Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nature Republic Bebe Mango Lip Concealer Review

Hi, dear readers^^
This time I present u my short review about : Nature Republic Bebe Mango Lip Concealer.

I took the pic from the official site

Actually I was looking for Etude House Lip Concealer when I walked in front of Nature Republic counter.
I read many reviews out there about how useful a lip concealer can be. Girls who have pigmented lips like me can wear any lipstick they want.
Etude lip concealer is still not yet available on their counter in Indonesia and I’m not the type of patient person who’s willing to wait for buying via PO. So I bought this instead.
There is sticker label attached on the plastic seal. The sticker label is made of paper in nude pastel colour (near the package colour) with white fonts printed on it. Manufactured and expired date printed on it too.

Product Information on the seal label (some written in Indonesia)
Untuk menutupi kekurangan pada bibir agar terlihat lebih bagus
Distributed By :
PT. Emera Retailindo
Plaza Permata Lt. 7 Jl. MH Thamrin No. 57
Jakarta – Indonesia
              NA 20121201470

Still wrapped in plastic seal when I bought it

The back label

This is how it looks. The stick has nude colour.

I smell mango scent from this product. The texture is quite creamy and moisturizing. I suggest u clean or scrub ur lips first to remove dead cell on the surface prior to using this coz this concealer won’t work well on dry flaky lips.
This concealer has cream pastel nude color in the package but I can see some whitish nude color when swatched on my lips.

Twist the package to get the product out. Just like most lip product, this can be twisted backwards.

I have Wardah Exclusive Lipstick in Mango color. My problem with Wardah Exclusive Lipstick is their formula tends to clot when applied on my lips (Ind : cenderung menggumpal ketika diaplikasikan ke permukaan bibir). I don’t know if this happens because my lips surface is not smooth enough to deal with this lipstick or the formula in it. But if I apply this concealer under my wardah exclusive lipstick, the finish looks smooth and well blended on my lips. And also this concealer could make my lipstick stays longer. So in this case, I can say that this product is helpful.
I must remind u not to apply too much product on ur lips or the whitish colour of it will ruin the color of ur lipstick.

These are the pics I borrowed from the website

The packaging of this product (cap opened)

This is the picture of another lip care product from Nature Republic

I have tried to put it under my Etude Dear Darling Aloha Lip Tint no.4 Orange and I found it’s troublesome to apply the Etude Lip tint on top of this concealer. And then I could see that the finish of my Etude lip tint looks so horrible on top of this concealer. Seems like their formula just won’t fit each other.
I’m sorry I can’t provide swatches pics of this product since I haven’t got my self a decent camera.
Now, let’s jump into my conclusion.

 Another pic I borrowed from the website

Pros :
-Good coverage for pigmented lips
- Quite moisturizing in my opinion, I can skip lipbalm
- Makes ur lipstick stays longer
- Makes the appearance on ur lipstick swatch smoother

Cons :
- Cannot work well with my Etude Lip tint, the formulas just won't blend
- Sink into lines and can’t cover my cracked lips
- The coverage is not buildable
- Does not stay attached on lips after application but it’ll run along the direction u apply ur lipstick
- Make ur lipstick color appear lighter than the actual color
- Quite thick and ‘heavy’ on lips

Repurchase? No. I wouldn’t say that this was a mistake for me buying this product but it just did not work as I expected.

Who may like this?
- Want a moisturizing and creamy lip concealer
- Want a product to make ur lipsticks stay longer on ur lips
- Like the mango scent

Who may not like this?
- like unscented product
- don’t like the thickness and the texture of this product
- need a concealer that can stay on lips and blend with any lip colour product
(the formula won’t blend with my etude lip tint)

Lately I found that lip liner which has the nearest color to my lips can be used as concealer too. Just make sure to pick the longwearing one. Lip liner is lighter in texture than this product.

How about u? Have something in mind u want to suggest me? I’d love to read ur comments^^

Writer’s Spin Off :
My Ied holiday is over and I finally come back to the real life (so I consider my vacation days are not my real life ho ho…) It’s like having a jet lag when u have to do ur routine activity after having so much peaceful holiday. For me, I feel kinda like falling down from heaven to earth ha ha… (did I just too hyperbolic).
But however, I did learn things from my Ied vacation. I realized many things about my self and I learned how to be more relax in doing my daily activities. I have to balance my own life and I need to be more calm down and low profile person. I have realized that happiness is the key for a healthy and well preserved body. Each one of us has different preferences/hobby that can make us feel happy. So do good things for ur self everyday and stay happy^^

I do realize that my review is still lack of many things, my English is not good too (I’m still learning). So feel free to drop ur correction if u find any wrong grammar on my writing.
For all my readers, considering we’re still in Idul Fitri moment so I want to say Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin, please forgive me if I ever said or did something unpleasant regarding my activity as blogger.
Thank U for reading my post^^


anita widi said...

hi deasy..
I have a trick to cover my dark lips
I wanna buy Etude Lip Concelear but I think it's a lil bit pricey :p
I cover my lips with Wardah Creamy Foundie.. I love the result, my lipstick stays longer and it pop ups the color

nice review^^
your English is really good btw :)

Adel said...

great review :) how much does it cost? does it dry out your lips? I also have problems with pigmented lips. Lol and I have been trying to deal with it like crazy cos I'm unable to wear several nude shades which only look good on pale lips..sigh T.T

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello Anita and Adel ^^

It's a nice tips from u to use wardah creamy foundie, guess I'll try it too :) thanx
ha ha I still have to learn a lot more about grammar. Thanx 4 the compliment^^
Hi Adel, I bought it for around Rp. 55.000 (I forgot the exact price)
It does not dry on my lips, the texture is quite thick n creamy imo.
Actually, I my self not quite satisfied with this product coz this product can't go well with lip tint.
But for creamy/matte lipstick I guess this product can be little helpful.

If u find it pricey, u may want to try lip liner which has lighter texture than this product. Lip liner can be used to cover pigmented area on my lips too. I find there are several shades of lip liner that match with the natural color of my bare lips. I can use lip liner to replace this concealer. Maybe u can try this alternative way too

hope that help :)

Sekar Saraswati said...

I've tried etude lip concealer and etude lip tint too and they just won't blend any my lips look really weird *lol

-------------- said...

sudah di folbek mbakyuu <3
anyway, itu yg ijo2 juga cuma buat bibir?

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello Sekar and Gita :)
thanx for visiting me here

to Sekar:
So u have tried both etude concealer and lip tint too. Thanx for telling me ur experience. Just the right info I need. I think I don't have to buy Etude concealer if it can't blend well with the lip tint.

to Gita :
Gambar2 produk stick nature Republic yang aq share di atas semuanya buat bibir. Mereka punya lip balm yang bervariasi.

Alvianti Fajarsari said...

kayanya brand korea mekap yg harganya masih manusiawi cuma nature republic yaa. Buseet laah compare ama etude jauuh banget. Harga korea ama disini. XD

Musti cobaa niih,, di bandung nemu nature republic dimana yaa??

Penulis Amatir said...

Iya, harganya nature republic masi lumayan terjangkau meski ada beberapa produk yg juga mahal (contohnya snail bb cream yg saya idam2kan itu)
Kalo etude si kacau balau harga di konter indo, wajib beli online dech.
Wah saya ngga tahu kalau di bandung dimana, ini saya belinya di surabaya. Coba cari2 info aja say, denger2 konternya nature republic uda mulai nyebar di p. jawa :)