Tuesday, 9 July 2013

SKINFOOD Snow Tea Mask Sheet (First Impression)

Hi, everyone

Now I'm gonna tell u my first impression about SKINFOOD mask sheet from my haul in this POST.
This is gonna be a short post from me.
I already mentioned its price on that post. Actually it's my first time to try SKINFOOD mask sheet.
I used it around a month ago.

U see I already used this sachet (I tear it)
and I scanned the cover so u can read the info on it.
I can't translate the Korean, why they did not provide ingredients list in english version >.<

How I use this mask? Like other mask sheet, I put it on my face until the tissue dried, instead of just leaving it for 15 minutes. It's best to use it at night.
I sorry I can't add the pic of the white tissue mask because I forgot to take picture before throwing it out >.<

This mask has medium smell. Although I'm not quit a fan of it, but it's still ok for me. The smell is mix between tea scent, herbal and chemical, I'm not sure I'm bad at describing scent.

The amount of essence inside sachet is enough to be absorbed by the sheet, so the water was not dripping from when I took out the tissue mask.

I was quite surprised while fitting the mask sheet on my face. It's really huge (wide). The size of the sheet was too big for my face.

These are the benefits I experienced after using this mask :
- moisturizing/ hydrating my rough dehydrated skin
- relieving my tired/ fatigued skin
- soften my skin

Overall I'm quit satisfied with this product. Too bad that the price is quite expensive in Indonesian counter.

Repurchase? Maybe, but via online so I can get cheaper price, he he : )

So, tell me ur thoughts, lovelies : ) Do u use Skinfood mask too?

Personal diary : (U can skip it)
Btw I'm currently reading Raditya Dika 'Manusia Setengah Salmon'. It's quite interesting, some of the parts remind me of my self. Especially, the topic about moving on. Yes, life is full of changing, things, people, environment, even best friend. People can change, so can we...
When something is not fit anymore, or something changes into bad, maybe it's time for us to move to find another better one. 

Recently someone I used to know, my best friend, changed into person I could not recognize. I knew her life is hard, she confronted many problems. And she got high position in her job which is part of her luck. And her soul got damaged somehow... She becomes mysterious, so arrogant and rude, like she could treat anyone in anyway she likes and make mess... 
She closes her self from those used to be her friends.
She and I were bestfriend for years, almost like sisters. We shared many things, laugh and tears. She did many good things for me back then. And I was grateful to be her bestfriend. But now is really different.
She often be rude to me. Everytime I remind her seems like nothing works.
Even some of friends ever asked me, how possible I can be close friend with somebody as cruel like her...

I don't know... last time she treated me rudely without any explanation, I just think that I should make some distance to her. Guess everything is not the same again. Maybe I should move on.. maybe I just not fit in her life anymore. But I do hope the best for her...


turiscantik.com said...

buy it online then u will get better price ;)

Queen D said...

yes, u're right :)