Sunday, 23 September 2012

Silky Girl Pure Fresh Oil Control Two Way Foundation SPF 20 (+ Spin Off Ted movie review)

Silky Girl Pure Fresh Oil Control Two Way Foundation SPF 20

This is the box

Recently, I went to Matahari Dept. Store to look for new pants. Accidentally I bumped into sale at Silky Girl counter, yes buy 1 get 1 free for certain items like two way cake and loose powder. Sounds tempting, eh… : )

Two way cake always useful for quick touch up and mine was run out so why don’t I buy some. Rp. 35.000 (about $4) for 2 products wouldn’t hurt my wallet I guessed. So I bought 2 Pure Fresh Oil Control Two Way Foundations in the different shade. I chose shade no. 2 and 3. Shade number 2 is more yellow and shade 3 is pinkish and the darkest among 3. I gave no.2 to my mother since her compact powder has already hit the pan. And I keep no.3 for my own. 

Instruction on packaging

Ingredient list

 I chose 03 Rose Beige

 Info on the back of the plastic case

Back view of the plastic case

Front view of the plastic case

This is how the powder  looks, I've been using it for quit a while

I press lightly with my finger to get some of it attached

 This is how the powder looks when I applied on my finger boldly

This product is fragrance free and mineral oil free, oh yes those are really plus points for me since I’m allergic to mineral oil and don’t like fragrance in face products.
The texture is soft and easy to spread all over my skin. I usually use dry sponge. It did not get cakey in the midday and did not look bad when I started to sweat. The coverage is natural enough I guess. It can cover my redness and little spots on my face but it won’t fully hide my large and dark acne blemishes. After my first application, it turned out that shade no.3 actually a bit darker than my skin tone. But I still can trick it by using finish powder which has lighter shade.  
The staying power is average on me. I applied it at 07.45 morning and it almost gone in the midday. The oil control is enough I guess, still have to blot after 2-2.5 hours, that’s pretty common for my super oily skin.

My order was :
Skin Food Peach sake/parsley toner - - > Skin Food Parsley Mandarin emulsion
 - - > Silky Girl Pure Fresh Oil Control Two Way Foundation - - > Wardah Loose

I noticed at my third usage that this product is a little bit oxidize on me, only little bit, not much. Maybe it’s because I chose the wrong shade ? I’m not sure.
This product did not clog my pores as long as I clean my face after I got home.

 Like common two way cake, this one has large mirror
Sorry for the dirty sponge
The sponge included is quite soft and good material in my opinion

What I like :
- fragrance free and mineral oil free
- has oil control
- has SPF
- affordable price
- did not dry my skin
- did not cakey
- contains squalane

What I don’t like :
- The shade did not really match with my skin tone
- Contains alcohol, and various preservatives

Repurchase? For me I guess not, but my mother maybe will since she has no complaint about it.

Who may like it :
- Looking for two way foundie with affordable price
- Looking for products which fragrance free and mineral oil free
- Has normal, combi-oily skin
- The shade is matched with skin tone

Who may not like it :
- Don’t like various preservatives in it
- Looking for product which alcohol free
- Look for full coverage and great long lasting power and oil control

Update 24/11/2012 :
I like it more if I use it with wet sponge. It does a better job by applying it with wet sponge.
Better coverage, better staying power and better finish in my opinion.
And about the oxidize problem, lately I found that it depends on the base composition.
If I just apply it without any base, it would become a bit oxidize on my face.
But if I apply it with the correct base (make up base, moisturizer, etc), it would not oxidize.

What’s ur fave two way cake? Tell me by ur comments please^^

Spin Off Review ‘bout me watching Ted movie
Some days ago I went to 21 cinema in Cito with my honey to watch Ted. My friend told me good review about the film so I guessed, I had to watch it. The main actor are Mark Wehlberg and Mila Kunis.

I have to admit that 21 cinema in Cito has bad acoustic system since I could still hear the sound of studio next door which played resident evil.
The story started by a scene of lonely little boy wanted a friend. When he received a teddy bear, he wished upon a falling star, he wanted his teddy bear to be alive. So here we go, the teddy bear woke up as living creature and befriended the boy until he grew up into 35 years adult and had a girlfriend.
The problem started to pop when Johny (Mark Wehlberg) spent too much times to get drunk with his friend (teddy bear), he ruined his career. And the girlfriend thought that the Teddy brought bad influences for Johny.
I gotta remind u parents, this movie is not for children. This is completely an adult film. Only 5 minutes beginning of the film belongs to children fairy tale. Don’t be mistaken by the commercial poster. The teddy bear picture in the poster may look cute but this film is not about cute fairy tale.It is about adult teddy bear who knew many inappropriate things.
There are adult scenes, adult jokes and hardcore actions when Johny and Teddy had a fight.
Even in it twisted schemes that placed a cute teddy bear to do ‘adult’ and ‘hardcore’ actions, it is undoubtly a real comedy film, real jokes and really funny. I laughed for many times while watching it.
Well, for u adults, don’t bring ur children when watching this.
Any comedy movie u can suggest me maybe? ^^


Janet said...

We don't have Silky girl here but I've read a lot of reviews from Indonesian bloggers. They do look pretty nice and affordable ^_~

Penulis Amatir said...

Silky Girl is from Malay. If u say that this brand is affordable, yes u're so right :) They have several make up products which are non perfumed and non-mineral oil, those are plus points for me :)