Friday, 19 October 2012

Skin Food Peach Sake Toner Review

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Now I'm gonna present u my experience with :
Skin Food Peach Sake Toner (For pore care)

Actually, it's been several months since I bought this product. Well. I went shopping at February to Skin Food Counter at Galaxy mall. I got it for Rp. 202.000 (around $21), so much overpriced isn't it?, it's double the price than if we buy at online shop. At that time I had not been familiar with online shopping.

Here is the bottle (still plastic wrapped)
The label is vintage, like other products from Skin Food. U can see Skin Food Angel on it.
I like it's packaging. Reminds me of sake bottle and the wooden cap too, kawaii ne :)

I keep it refrigerated, so it would be cool and refreshing when applied on my skin. The toner is quick absorbed in my skin and leaves my skin smooth and matte.
This is a refining toner and not a cleansing toner. So it should be use after facial wash and before u apply cream/ emulsion.
The peach sake line is targetting people with large pores and oily skin. But I should warn u, this is not for acne prone skin. If u are suffering from acne, u better not use this line because it may worsen ur acne. This is also not for those with sensitive skin since it contains alcohol (as top 2 on the list), propylene glycol and parfum. Dry skin should not use it because it would make ur skin drier.
It has peach fruit scent and also alcohol scent, maybe some people would like it but for me personally it reminds to car indoor perfumery *ehh...

This is the info on the back label.
It smells like fresh peach. I like the smell, eventhough actually I prefer non perfumed product.

My skin is oily-combination with super duper oily T-Zone. I can say that it does what it claims for. This toner helps to make my face less oily.  I use it only at morning before applying my moisturizer or bb cream. I almost never use it at night because I'm afraid my pores would get clogged.
I don't use it when my face is in the sensitive mode or when I'm having acne popped out.
As for the pore care, I don't think my pores became smaller because of it. It may help to tighten my pores a bit

I open the label to see the information behind it.

This is the ingredients list
Contains rice and licorice, it means it has brightening properties.

This is POM code. So the safety has been approved by Indonesian Safety Department.

Pros :
- Helps in mattifying the skin
- Reduces greasiness
- oil control advantage
- helps to provide a smooth silky finish
- contains brightening properties in the ingredients

Cons :
- Perfumed, alcohol as top 2 on the list, paraben and coloring
- Did not suite sensitive and acne prone skin
- the package is not travel friendly

Repurchase? Maybe.

Are u using Skin Food too? Tell me what's ur fave product, I'd like to know^^

* End of review *

Quote :
Sometimes we avoid something simply just because we don't want to get hurt...
And other people may not understand what we feel...


dini setiyorini said...

pake!! cukup banyak pernah coba, ada tomato line (toner,serum,emultion,cream,spot serum) yang gak bikin break out dan melembabkan. Trus rice mask, melembabkan n sedikit mencerahkan,tapi udahannya ada muncul 1 bentol di muka..hehe
ada cucumber mask, n cleansing yg pernah aku bahas di blog.

Shasha said...

Aku pakai yg tomato series :)
Pernah pakai juga peach sake sun lotion~ so far hasilnya bagus2 semua he5.. Temen aku ada yang pakai toner ini~

Penulis Amatir said...

@dini: wah banyak juga ya yg udah dirimu coba (habis ngubek2 lg blognya jeng Dini :))
aq juga pernah pakai yg rice mask n bagusnya diduetkan sama black sugar biar biar bener2 nampol khasiatnya. (pakai black sugar dulu trus diikuti rice mask)
menurut pengalamanku, kalau si rice mask atau black sugar dipakai terpisah, dia kurang ngefek. cmiiw, di aq si ngga sampai muncul bentol, hmm... mungkin pas kulitmu lagi sensi, jeng makanya ampe muncul bentol.
btw yg tomato series belum pernah kamu review ya dear^^ taktunggu reviewnya kalau begitu soal si tomato yg kamu pakai *penasaran mode on ha ha...
sebenernya ngiler juga ama cleanser plus cucumber mask yg udah kamu review, tapi stok maskerku masih banyak... ^^ (tukang nimbun skincare)

@shasha : wah dirimu juga pakai tomato ya kayak jeng dini, wah aq jadi makin penasaran aja :)
haduh kalian berdua ini kompak dech meracuni aq ha ha...
kalau peach sake sun lotion aq belum pernah coba.
thank u dear udah mengunjungiku di sini^^

Beatrix Oktaviani said...

aku pake grape cell white essence. so far enak dan bikin putih hihihi

Penulis Amatir said...

Halo Beatrix^^
wah aq belum pernah coba yg grape cell white, wah kayaknya kudu hunting sample nich *penasaran mode on
Thank u ya infonya^^

Austrina Kusumo said...

Abis search2 di google nemu ini hahahaha. Tipe mukaku sm kaya mbak berarti bagusan pake mandarin parsley ya? Sebernernya aku planning buat beli serumnya, bukan tonernya. Nyobain serumnya ngga mbak?

Queen D said...

iya, pernah nyoba juga serumnya, cocok kl buat kulit berminyak tp hati2 buat yg kulitnya sensitif acne prone mending ga usah. Soalnya peach sake serum bnyak kandungn silikonnya.

kl pakai peach sake serum, minyak di muka lumayan ketahan si, ngga seoily biasany, make up jg lebih tahan lama.
tp aq ngga repurchase soalny kl keseringan pakai malah jd agak dehydrated gitu kulitku.

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