Monday, 4 June 2012

Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Body Wash Review

Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Body Wash in Sample Sachet

Hi, everyone!^^
This time I’m gonna do a short review about Etude product. I got this sample sachet for free, as a gift for my purchasing from Rie Butik Multiply. I bought Etude Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream and Tony Moly Pack and I got Skinfood Aloe bb cream sample sachet (which I already reviewed) and this Etude Body Wash sachet.
Etude sure to put efforts on the packaging design even it’s just the sample version, very girly. This Etude Dress Room Sweet Look Body Wash sample sachet has little amount inside it, in my case it’s even not enough for 1 time bath. It has sweet fruity smell, really cute adorable smell for girls. But honestly I’m not the kind of girl who likes fruity smell. For body wash, I usually prefer something flowery, mint/ cooling fresh, or something with herbal scent like green tea scent for example. This sweet fruity smell can be described as mix scent of cherry/berries, apple, and maybe some tropical fruits, I’m not sure. It’s pretty funny for me to have sweet fruit scent on my body, fruit scent eh… means food scent… ha ha…
The body wash is in the form of transparent gel with bit strong fruity fragrance and it’s moisturizing. This body wash did not lather much, so I guess I had to use it in more amount to clean my body than my usual body wash.

Pros :
- Moisturizing
- Sweet Fruity Fragrance (for those who like this kind of fragrance)
- Did not dry skin

Cons :
- Did not lather as much as my usual body wash
- Need more amount than my usual body wash

Who may like it :
- Those who like moisturizing body wash with fruity smell

Who may not like it :
- Those who don’t like sweet fruity smell
- Don’t like body wash which does not lather as much as common body wash

Repurchase ? No. The ‘Who may not like it ‘ reason above is enough for me. Too bad since the full version has cute packaging.

What do u think? Ever try Etude Body Wash before? Do u have experience with Etude Body care? I would like to know ur story : )


noniq said...

No , I've never tried it, but it looks interesting I want to try.

Penulis Amatir said...

Thanx for dropping by
If u're a fan of sweet fruity smell I would suggest this body wash :)
This body wash does not lather as much as common soap.

Via said...

hai, aku ada tag kamu ya di 11 Random Things About me ^^
oya nama kamu siapa ? aku lupa dari kemarin2 mau tanya >.<

Penulis Amatir said...

Namaku Deasy,
Makasih ya udah tag aq :) Aq otw ke blogmu skrg wuzzz... :)