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Sunkissed Mini Holiday Collection (From Active Cosmetic) and Hema Lipstick Review

Dear readers,
I do hope u all have beautiful day! :)
Now, I'd like to tell u my story about my gift package.

Sunkissed Mini Holiday Collection


Hema High Shine Lipstick no.03

U're gonna see a lot of pictures here^^
Several weeks ago my aunty from Leiden (Holland) came to Jakarta. She bought me this collection and Hema lipstick. I was so happy to receive it.
What I know is that this collection box and Hema lipstick are not sold in Indonesia, my aunty bought it in Holland, where she lives, and I don't know the exact price. But I heard that sunkissed collection is not on an expensive tag.

I googled a bit and found out that Hema is Dutch drugstore cosmetic brand.

U can see the brand letters 'ACTIVE COSMETICS' on the top left of the box. And also list of products inside.
U can click and zoom the image to see more visible detail.

I wonder who is this pretty model ^^
And there is written 'For Sensational Looking Skin'. Oh yes, I was thrilled^^
Looking at the model's make up, pretty but looks natural and not too heavy, then I assume that this collection has natural finish. The tittle 'Sunkissed' is matched with the color range of the products inside, which is I considers as earth and sun tone.

Another side of the box


Here are the lipsticks I got. The black one is Hema High Shine lipstick no. 03.

- - - > Now, I'm gonna explain about Hema lipstick first. Actually the color of Hema High Shine lipstick no. 03 is more like burgundy red with many glitters on it. I'm sorry my camera could not catch the actual glittery color image of this lipstick. I can say that this Hema lipstick is medium pigmented. For those with pigmented lips, this one is enough to cover u. Don't worry the glitters won't look too dazzling as long as u don't apply it boldly. I my self just apply one light swipe on my lips for everyday look. 

- - - > But if u're gonna wear it to night party, u may want to swipe it more than once.

- - - > Because this lipstick contains a lot of glitters, u need to put lip balm first because I think this product does not provide sufficient moisture for those whose lips easily get dry. 

- - - > This lipstick smells like a real fresh rose. It's a pleasant scent in my opinion. I adore the scent so much. This is my first lipstick which scented like a fresh rose. The smell would stay for a few minutes after application before evaporated.

- - - > About the staying power, I would say that it's average. The appearance of this product on my lips is easily reduced every time I eat or drink. To maintain the coverage I have to touch up after 3,5 hours (for light application with little activity of eat/drink).

 - - - > I could not find Hema ingredients list on the package or on the plastic seal. I really wonder, drugstore cosmetics usually provide info of their product with at least ingredients list attached on their packaging/plastic wrap.

I gave the lip liner, one of the lipstick, lip gloss, and pencil eye liner to the girls at work. I gave the mascara for my mom coz she like it and I keep the rest for my self.

- - - > Actually there're two lipsticks in the Sunkissed collection box, The one with soft medium rose pink color and this one with coral-red orangey shade. But I already gave the pink one to my friend before having chance to take a picture of it, sorry.  

- - - > This lipstick offered me coral-red orangey shade which I like because the finish is natural on my lips. It's not quite pigmented. It offers sheer to medium coverage (I have to swipe it min 3 times to get medium coverage). It's best to apply the lipstick followed by lip gloss on top of it. The finish is quite natural and fresh. It's suitable for daily use. I personally like the finish :)

- - - > Sunkissed lipstick has shimmer on it too. I'm sorry I can't catch the detail of the lipstick glitter. The glitter is softer and more subtle compared to Hema High Shine Lipstick.

- - - > Both the lipstick and the gloss are almost unscented. If I'm not mistaken, there is no perfume written on the ingredients list. So it's good thing that these products are non perfumed.


This is the lip gloss.
The brush applicator is smaller than my Etude lip tint brush but it's good enough and easy to use.

- - - > It may not as soft as Etude Dear Darling Lip Tint brush but it's soft enough to apply the product evenly on lips.

- - - > I can say that both the lipstick and gloss are moisturizing enough and they did not make my lips dry. I don't refer the moisture level as creamy or rich but it manages to keep my lips not to loose it's hydration, that's all. I don't have to put my lip balm first before using them.

It has Glossy Gold colored letters 'SUNKISSED LIP GLOSS'.
The letters has their own texture, they appear from the bottle.

Like u can see, it has glitter on it. The sparkle is considered soft and not overly dramatic.
It has nice sheer color.

This is the lip gloss. Actually there are 2 varians of gloss inside the package, the one with soft-medium sweet pink color and this one with coral-orangey color. I gave the pink one to my friend, sorry I had not been able to take a picture of it before it moved from my belonging.


