Tuesday, 13 August 2013

LT Pro Dual Function Compact Pressed Powder (Two Way Cake) Review

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Lately, seems like I'm digging into Local Indonesian brand, doing some exploration. I realized that I haven't put enough attention to local brand. And in this moment I want u all to know that Indonesia has good quality make up brands too. Of course, with affordable price.

So my Make Over Two Way Cake ran out and I was looking for some replacement. I've been curious to try this brand so I decided to give it a shot.
LT Pro is the professional make up line from La Tulipe. I've been using La Tulipe lipsticks for almost 2 years and I adore them. I read many good impression about this product so here I am writing another one ^^

Btw I'm sure every woman in Indonesia must know La Tulipe. It is a famous local brand, well known for their make up line.

Taken from LT Pro Site

Taken from LT Pro Site

They have 2 version of packaging for this product. First is pallete version, consists of three shades of powder in round refill shape. And another one is single packaging and this is what I bought.

This is the box and the case, both are black

The case is made of black plastic with doff (non glossy) finish, with silver LT Pro letters on it.
The plastic material is thick, wont easy to break into pieces if u drop it. But the finish of the case material looks cheap and boring. For me that's not an important issue because it does not resemble the content at all. The product inside is good.

Information on the front of the box

Price : IDR 125.000 on the La Tulipe official counter in Matahari Dept. Store

Oh Yes, the case has big mirror, love it

LT Pro has 4 shades for this Dual Function Powder. I chose 02R Dark. The SA suggested this shade for me. I don't have noticeable problem with this color preference actually, but somehow I think it would be better if I grab one shade above this.

brand new with plastic cover

The shade I chose, it's a beige with pink undertone.
Sorry for my poor camera, the pic may look darker than the real.

The bottom side of the case

Ingredients list
If u want to try it, then pay attention closely on the ingredients, in case there is something u can't tolerate.

Bare Face, don't zoom it please >,<

So, here is the finish
So sorry for the low res pic and the messy tied hair >,<

The finish is matte and powdery. The coverage is medium to semi full. I can see it covers some of my big pores. Maybe u may find that the powder is not the light type one, yes it offers good coverage, no wonder the texture is kinda thick compared to common compact powder.

So far I don't have any problem using this Dual Function Cake. No oxidize, no cakey, no clogged pores (because I always cleanse my face in the end of the day), no sign of irritation or any unpleasant reaction. But I would not use this when I have pimples or acne because I'm afraid it would worsen the bumps.

One thing I dislike about it is the smell. I confuse how to describe it but sure in my opinion, it's not the nice one. The fragrance is bit strong and not the kind I like. I prefer non scented if possible.
In my case, this dual cake could stay nice until 5 hours in my oily combination skin, when I spent time mostly indoor. When it started to fade away, I just have to blot my face and do some touch up.
I usually use dry sponge to apply it. This product is very helpful when I'm in hurry. It is easy to be applied evenly on my face. The included sponge is in good quality, guess I have to buy more for back up. I gotta check if they sell the sponge separately.
I haven't tried to use it with wet sponge. So I don't know how it would like.

About the oil control, I could say that it is average. I have oily combination skin and my T-Zone and area sorround it is very oily.
There is sunscreen ingredient in it (titanium dioxide micronized) but the package does not provide any info how much SPF in it. So. I suggest to use product with sunscreen before it. However I my self almost never count on SPF that included in powder.

What I like :
- easy to spread evenly
- Good coverage
- Good staying power
- Nice finish
- did not cakey or oxidize
- affordable price for 14 gr

What I don't like :
- boring case (not important thing)
- the smell is bit unpleasant

Repurchase ? Yes, sure, for one shade above this one. This product is really worth the price. It's still affordable for me and I'm quite satisfied with this product. Even I have to hold my nose alittle when applying it, ugh wish they improve the scent.

So what do u think, gals? Are u using La Tulipe or LT Pro too?


Lolli K said...

These look really nice, think the smell would probably put me off though! Nice post!

Lorraine xx

Queen D said...

yes, its a decent product, too bad the smell is the downside
thank u for visiting here :)

Dine Aisah said...

Tooos dulu kita.. Bedak padat nya sama.. Horeee..

Queen D said...

Halo Dine Aisah
iya suka coz coveragenya mantep abis, he he

virgisha said...

Ini sama twc makeover bagus mana kak?