Sunday, 29 April 2012

Review about Mentholatum Acnes Oil Control Film

Mentholatum  Acnes Oil Control Film 
This is how it looks
 The product claims

 It has green color

This is my fave oil blotting paper, It’s cheap and easy to get in my area. It effectively removes oil in my skin. All I need to do just press it on my skin carefully and not to drag it so it won’t ruin my make up. The color of the film paper turns transparent after absorbing oil on our skin. It’s a fast absorbing film. I experience my skin becomes matte just after I remove it.
Overall I like it, it’s my second purchase. It’s better than Ovale face paper that I ever bought before. Ovale face paper did not absorb oil on my skin as fast as this.
Ingredients :
Polypropylene, Mineral Oil, Dimethyldibenzylidene Sorbitol and pigment Green 7 (Cl 74260)

Well, how about u? Any other oil blotting paper that u can suggest to me?

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