- - - > Now I'm gonna tell u about 2 other products I'd given to my friend before I had chance to press a camera button on them. The Sunkissed Lip liner and Eye liner. Look at the following pic below.

I took the pic randomly from Google. I guess this image may be darker than the real items.

- - - > About the lip liner : The color is more like soft nude pink. It's not strongly pigmented in my opinion. The swatch is sheer. Those with dark lips like mine may not like the color because it is too light. But people with fair skin and bright lips may like it. The staying power of this lip liner is 'so so'. It is easily washed out by meal or if u rub it.

- - - > About the eye liner : The color is black and pigmented enough in my opinion. The texture of the pencil is soft enough on application. The downsides is it is not long lasting and not smudgeproof. It is also not sweat/waterproof.


This is the packaging of the blush and eye shadows. It contains only one blush (the one with 'rococo blush' written on it) and the others are eye shadows, but u know, u always can mix them to get desired look. The biggest square contains the most glittery eye shadows among them.

There is a plastic sheet between the cover and the product.  Quite hygienic I supposed.

This is the blush on and eye shadows.
The texture is quite powdery and pigmented. Easy to be applied and spreaded but not long lasting.
Those are in earth tone and orangey (sun) color.

- - - > The lipsticks, glosses, blush on and eye shadows palette contains glitters. I think it is based on the theme 'Sunkisssed'. Glitters will add light and light is something which is identic with sun. Be a sun that shine (just self interpretation).

The mascara packaging.

This is the mascara. U can see the black color, pretty intense. I can't say much. The brush is quite nice on application. The mascara offers black natural color but it's not long lasting. It's easy to smudge when u rub ur eyes. It's not waterproof either. This mascara won't add any length to ur eye lashes, it just enhance the natural look of ur lashes. And make ur lashes appear more defined.


This is the ingredients list. Pretty long to capture in one picture.
U can click and zoom to see it more clearly.

And this is the cosmetic purse. It's pretty nice purse. The pattern a bit reminds me to snake skin but this one is definitely synthetic. It's big enough to keep all the products of this collection inside.

- - - > I'm sorry my readers, I can't add the swatch pictures for these lipstick, gloss, shadows and others because I haven't got my self a chance to hold any decent camera. And I don't want to just release low res swatch pics again because it may get u to wrong info.

Repurchase? No. It's hard to get it here in Indonesia. And I did not buy it either, like I said it's a gift. But I won't refuse if I'd be given the same one again for free, ha ha...

Have u ever heard this brand before? Anything in ur mind u want to tell me? I'd like to know ur opinion^^

*End of review*

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Dita Indah Lestari said...

Aw itu sunkissednya bagus ya cocok buat hadiah, tapi sayang aku bukan penggemar lipstick sama lipgloss ><

Kalau mau foto swatch2 pake kamera apapun bisa kok say, asal terang aja, kayak ngambil fotonya di outdoor gitu, pasti kelihatan kok warnanya :)

Penulis Amatir said...

Mbak dita, makasih udah mampir kesini^^
iya, collection box kayak gini memang enaknya buat oleh2 ato kado he he...
soal foto, aha ha jadi malu saya, sebagian besar foto di atas itu masi pakai kamera pinjaman he he itupun saya kesulitan mengoperasikannya.
Haduh saya belum brani pasang foto swatch, sepertinya saya masi perlu banyak blajar moto :)

SEKAR O(≧∇≦)O said...

aku juga dpt sunkissed tapi belum sempat review gara2 isinya banyaakkk...

Penulis Amatir said...

Halo Sekar^^
Wah kamu juga pakai Sunkissed juga to, iya emang isinya lumayan banyak, apalagi es ama blush paletnya :)
satu box bisa buat persediaan satu tahun ha ha...

Janet said...

i'm, not that familiar with the brand but I, too wouldn't say no if someone has given it to me as gift..keke..Thanks for sharing ^_~

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello Janet^^
thanx for visiting my blog.
This brand is not well knowm in my country either.

caroline ♥ said...

aaa setnya lengkap banget! ada cosme pouch juga, mau banget *ngiler*
tau nggak OS yang buka PO sunkissed di indo sis? hehe :)
ditunggu swatchnya! XD

new follower here, salam kenal ya aku caroline :D
hope you will visit + follow be back!

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello caroline^^
saya ngga tahu kalo di indo PO dimana soalnya itu juga dibawain budhe saya yg tinggal di belanda pas dia main ke indo.
I've followed u back, dear, u may want to check ur gfc. U got nice blog there^^
thanks udah mampir ke sini