Friday, 31 August 2012

Skin Food Shea Butter Lip Care Bar Apricot Review (+ Little spin off story about me watching ‘Bourne Legacy’)

Hello, Sunshine
Now I want to review one of my favourite lip care product. This maybe just a short review and I also slip in some little spin off about my opinion after watching ‘Bourne Legacy’ he he…
I bought this lip product on last February on the Skin Food official counter in Galaxy Mall Surabaya. At that time I was looking for lipbalm to cure my cracked lips. It’s been several months since I first used it.
This is the pic from Skin Food Website

Price : Rp. 92.000 (about $10), It would be cheaper if I bought it via online.

Information from the Skin Food Website:
This lip care bar contains shea butter to provide moisture to dry, chapped lips, making them smooth and healthy.
* To Use 
- Apply whenever lips feel dry.
- External use only. If ingested or swallowed, induce vomiting and contact your local poison center immediately.
(You read the instruction, so don’t swallow it ok : ))

This is how it looks

The product has red colour. U can twist the plastic body to get the bar out and twist it backwards.

The packaging is made of plastic and the label is from paper. I could smell apricot scent at first I opened the cap. The smell is sweet and nice. I usually apply it before I use my lip colour. Sometimes I use it at night too.
The texture is light but quite moisturizing in my opinion. I don’t have ‘thick or oily feel’ on my lips after swatching this product on my lips. This product has a subtle hint of reddish colour when applied.
This apricot lip care bar provide me long lasting moisture. I applied it 08.30 in the morning and my lips was hydrated for whole day until about 14.00 except when I was in extra dry climate.

Pros :
- Hydrating and soften the surface of my rough lips
- Long lasting moisture

Cons :
- I can’t read info on the label, it’s in Korean. I don’t know if the ingredient list is also listed there. (Wish I could understand Korean)
- quite scented

Repurchase? Maybe. I find it quite useful for me.
--End of my short review—

My spin off story about watching ‘Bourne Legacy’

Picture from IMDB

Last night, I went to cinema 21 to watch Bourne Legacy. Yeah, you must know the famous Bourne trilogy and this movie is still connected to the previous trilogy. But you’re not gonna see Matt Damon here. One of the main character is the one who played in Hurt Locker (Jeremy Renner), in this movie he plays as Aaron Cross. (It’s been quite long time since I watched the last Bourne movie, I kinda forget many parts of the story). This time the main story is not about Jason Bourne. It was revealed in this story that there are many other people under the same program. Because of some reasons, the ‘Outcome’ program was about to be shutdown and the subjects are hunted down by the organization.
At first few minutes, I felt confuse about the plot of this movie. First scene showing men with superior physical abilities swallowing blue and green pills like they’re in some kind of medication. And then certain people were being targeted, murdered journalist and conflicts involving CIA, scientist and people who in charges in the ‘program’. (Aw aw did I just spill out too much spoilers ha ha..)
Picture from IMDB

The story was getting clear for me after 15 minutes, and then the actions started to be brute and full of adrenaline. My favourite part is when Aaron and Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) is trying to survive by escaping with motorcycle and then they defeat the LARX3 agent who’s sent to after them. There are adrenaline scene showing motorcycles and cars hit, run and race. I admire the cinematography on this part.
I notice that this movie is lack of few things, some part of the idea seems not ‘mature enough’. Few parts of the story are lack of (smart) explanation. But however this film is entertaining in the action part. Plus Jeremy Renner looks so damn hot and sexy on the scene ho... ho.. (Hope God spare my dirty mind) Jeremy Renner is already reaching 40, but I still think that he's somehow cute.
Well, I’m a bad reviewer and I never wrote movie review before but I still want to tell you my opinion.
For you who’s a fan of action genre, you have to watch this. I recommend this movie : )

Btw, I like Rachel Weisz lipstick in the following pics. The lipstick colours looks so natural and pretty^^ Hei, Ms. Weisz, wish u could tell me what products u wear.

What’s your favourite lip care product? Have something in mind you wanna tell?
Have you seen Bourne Legacy too? What’s your opinion?
Hope u all have a great day. See you next time^^


Shasha said...

aku sekarang lagi suka pakai maybelline baby lips :)

Penulis Amatir said...

Aq sebenernya juga pengen coba si maybelline baby itu,kebanyakan reviewnya bagus, tapi stock lip care ku masi ada 2 he he mungkin nti bakal beli kalo yg ini uda habis (curious mode on) :)

noniq said...

Lip care product, haven't found the HG one but currently is using hydrogloss wardah + petrolium lipbalm :D

Anyway, I've watched The Bourne Legacy too without knowing that it was actually linked with those previous 3 by Matt Damon (Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimate.. Something etc..) So I didn't really understand what was it about lol. Thanks google after all :D browsing a lot after watching.

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello noniq :)
thanx for visiting me here,
I use hydrogloss wardah too, mine is autumn peach.
Ha ha the movie a bit confusing for me too for the first 10 minutes. But still good movie. I suggest u see the previous bourne trilogy :)

noniq said...

I haven't tried the Autumn peach and thought perhaps it's too light for me.

Thanks for the suggestion, will try to watch them later,

anyway I tag you here : ^^

Penulis Amatir said...

Ok, I'll answer it soon. Thank u for tagging me :)