Friday, 28 September 2012

Make Over Lip Liner Pencil in Lust Brown Review

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This time I'm gonna show you one of my lip product.
This time is about lip liner pencil.
"Make over Lip liner pencil in Lust Brown"

Here is the appearance and makeover logo

I was walking around Matahari Dept. Store to look for lip liner and then one of makeover SA lured me to their counter. They offered me their lip liner collection. I tried them all and finally pick Lust Brown which is the darkest shade among all in the makeover lip liner range. The SA also told me that this product could last for 12 hours. Oh, well, really?
The SA suggested me to try it on my hand and then rub it to see the staying power. And then, oh yes, I tried on my hand and rubbed it and then I used cotton. The color was still on there. Well, quite impressive, I considered it as 'rub-proof' one.
They also have lipliner with pink shade, actually the color is quite pretty but not for me coz it's way too light to match with my lip color.

Price : around Rp. 75.000 /$ 8 (pardon me, I forgot the exact price)
It's pricey compared to Silky Girl Lip liner. The silky girl price is half of it's.

It comes with a plastic cap. Sorry for my dirty cap, the lip liner color stained it.

This is the sharp end of the pencil, Guess I forgot to sharpen it before taking pic. 
(photo with flash)

When I arrived at home, I tried to draw my lips using it. Pretty nice, then I removed it with make up remover.
On the next day, I used it in the morning as lip liner and also to cover the pigmentation on my lips. Oh yes, the coverage is pretty good if u have pigmented lips like mine.
After I applied this lip liner, I top it with lipstick. I noticed that this product maybe rub-proof but It's not that good when dealing with food. Especially fried food. The coverage always reduced everytime I eat. in my experience, it can last about 4-4.5 hours with eating and drinking. It'll fade quicker if u consume fried or oily food alot.
I also felt that I have to use lipbalm first because this product is a bit drying on me.

Here is the swatch on my hand. The color is somehow reddish brown. 
I chose this shade because my lips color is dark. 
This shade suits me best among all shade in makeover lip liner collection.
This color matches my actual lip color, so the finish looks pretty natural on me.

Here is the swatch, I took with with my mobile phone camera. Picture taken with flash and the color may seem a little pale but dark (poor lighting). Sorry for the limited resolution and the appearence of my dry flaky lips. I drew the line around the edge of my lips and then I used my La Tulipe lipstick in a light coverage.

Like :
- good staying power (without eating)
- match the natural color of my lips
- good coverage
- quite pigmented
- easy to apply
- non smudge
- blend well in my lips
- can be used as lip concealer too
- a bit pricey

Dislike :
- Easy to fade whenever touching fried or oily food
- a bit drying

Repurchase? Maybe, if I don't find any better product or cheaper price.

What is ur favourite lip liner? Anything u want to suggest me?


Lady Klepon said...

swatch di bibir dong say ^^

Penulis Amatir said...

he he sebenernya saya ngga pede buat menampilkan foto bibir saya tapi permintaan mbak yosin akan diusahakan untuk saya penuhi :) nti setelah saya dapat pinjeman kamera yang bagus, review ini akan saya update dengan foto swatch bibir. makasih sudah mampir kemari :)

Janet said...

i'm not really into lip liner as I just swipe lipstick/gloss and off the go. I am just too lazy on applying lip liner..kekeke..=)

Penulis Amatir said...

@ Janet, I don't use it everyday either he he just for some occasions where I need a complete make up :)

Penulis Amatir said...

@ mbak Yosin: swatchnya udah qbuat, maap kameranya kurang mendukung

JenniferWillson said...

Ini kalau habis, diserut pake serutan pensil biasa? Atau ujungnya bs diputer kyk lipstick? Thanks :)