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SKINFOOD Lettuce Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet (First Impression)

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After missing from blogging few days, now I'm back ^^
This time I would like to tell u my experience with one of Korean mask, Lettuce Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet from SKINFOOD.

Product Description from SKINFOOD website :

Lettuce Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet
capacity : 23g

This refreshing essence mask sheet contains lettuce and cucumber extracts rich in minerals, vitamins and moisture, to make skin feel hydrated and fresh.
Hyaluronic acids provide prolonged moisturization, and beta-glucans make skin resilient.

* To Use
After washing, apply mask gently onto face, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then peel off.
Massage remaining residue into face to absorb.

Here is my used sachet
I found the design is somehow vintage n cute :)
Korean almost always put their effort on packaging

I have mentioned this product on my haul post in HERE.

This is the mask sheet inside

I pulled out the folded mask sheet

Here is the mask tissue after unfolded

The info on the back of the sachet
Geez... why they did not write the ingredients list in english >.<

How I used it? I put the mask on my face and instead of just leaving it there for 15 minutes, I waited until the sheet almost completely dried :)

The essence is more than the amount that could be absorbed by the mask sheet. I used the remained essence to massage my neck.
I felt immediate cooling refreshing sensation after I adhered the mask into my face.
The size of the mask sheet fit into my face. Not like Snow Tea mask sheet which is way too big. But I have to expand the holes for eyes and mouth for this one.
Careful, don’t let the essence reach too close to ur eyes because ur eyes can get reddened.

Scent : Refreshing- cooling type, hint of cucumber smell

I'll tell u my skin condition before using this mask. I have oily- combination skin that recently tends to be dehydrated, dull, and often looks tired. Maybe because I sometimes stay late at night.

So I will list the benefits I got from using this mask.

- Soften and relieve my thirsty dehydrated skin
- Relieve my stressed, tired/ fatigued skin
- Gives water supply into my skin
- Cure the dry flaky parts of my skin
- Calm down my skin after being out in the sun
- Cool down the heat on my skin (after came back from outdoor)
- Calm down redness
- When I used it in the night and wake up in the morning, I noticed my skin looks more awake.

I guess this mask is perfect for after sun treatment.

What I dislike :
- expensive if u buy it in SKINFOOD official counter in Indonesia.
- Even I don't know the complete ingredients list, I'm sure this one contains alcohol.
- Make my eyes reddened if u put the mask too near to it, maybe because the fluid evaporated

Repurchase? Yes, I luv this mask. But maybe I'll buy it online.

What do u think? Are u using SKINFOOD mask too? let me know if u read my post by leaving comment^^

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