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Lioele Fresh Sun Screen Cream SPF 45 / PA++ Review

Hi, everyone^^

Now I'm gonna talk about sun screen. Well, as u know, sun protection product is a must have item for almost every people I guess. Especially u who live in tropical geographic with plenty sunlight.

I'm telling u, I my self rarely use separated sun screen, except when I go swimming. I prefer multifunction product most of the time. Example : Foundie, BB Cream, lotion or moisturizer with SPF & PA, or powder which has sun protection.

I found that most sun screen tend to be greasy, so whitish and oily, with the chance of pores clogged after using it. But I can say that Lioele Fresh Sun Screen Cream is different.

the tube

The texture is like a white lotion, it has light consistency compared to most sun screen lotion out there. It has nice scent, but not overpowering. It absorbs on skin in an average speed and it does not leave greasy feeling on my skin as long as I don't put it too much. Good job, Lioele :)
But it still has white cast that will appear when u take some photo shot.

This Lioele Sun Screen is part of miniature I mentioned in my previous post HERE.
I found this pic randomly from Google

Here is the back of the miniature set carton box, u can see the ingredients list.
It uses botanical extracts for soothing function. It's good thing.

Each brand new tube in the miniature set was sealed with plastic like picture above.
I found this picture via random search on Google so credit goes to the party who owns it

Does it live up to its claims?
- Formula
It's lightweight and comfortable as sun cream. It does not trigger acne or make me breakout. I think it also safe for sensitive skin. Mine is considered sensitive and I don't have problem using it except for the white cast. In term of formula it lives up to its claim.

The formula is pretty moisturizing, for u who have oily skin can skip moisturizer if u want. I love the fact that it has skincare properties in it.

- Lasting Power
This is said to be waterproof, right? So I took it to go for swimming. I put it on face, neck and my hands. Not until half an hour I saw white color ran down washed away by the water on my hands. So I assume water had rinsed the sun screen from my hands and my face too. I had to reapply too soon.
It's not strong enough to waterproof claim I guess. I would like to call it as semi waterproof.

This is the full size tube of this product
The sun cream color is white, as seen in the picture

About the oil control ability, for my oily combination, this sun screen cream does not help to hold the oil production on my face. Since it is moisturizing, I can't hope for any shine blocker from it.
I think it is a nice product for everyday use. Light daily sun screen which can be applied under make up. It is good to be paired with Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream.

Repurchase? Maybe, if I don't find better sun screen with better oil control :)

So, what do u think, guys?

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