k and it applied repeatedly for every IDR 500k.

I had always wanted to try Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser since months ago. If u read my blog from the beginning, u must know that I am a fan of one step cleanser. Product that I could use in single step and no need to rinse it with water (so no need for me to go to bathroom), I’ll definitely go for it.
So, 3 days ago I walked in front of Anna Sui counter in SOGO Galaxy Mall and asked for the Balancing Cleanser. The SA was kindly to let me played there trying this and that. And my eyes were freely looking all around the shelves.  And there were some items that I have eyed for months but it’s been oos for long time at the every Anna Sui counter in Surabaya whenever I visited. Those are Whitening Lotion and Oil Blotting Paper (the one with gorgeous case with mirror). So I ended up taking them into my basket. Then the SA offered me to make IDR 1000k purchase so I could get double discount and only had to paid IDR 900k. Since I’ve been planning to get Anna Sui Membership so I made IDR 1150k transaction and only had to pay for IDR 1050k. And finally I got temporary member card. The SA said that the official member card took time to process, and she’ll let me know when it’s done.

And here are what inside my shopping bag.

 My Anna Sui super nini haul : )
- Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser = 275- discount 50k = 225k
- Anna Sui Whitening Lotion = 340k
- Anna Sui Oil Blotting Paper+Case Mirror = 250k- discount 50k = 200k
- Anna Sui Protective Foundation Primer C SPF 38/ PA++ = 285k

Some FD member ever suggested me to try Anna Sui Skincare since according to her experience, they’re good. She said that the whitening line worth to try. So I took a look. Actually I want to try the whitening milk and or whitening cream (if only they still have the whitening serum then I wanted to try too). Then I tried the whitening milk on the counter. Anna Sui SA was veery kind to let me tried their testers : ) 

 Pic courtesy of Anna Sui, taken randomly from google

Here what I could tell from my first impression on Anna Sui Whitening Milk.
- Color n texture : white, milky lotion, moisturizing, easy to absorb, skin immediately felt soft after applied, has strong rose scent (Anna Sui signature scent)
The Anna Sui Whitening Milk is so moisturizing, I guess dry skin would love it.
- Ingredients alert : unfortunately it has Mineral Oil among the top ingredients. So I backed off. For ur info, my skin has bad relationship with this ingredient. It tends to make my skin greasy and clog my pores.
- The price is IDR 440k, too bad Anna Sui still include Mineral Oil for that price range.

The whitening lotion does not contain mineral oil or any ingredients that I suspected harsh for my skin, so I grabbed one. That time I gave alcohol tolerance because I've tried the tester on the counter before and my skin was ok with it.

Ok, so here is my temporary member card and since I spent more than IDR 500k, I got to apply to SOGO member card too.

Front and back side of the member card
(name and date blocked)

I got 4 points for my purchase. As Anna Sui member, I can get 1 point every IDR 250k purchase and when I reach 20 points, I can exchange with Anna Sui goodie (depends on the promo). The Membership lasted for a year and to keep it going, at least I have to purchase 1 item in a year.
The SA said that new member get a free makeover. But I was not having any occasion that needed any make up that night so I refuse, and she said I could come back later to claim the free make up service at the counter. Anna Sui SOGO Galaxy really has a nice service to their customers : )

I’ll be posting the products one by one, so look forward to it : )

See ya in my next post, have a nice day : )

NB : I'm not affiliated with this brand, I'm not doing any commercial in this post, just sharing my thought and favorite things.

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