Friday, 12 July 2013

Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam (First Impression)

Hi, Everyone

U who follow my blog from the beginning must know that I’m sort a huge fan of Korean brand. I like to browse over them. Now I have a chance to write first impression about facial wash from Missha. This brand is quite famous as Korean high street brand but I haven’t test any of the product and this is maybe the first time I get to know it.

I got this product as freebie for purchasing some samples from one of online shop in Indonesia. And it is a pleasure for me to use it. Wanna know why? Keep reading : )

Product Description from website:

Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
Super Aqua gives your skin radiance with a help from three revitalized water from nature.

Containing Sweet Flag Extract and Willow Bark Extract which gives a massage effect with its minute and rich bubbles, Super Aqua cleansing foam gently and completely removes makeup and impurities.

Another site that contains info for this product is :
U can read additional info about this product there.

Back of the sachet written in Korean I don't understand >.<

front of sachet

This is how the product looks like

Picture contains instruction how to use it

See Korean Brand always put effort in pretty detail into their packaging, even into the level of sample sachet.
One sachet is enough for about 2-3 usages.

Scent : it has refreshing scent, somewhat mix of woody and/ or musk and sea (marine) smell, I’m bad at describing aroma.

Texture :
It’s a creamy form of facial wash. It lathers well and produces medium amount of bubbles.

I like the feeling of using it, it gives my skin cool and fresh feeling. Guess it lives up to its name as “Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam”. U can create more bubbles by using facial cloth or sponge or facial brush.

How do I use it? Dispense about one pea size into my palm and then rub it with water to create bubbles then massage it to my face in circular motions from center of my face to outward part. And then rinse well with room temperature water. I don’t use ice (cold) or warm water.
But if u want to follow the instruction and use lukewarm water, please do so : )
I myself do not like to use lukewarm water to wash my face, I prefer just my bathroom water : )

It has cooling sensation, that came from the formula in it. It cleanses my face well. I think it does cleanse deep into my pores. After using this facial wash in the morning, when I wiped my face with toner with cotton, I saw no residue left. Another good thing is it did not dry my skin. It did not give any tight squeaky feeling. It manages to deliver ‘clean’ and refreshing feeling on my skin.

I never tried using it to remove make up because I always use cleansing water or cleansing lotion for it. But this facial foam did remove dirt and oil pretty well.

What I like :
- It does lather well
- Deep cleansing
- Did not dry my skin, or give any tight squeaky feeling
- refreshing scent
- gives me clean feeling after usage
- delivers  cooling and refreshing sensation

What I don’t like :
- The sample sachet did not mention ingredients list, unlike The Face Shop that usually adds ingredients list on the back of the products sample sachet
- Must buy online if I want to get normal price because Missha products in the official counter in Indonesia are overpriced.

Who may like it (imo) :
- normal to oily skin
- want facial wash with cooling refreshing sensation
- looking for deep cleansing facial wash

Who may not like it (imo):
- who don’t like facial foam that produces much bubbles
- dry skin who looks for creamy rich moist facial wash

Repurchase the full version? Yes, when I found Indonesian online shop that sells ready stock of it. The price of Missha products in the official counter in here is more expensive than what we can get via online shop. Plus, many olshop usually gives samples, he he : )

Overall impression, I like this product. It’s really nice to use it. I think this is perfect for my oily- combination skin.

So, what do u think, Gals? Do u use Missha product too?


Ivana Septiani said...

have you found any Indonesian online shop that sells ready stock of it?^^

Unknown said...

You're right missha products are expensive.. Even in Korea .. I'm using their bb cream product and it works wonder.. I love it and will purchase it again..