Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Skin Care and Make Up Habit

By Penulis Amatir

Actually, I’m not the kind of girl who likes to wear decorative make up such as blush on, shimmering powder, eye shadow, glitter, eye brow pencil, eye liner, nail painting, mascara, eye lashes product and the other similar bla bla bla. That's why I don't write review about those kind of products. I don’t like to wear foundation, concealer or two way cake either. But I make exception to lip product such as lipstick and lip gloss. I like to wear them coz they really lift up my look and easy to apply. I wear them almost every day except when I’m not going anywhere and just stay at home.
                Since I was teenager, I wondered that why women must wear foundation if they already have perfect skin. Then it’s better to focus on skin care routine, by using suitable product that can correct and cure the problem on our skin so we can have healthy skin. In my life, I’ve heard a lot of opinion from men around me that they don’t like girls who wear heavy make up and what they like are pretty girl in their natural looks. Girls who like to wear heavy make up every day are somewhat bitchy in their opinion. I personally trapped between agree and don’t agree ha… ha.. that just bit confusing me : )
                I used to wear foundation, concealer and decorative eye product only when I have to go to wedding or graduation party or any other formal invitation. For daily routine I usually wear moisturizer/ sunblock/ bb cream and then just dab loose powder on top of it. After that I put on my lipstick/lip balm and I good to go. Sometime I just wear my lipstick alone. And the other time I only use tinted lip balm. I like moisturizing lipstick better than the matte one but I don’t like glittery/sparkling/glazing lipstick that put too much shine on my lips. I often experience dry chopped lips, when it comes to that, I wear triple layer on my lips that are : lip balm - - > moisturizing lipstick - - > lip gloss. I think that will give triple attack of moisture to my dry lips, eh… : )
                When I was in college, I like to wear lipsticks that have pigment closest one to my natural lips color, I do want to achieve natural fresh look. But now since Korean style has been booming here, with gradation of tangerine, pink, and orangey shade, I just could not hold my self not to switch my color preference ha ha : D Ok, ok, I know that I’m not fair enough to achive any Korean looks ha ha but at least there are still many color of Korean lipstick that would look good on me I suppose : )
                I’m a lazy person when it comes to cleansing facial product. When I was teenager, I only cleaned my face by using facial foam/soap. When I was on college I used dual action cleansing product that I usually dabbed with cotton to remove my light make up in one step. And now, I can’t rely on one step cleansing anymore since I use bb cream so I clean my face in 3 steps : milk cleanser - - > facial wash - - > toner.
I don’t like parfume, mineral oil and alcohol in facial cosmetic but it’s hard to find cosmetic that free of those ingredients, especially I have tight budget. I have oily combination skin, very very oily in T-zone, jaw, chin and front area of my face, but tend to be bit dry on the sides of my face. I tend to breakout whenever I use products that contain mineral oil, high percentage of silicone ingredients and some kinds of natural oil that clog my pores. 
                 I do have tight budget for purchasing cosmetic so I should use it wisely. In my past, I used to buy skin care product that available locally where I lived. But after I did some cosmetic research by browsing (if u can call as a research ha ha), and knew about online store, then I don’t have any limitation anymore to buy any skin care I want (except budget limit). There are campaign for organic cosmetic out there. Many Korean brands claims to use as much as natural ingredients on their products and try to avoid preservatives and anorganic chemicals as much as they can. Well, I’ve been disappointed many times by local products of my country and found that some Korean skin care that are very useful for me (as u can read in my reviews).
                Well, I’ve told enough about skin care and make up in my personal point of view. I’m not an expert though so I welcome any new information, sharing experience, and I want to develop my knowledge about skin care and make up.

Have a nice day n stay pretty! ^^


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