Sunday, 30 December 2012

Make Over Silky Smooth Translucent Powder 03 Champagne Review

Make Over Silky Smooth Translucent Powder 03 Champagne
(Produced By : PT. Pusaka Tradisi Ibu)
Netto 35 g

                                                             The logo MAKE OVER on top of the case

The plastic case is sturdy enough I guess, won't easily break if u drop it.

The shade I chose

 The box with MAKE OVER letters

Ingredients :
Talc, Mica, Methicore, Kaolin, Corn (Zea Mays) Starch, Zinc Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Silicic Anhydride, Isopropyl Myristate, Quaternium -15, Fragrance.
May contains : Cl 77891, Cl 77492, Cl 77491, Cl 77499.

Price : 105.000
Texture : Soft particles, fine powder.
Color : Has smimmers, but not too noticable. Shade O3 looks like dark golden yellow. Has yellowish finish. Maybe suits people with NC 30 or darker skintone. Definitely won't suit any kind of fair skin. It's just my opinion.

 The Case, quite bulky imo

I must say that the packaging is quite fine, sturdy and the cap is easily tightened. The puff included is soft and easy to use. But this is not travel friendly coz way too big and bulky.

This is the puff and how the package looks when opened

 The inner separator

I don't know, it's just my poor camera or what, but this powder seemed to reflect the light. On the pic above it appears in brighter color than the real.

The price is little expensive for me, but it contains 35 g in a huge rounded case.
I read many reviews and articles before deciding to buy it. I was expecting much.
I have been using this powder for 4 days before I decided to write about this review. Maybe u ask, why so short? I’ll give u my answer in the following explanation.
I must say that this powder one of the best powder I ever used in term of texture and oil control. It does it’s job as a finishing powder. It keeps ur make up settled well and long lasting.
But too bad it seemed that I chose wrong shade. Ok, it may have the title as ‘translucent’ but it has coverage too. And the shade I chose is darker than my skin tone. That’s one problem. I have tried to compare it by using this powder on half of my face, and looked at the mirror. Yes, my half face which was touched by the powder looked little darker than the other side which was bare.
It’s a turndown for me. Ok, I have tried to combine this powder with bb cream which has lighter shade than my skin tone, but still I was not feeling alright with the shade.

Sorry for the lowres pics.

The hole is enough to make us easy to get the product out without too much spilled.

This is how it looks on my hand. Sorry, the pic is darker than the actual, poor camera.

Problem number 2 is this powder is a sensitizer for me. It triggered my sensitive skin. I felt some uncomfortable feeling like a bit stinging on my skin and then some little redness started to appear. I guess I can’t use it anymore.
I have tried this powder at the Make Over Counter before buying it. But I only tried it on my hand, not on my face. So I did not know that the formula is not gentle to my face skin.

Number 3, It oxidized on me. I have tried several ways. Using it alone, on top of moisturizer, on top of foundation, on top of my Etude Bright Fit BB Cream, Lioele BB Cream, using base and not using base. All showed me the same result, it oxidized.
I guess those three reasons are enough to make me stopped using this powder. That’s why I only used it 4 days before giving up, my skin could not tolerate.
I must admit that I’m feeling sorry to buy it. It’s a waste of money, hikz…
Because of my condition and my sensitive skin, so this product is not for me. But it may be different  for someone else.

Have u ever tried it too? Tell me ur opinion^^ Remember that I always love comments…


Buying new product while u still having stocks at home is a guilty pleasure for me ^^


Janet said...

Aww, too bad the powder oxidizes on you. I do love the way the print the logo on the cap :)

Penulis Amatir said...

Yes, too bad I can't use it. Having sensitive skin, I should be more careful in picking up products.
thank u for coming by^^

dini setiyorini said...

Sedih banget deh gak cocok di kulitmu, madahal harganya lumayan yaa T_T
btw oxidize tu apaan ya?? ^^

Penulis Amatir said...

Hai, Jeng Dini, iya ni padahal harganya mahal, aq bener2 nangis bombayy... :,(
oxidize itu, Jeng, kalau kita pakai produk yang ada coveragenya misalnya bedak, bb cream atau foundie trus itu produk malah lama kelamaan coverage-nya jadi menggelap di muka kita. Lebih gelap dari tampilan awalnya pas baru selesai diblend ke muka kita. Nah itu...
oxidize = oksidasi, menggelap

maap ngejelasinnya belepotan :)
nah, ini bedak gitu juga, lama kelamaan tampilannya koq bikin mukaku jadi terlihat gelap gitu dari pertama diaplikasikan.