Sunday, 29 April 2012

Review about Skin Food Gold Kiwi Gift Set

           I purchased this gift set from Rie Butik olshop on Januari. Bought this around Rp. 40.000 (+  $ 5). I got curious since I read many good reviews about it.  It’s a whitening product, the web said this can relieve ur skin that got darkened by sun exposure, well, it’s my experience too. My skin got tan easily. I really had hope for the whitening effect.
FYI, my skin type is : oily-combination, sensitive, acne prone, blemished, dull and uneven, easily got darkened by sun exposure.

I borrowed these pics from since I can't provide it my self, sorry.

 This one I found from advertisement pic on the web, from skinfood malaysia I guess :

Below is the full size version of Skin Food Gold Kiwi Line, I borrowed the advertisement pic from the web, Skin Food Korean Web I supposed :

The gift set comes with 4 products : toner, serum, emulsion and cream.  This set can last for about 2-3 weeks, the serum is the first bottle that ran out, followed by the cream in small jar. Those are in small cute packages which I like : ) even the mini serum has pump too. Now I will give my review one by one.

1. Skin Food Gold Kiwi Toner
It’s a medium scented toner I guess. The scent is rather fruity sweet I guess but not too much fruity, think it’s gold kiwi smell. It’s not disturbing me although I prefer non perfumed skin care (if available). The toner has a mild formula and moist type. It hydrates my skin, but for my oily skin it’s kinda bit too moist plus it takes more time to absorb than other skinfood toner that I used (for example peach sake toner).

2. Skin Food Gold Kiwi Serum
Texture : white semi transparent lotion, it’s moist and easily absorb to my skin, has medium consistency (not lightweight but not too thick either)
I like this serum, I feel that it helps to soften my skin. A little amount enough for entire face. I used it carefully not to put too much cause this serum is moist type of serum. It’ll be greasy if I put it too much.

3. Skin Food Gold Kiwi Emulsion
Texture : white lotion, little thick consistensy, rich in moisture, medium smell (the same smell as the toner), sticky, greasy.
This emulsion has thicker consistency than the parsley mandarin emulsion that I used before, it also take longer to absorb into my skin than the parsley usually does.  Think it can’t absorb completely and leave sticky, greasy feeling on my skin. When my hair accidentally touch my face, the hair will stick on skin because of this emulsion. I also feel it too moist for my oily-combi skin although it hydrates the dry part of my face.
However, I will not recommend this emulsion to those who have oily and acne prone skin since it’s way too rich, sticky and greasy. Think it will work well to those who has dry-normal skin. After a week of usage, I gave it to my mom who is having dry skin, she said that it’s also sticky on her skin n she did not like that although it helped to hydrate her skin.

4. Skin Food Gold Kiwi Cream
                It’s a rich cream, richer than the emulsion but less sticky in my opinion. Actually I like this cream coz it feels nice on my skin, refreshing, hydrating but not too sticky as the emulsion. This is great for hydrating the rough part of my face. The cream has more pleasant effect on my skin than the emulsion, may be because the texture and the ingredients, I’m bit unsure why.

The skin food web says that the order is : toner -- > serum -- > emulsion -- > cream
On my first trial, I used the products as night regimen in order that exactly as written in the web. After cleansing my face with facial foam, I used the toner, followed by  serum, emulsion and cream. Whoa, I felt thick, heavy and sticky layered moisturizer on my face. I guess it’s way too much moisture for my skin. So sticky that I could not let my face touching the pillow. In the morning I woke up, my skin felt hydrated and smoothed. I thought this also reduced tiredness on my face. On the next few usage, I noticed this product line even out my skin tone and helped a little to reduce my pigmentation.
I used the toner and emulsion and sometime the serum in the morning before applying bb cream and in the night I used toner, serum and the cream.

My morning order was :
Skin Food Gold Kiwi Toner -- > serum -- > emulsion -- > bb cream -- > loose powder
I found it too rich for my skin and greasy, so reduced the order into :
Skin Food Gold Kiwi Toner -- > emulsion -- > bb cream -- > loose powder
Seems like the emulsion made me blot more than usual, like triggering oil glands on my skin, and the next usage, I decided to not use the emulsion in the morning, I used it in the evening.  So I changed my morning order by replacing the gold kiwi emulsion with my dearly Skin Food parsley mandarin emulsion and sometimes I still use the serum in the morning.

My night order was :
Skin Food Gold Kiwi Toner -- > Serum -- > Cream
Skin Food Gold Kiwi Toner -- > Serum -- > Emulsion

Well, let me sum it all :
Pros :
- Affordable price if we buy via ol shop, can goes for quite long way if we use just the right amount of it
- Has a medium pleasant sweet smell (kiwi’s smell I guessed)
- I like the serum and cream, those are great for night treatment
- help to brighten my skin, always wake up with a brightened skin whenever I use it at night.
- Great for hydrating and moisturizing

Cons :
- The emulsion is sticky, greasy and take long to completely absorb into my skin
- Way too moist for my oily-combi skin

Will I repurchase ? Maybe, for the serum and cream but not the emulsion and toner.

May like it :
- Dry to normal skin
- Want a brightening product
- Need a rich moisturizer

May not like it :
- Combination to Oily skin
- Acne Prone
- Want oil control product

I’m sort of a fan of Skin Food Product, I have tried several products and had good experiences with them. I think the Gold Kiwi is also a good product for those with Dry-Normal skin. Skin Food is a brand that known for the usage of natural ingredients from plants, fruits, and our everyday food, too bad that their products are mostly fragranced. I hope Skin Food can make their skin care products ‘more natural’, I mean no fragrance, alcohol, preservatives, and coloring. Come on, Skin Food, U can do it.

Have u tried this product? What’s ur opinion? Tell me by leaving comment^^
  for dropping by and read my review


galleryibu said...

i have this one too! well, not my fav skinfood products for me. it's just so so, not many good things i could tell about this line.

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello, thanx for dropping by
I have read ur review about this gold kiwi too. Yeah, u're right, it's just so so, fortunately we only bought the gift set version ha ha.. (can't imagine how regretful I'd be if I bought the full size)

The parsley mandarin emulsion is still my skinfood fave until now.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank for the share. I'm also in love with SF. And my skin is oil combination too. That's so lucky found you. Which line do you recommend for oil combination skin for moisturizing and sebum control ?

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