Thursday, 6 December 2012

Random Little Shopping Story : Lioele Grand City

My Little Shopping : (including) Liole Miniature Special Set

Last Saturday (1 December 2012), I took a walk to Grand City Surabaya to see SCOMDEX event. I accidentally bumped into Lioele Counter. They had discount promo, sounds tempting eh...

Lioele Counter 

Lioele event area

They held some contest event there. I did not register to Lioele event, I just played at the counter. The SA was very kind to me. She explained every product in detail. She also helped me to try several display sample. She kindly allowed me to play in there until I satisfied trying all those products in the display. I ended up buying a miniature kit. I told the SA that I never tried any of Lioele product before so I wanted to buy the mini size version first, he he…
She gave me 3 sample of Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm and Triple Solution BB Cream. How nice^^

Here are the items I got during my little shopping theraphy.

 Items I got on my little shopping theraphy:
- Lioele Miniature Special Set (Rp. 115.000 (I got discount))
- 3 sample sachet of Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm
-  3 sample sachet of Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream
- Powder Puff (Bought at Strawberry)
- The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash (Rp. 89.000)

I also played at The Body Shop counter and bought their Tea Tree Body Wash. The SA there was also nice and let me play a bit long in there, he he…
I bought something at the SCOMDEX event too. Yes, I got cute flashdisk in a bargain price.
Let’s call what I did as my little shopping therapy : )
You know, girls, some little shopping could be so much refreshing to me, maybe U have the same idea too^^

I’ll continue Liole review after I try the products. It takes time to test it on my skin. I’ll write when I’m ready. So there will be another different product review after this post.

Thank U for reading my blog


dini setiyorini said...

humm pengen coba triple solution bb cream lioele yg famous itu dr dulu. ayoo ditunggu reviewnyaa^^

caroline ♥ said...

di foto pertama kamu, yang pakai pita segede gaban..OMG pitaku eksis sekali :o

i was attending the launching party with tasya, weren't you?

Penulis Amatir said...

@Dini: Aq uda coba bb triple solution-nya si ok, jeng, tapi aq mau test lebih lama lagi biar bisa bikin review yang bener2 valid he he...
harap sabar menunggu ya Jeng^^
makasih sudah mengunjungiku di sini :)

@caroline: wah iya to? Aq asal ambil pic aja waktu itu :) he he... ngambilnya dari selasar naik satu lantai.
Aq ndak daftar ke event-nya. cuman sekedar main2 ke konternya aja :)