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Nivea Refreshing Toner Review

            I bought this toner for Rp. 11.000 (about $12) in Giant supermarket. This is pretty affordable for 125 ml. I was looking for a cleansing toner when I grabbed this. It’s said for normal and combination skin then I thought maybe It would work for me, FYI my skin is oily-combination and sensitive. I don’t buy the milk cleanser coz contains paraffinum liq. aka mineral oil which my skin is allergic to.
            This toner is packed in a blue transparent plastic bottle with dark blue plastic cap. The liquid itself is transparent like water.

Description on Packaging:

Melembutkan & menyegarkan
Kulit wajah tampak segar
Ekstrak Bunga Teratai & Vitamin – vitamin
Kulit Normal & Kombinasi

NIVEA VISAGE REFRESHING TONER melembutkan sekaligus menyegarkan kulit normal dan kombinasi. Agar kulit wajah terasa segar dan lembut, kelembaban alami kulit harus tetap dijaga saat wajah dibersihkan.
* Diperkaya dengan ekstrak Bunga Teratai dan Vitamin-vitamin , membantu menjaga kelembaban alami kulit wajah.
* Formulanya membuat kulit wajah terasa segar.
HASIL : Kulit wajah lembut dan terasa segar kembali.
Cara Pemakaian :
Gunakan secara rutin pada pagi dan malam hari. Setelah pemakaian NIVEA VISAGE Refreshing Cleansing Milk & NIVEA VISAGE Facial Foam. Tuangkan toner ke kapas lalu tepuk-tepuk dengan lembut pada wajah dan leher, hindari area sekitar mata.
Komposisi : Water, Alcohol, Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Panthenol, Methylparaben, Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Extract, Propylene Glycol, Polyquaternium-10, Tocopheryl Acetate, Parfum.
Netto 125 ml
Diproduksi Oleh : PT. Beiersdorf Indonesia
Atas lisensi Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, Germany

Description on website:
U can visit Nivea Indonesia official website here :

And this is info in the website in English Languange

Looks like product description on the packaging is different than what’s written on the website. Description on the bottle packaging says that it’s to be used after facial foam by pouring it on the cotton pad and gently tapping it on the face and neck. That’s mean this is supposed to be used as preparing toner to hydrate our skin and should be applied on perfectly cleansed skin. (Note : refer to my previous article about type of toner, search on the label ‘toner’ or ‘my cosmetic note’). But if we read the instruction on the wesite, it is used for a cleansing toner. Well, looking at the ingredients list guess it’s fine to be used as whether cleansing toner or preparing toner. I use it as cleansing toner and It’s fine for me.
It has bit strong fragrance and alcohol and this bothering me actually, but I think I have to forgive since it’s cheap. I use it after Citra Bengkoang 2 in 1 cleanser and this toner does what it says to hydrate my skin, give it fresh feeling while my skin is clarified and residues are removed. But I have to careful not to use it too much, however it has little bit strong alcohol inside.

The ingredients list is not long in my opinion, it only consists of 11 elements. It has Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Panthenol to moisturize and soften our skin. It has Vit E to give nutrition and Lotus Extract for keeping hydration in our skin. But alcohol in the second top ingredient and paraben on the sixth area surely not any of my fave.
                In my conclusion, this is just a regular toner for normal-combi skin, cleansing and hydrating, affordable and easy to find. The quality and packaging is equal with the price.

Here is the resume of my opinion :
Pros :
- Cheap and available locally here
- hydrating
- did not irritate my skin (no rash, no sting, no redness) as long as I use it in proper amount

Cons :
- little strong alcohol smell and fragrance
- alcohol on the top second ingredient and paraben on the sixth

Who may like it :
- Normal – combi skin
- Don’t mind with the alcohol and fragrance
- want an affordable hydrating toner

Who may not like it :
- Dry skin (it’ll drying for dry skin coz the alcohol)
- Highly Sensitive skin
- Super Oily skin and acne prone
- Can’t tolerate the fragrance and alcohol
- want a skin lightening toner (not the type of it)
- want toner to help regulating sebum and fight acne (not the type of this toner)
- want a pore minimizing toner (not the type)

Repurchase? Maybe, it’s an affordable alternative and easy to find if u just want a regular toner.

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