Sunday, 16 February 2014

Oriflame Essentials Multi- Purpose Cream Multi- Vitamin Complex & Watermelon

Hello, Dear Readers

How’s ur weekend? Mine is still clouded with the effect of Kelud Mountain eruption. The blast occurred 3 days ago. The dust made the way to my hometown and blended with the air. I have to bring mask everytime I go out. Yesterday is worse than today, the air very choking. I had trouble with my breath. Rain has come yesterday and this midday and made the air less dusty, thank God. However I still like it better indoor than be in outdoor in time like this.
Pray for Kelud and the people around there, hope soon things will get better.

Previously I have reviewed Essentials Hydrating Mask. This is another product in the same line. This one has cute pattern on the jar.

Pic From Oriflame Web

 Both pictures above are from Oriflame Website

Discount price : IDR 48.500

When I first tried it, I really adore the yummy scent of it. It’s more like melon aroma than water melon. The smell is sweet and nice. However even the aroma is yummy, please don’t eat it >.< it’s for ur skin, and not ur stomach : ) The fragrance is quite last, 2 hours after applying it I still could notice the melon scent.

The Jar Cap

When first opened, there's alumunium seal, quite hygienic

 This is the cream

Now let’s talk about the texture. It felt lightweight and very easy to absorb into skin. It may felt bit sticky when u first spread it on skin. But after absorbed it didn’t leave sticky or greasy feeling. I think this is one of the most lightweight body cream I have tried so far. So refreshing and perfect for summer. It has good and long lasting hydrating/ moisturizing power on my body skin. It makes my skin softer and smoother, it gets rid the dryness away. It coated the skin with moisturizer, keep it hydrated all day long and prevent dryness/ dehydration.
It is said to be kind of multi- purpose cream. I have tried it to my face, but it turned out to be little greasy and seemed like it triggered my acne prone skin. So I think, it did well as body cream but not for my face.

 The bottom of the jar

 Information on the sticker on bottom of the jar

There's ingredients list when u opened the sticker

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this product. Since this does not have SPF, I usually layer it with sun protector when I go outdoor.

Pros :
- Yummy scent and the scent last for some hours
- Affordable if u’re member or buy in Oriflame discount price
- Cute packaging
- easy to absorb and lightweight texture
- longlasting hydration
- makes my skin hydrated, suppler and softer
- refreshing

Cons :
- Must order from Oriflame Consultant
- The active ingredients and skin nutrients are on the lower of the ingredients list
- various preservative
- wish the fragrance is natural
- Does not suit to be used on my face

Repurchase ? Maybe if Oriflame sells it in discount again, this is quite nice as body cream. But for next, I may want to try their other varian of body care.

So, what do u think, body care lovers? Remember to share ur thoughts in comment : )

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