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Gizi Essential White® with Temulawak Day Cream Review

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I’m back again with review about indonesia local brand cosmetic. PT Gizi Indonesia is not a new company. Their products since long ago are famous for using the benefit of seaweedin order to maintain youthful skin. I remember my mother used their ‘Gizi super cream’ when I was in elementary school. 

This is the front of the box of Gizi Essential White® with Temulawak Day Cream
There is the ilustration drawing of seaweed and temulawak as the main ingredients

So Gizi recently launched this line ‘Gizi Essential White® with Temulawak’ which contains 3 products. Day cream, Night cream and facial wash.I bought this day cream on guardian for Rp. 29k. It was not on a discount. I always curious whenever indonesian local brand launch new product especially when they claim to use plants and herbs as their active ingredients.

Back view of the carton box

So let’s start with the packaging first. The box was wrapped with plastic seal when I bought it. I like this kind of safety system. So we can be assured that the product that we receive is brand new.The box design is simple with Gizi famous logo in it. The main color is green. Yes,green represents seaweed as their legendary ingredient which is also present in this cream.

Front view of the tube

Inside box, there is green plastic tube with the similar design as the outer carton.The tube is easy to squeeze and we can measure how much product we want to let out. The flip cap is simple and standard but it can be closed tight enough so the cream inside won’t easily spilled out. I like this kind of tube packaging, because the size is travel friendly and less mess compared to jar packaging. The amount is 18 g and it can be used within 3 months after the tube is opened.

This is the back view of the tube
U can read the product information there
What does it claim?
In the container, it’s written :
For all skin types
“The Temulawak in the Gizi Essential White® with Temulawak - Day Cream helps brighten, moisturize and soften the face. Perfect your everyday appearance with beautiful and naturally white.”

Here is how the cream looks
Yes, my tube is almost empty when I took this pic

Now I’ll tell u about the cream. The color is white. The texture is slightly dried and light, not the rich type, not too creamy or heavy, not sticky and not oily. I need about a peanut size to cover my entire face and front neck.
What about the performance? What I like is that this cream does not make my face oilier. It takes just several seconds to be absorbed and adapted on the skin. I recommend u to spread it fast before the cream gets dried. This cream is more into semi matte finish.It gives u brightened look right away after application. It does enhance the look of our skin. About the oil control, well I have to say it’s just moderate. U can apply it under ur favourite foundie or bb cream, it won’t disturb the coverage.
I have combination skin, my T zone is oily but my cheek and forehead tend to dry. I like the texture and finish of this cream because it suits my skin type. I was having post acne marks when first time I tried this cream and I found this cream quit skin- friendly.
This tubecan last about 2 months for me. Sometimes I apply it only once a day. Because it’s a tube, u have to cut it open to get the last drop of this cream. Here is my result after using it for 2 months :
- my small acne blemishes fade
- my tone becomes more even
- my skin slightly brighter and fresher
                In my opinion, this is not whitening cream. It may give u brightening/ lightening result but not ‘white’ kind of effect.
                For those who have normal to oily skin may like this cream. But for ladies with dry skin, u may find it not moisturizing enough.

Curious about the ingredients list? Check this out

                Let’s see what’s in this cream. The formula is water based, I like water based skincare.
* Eucheuma Spinosum Extract
It is a kind of seaweed, famous for it’s anti aging properties
* Oryza Sativa Bran Extract
It has brightening benefit
* Niacinamide
Or Vit B3, known for enhancing blood circulation on skin and for brightening
* Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Root Extract
Or Temulawak, it has many benefit such as anti inflammation, antibiotic function, brightening and many more
* Glycerin, It is moisturizer
* Titanium Dioxide as sunscreen
* Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil
Known for moisturizing and anti aging benefit
* Allantoin
Known for soothing the skin, anti inflammation

                Finally, let me sum it up.

What I like from this product :
- use natural ingredients on the top list
- the price is affordable and available in many dept store
- travel and user friendly packaging
- the texture is non sticky and fast absorbed
- does help to enhance the look on my skin
- suitable for my combination skin
- did not dry my skin
- did not make my skin oilier
- Did not cause pore clogging/ breakout
- delivers the result in fading my blemishes, even out my skin tone, and brightening
- can be used under make up

What I dislike :
- the smell is strong for my liking since me don’t like perfume in skincare

I hope that Gizi somehow in the future manage to make non perfumed skincare which more skin- friendly, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

So, overall, do I like this product? Yes, it’s affordable, won’t break ur wallet, easy to find and work well for me.
Will I purchase it again? Yes.

So, have anyone tried it yet? Tell me what u’re thinking J
Have a nice day and stay beautiful 

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