Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Miserable Me

My Miserable Me
(One dark side of me)

Love is like an illusion
It offers u a dream that will gone once u wake up
Here I dance my gloomy tango
With ur shadow
My dream shadow
Which is only exist in my dream
Only in my wish
Only in my wildest imagination
N my highest hope

My tears keep falling as my dream torn apart
As the mirror in front of me cracks n the pieces scattered around
Some of them even stab all over me
Make some part of me dying
Something stabbed the heart of my dream
The heart of my dream…
The heart of my dream, my ultimate wish, my highest hope is dying…

N I keep dancing in my gloomy tango alone…
Yes I dance with my dream…
Dancing in the teardrops rain
When no one gonna endure my sorrow
When I have to break my own vow…
Cuz my dream had broken I can’t keep my vow
Cuz I’m awake, n I made the vow while I’m dreaming
That I can’t keep it when I’m awake…

Love that I want to reach is only exist in my dream…
When I’m awake, It’s as far as the smallest star in the sky
Love is an illusion for u to did anything without any reason but love

Strong illusion called love
Strong illusion called love
U never know exactly when it comes
How it could exist
N’ when u learn about it, it always too late
Cuz u have already caught in it’s grip
The cruel thing is it will never let u go
Never let u go…
Until u torn apart
N even after u torn apart

Whenever I tried to find, u never there
Coz u only exist in my dream
The love in my dream
Only in my dream…

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