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Etude House I’m Blooming Special Care Kit and Review for Clear Cleansing Water

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Etude produces several lines in some 'too soon' period one after another in my opinion. This I'm Blooming line is among the latest ones that newly out in the market. But not the newest one because I know they just announce line titled 'Bling in The Sea' not long after this line came out and another ice cooling skincare products if I'm not wrong.

Well, let's back to the point. I bought this miniature kit for IDR 35k from online shop.

The front box

Claim on the Front Box :
100% Tested Organic and Natural
‘Safe with me’, ‘Trust me 7 free, I’m pure’

Description from web :
: Contains 89.56%of nature originated ingredients that are mild for skin.
: Water-soluble surfactant prevents stimulation.
: Cleanses point makeup clearly.
: No wash type that leaves refreshing and clear finish without washing your face.
: 7 Free (Paraben, artificial color, mineral oil, talc, sulphate surfactant, benzophenone, formaldehyde)

This kit contains 3 items : Cleansing Water, 5 Layers Cotton Pads, and Dear Girls BB Cream. Now I’ll be writing about The Cotton Pad and I’m Blooming Clear Cleansing Water.

These are the contents.There is carton bending that has function as separator. How thoughtful.

Here are the products appearance after unboxing it.

The back side of the carton box contains information and ingredients list.
Click to enlarge.

1. I'm Blooming 5 Layer Multi Cotton Pad
This cotton pad is unique. It consists of 5 sheets that are bound into one by the pressed area on both sides of cotton pad. U can easily separate each layer by detaching them from the side.
I must say that this cotton pad is quite soft material. It goes easy on my skin. It also absorbs toner and cleansing water pretty well.
The size is 5 x 7 cm.

the 5 layers cotton pad, bound to one by the 'line' on long sides

The Cotton Pad
I usually use facial cotton from Sariayu and Selection brand. But cotton pad in this kit is above them in term of quality, it’s softer. Sadly, this kit only provides 5 cotton pads in the package. I wish I can have more, he he…
I wonder why they made it in the form of 5 layers cotton. Then I thought maybe so we could use it for chizu saeki method, the size is just perfect. Except for cleansing purpose, I only could think of that way to use it.

Consists of 5 layers cotton sheets

2. I’m Blooming Clear Cleansing Water
This is a kind of product u would go for if u look for instant make up remover. U who have been following my blog regularly must know that I’m a fan of 2 in 1 cleanser or one step cleansing product. A cleansing product that I can use without having to go to bathroom, which only requires single and simple effort to use always attracts me so much.

Second thing that made me wanna try I’m Blooming Clear Cleansing Water is its claim in using natural organic ingredients. As u can see on the ingredients list, yes it uses many kinds of botanical substances. I gotta say that I’m pretty impressed.  We can get organic and natural skincare with reasonable price.
Texture of this product is watery, yes, just like water, which will perfom bubbles when u shake the bottle.  The color is clear transparent. It feels very light on my skin.

The cleansing water, will creates bubbles after u shake the bottle
Cleansing power :
I usually use it to remove my daily make up which is bb cream + loose powder and sometimes blush on. It wipes my regular make up pretty well, I don’t have to maintain double cleansing. But take this note, if u use thicker foundation/ waterproof coverage, u should use more amount of this product to cleanse it compared to if u only wear light make up.
For real heavy waterproof make up, I don’t suggest u to use it alone. U may want to still do double cleansing to make sure there’s no residue left on ur skin.

In my opinion, this cleansing water (if used alone) is just for light to regular/ medium make up removal.

What about eye make up? Well, I won’t suggest u to use this on eyes area. I’ve tried it and it’s not gentle on my eyes. It’s stinging and hurting my eyes when I tried to sweep away eye shadows and bb cream.

But another good thing is that it does not dry my skin. It leave my skin moisturized and non greasy without any tight feeling or drying effect. Let me refresh ur mind, I have oily combination skin that sometimes can get dehydrated. And I avoid any product that may dry my skin.

About the scent :
I’m not good in describing scent. The scent is mix between chemical smell and plant substances. I’m not a fan of the smell but I guess it’s not too overpowering so I can say I’ fine with it. I really admire Etude House for not adding perfume and alcohol in the ingredients list.  So it’s safe for sensitive skin.

I think this Cleansing Water will fit all skin type. It’s not drying and not too rich or moist either, just the right amount of moisture imo.

Repurchase ? Maybe Yes, if I’m not busy trying other cleansers, I’ll stick to it, he he…  Considering it’s non alcohol, non perfume, so it’s pretty safe for my skin to be used in long time.
The only matter is that it can only available online if we want to have it with to get reasonable price. Etude House products in official counter in Indonesia have double even triple the price we can get via olshops >.<

What do u think, gals? Have u tried it too? What’s ur fave cleanser?

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