Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Glimpse of Etoinette (Etude House Princess Etoinette Holiday Collection 2012) + a bit sad story

Hi, there, how are u? :)

Me here stay at home today because of flu. The weather has been bit unfriendly these days and my stress level too. What can I do while I'm sitting on my bed? Yeah, blogging, u're so right :)
Perhaps it can be some theraphy too for my mood, tee hee..
But this time I'm not doing any review, just sharing about things I like :)

Well, have I ever mentioned in this blog that I'm a kind of girl who easily get crazy over girly pink and princessy things. Some fellas ever told me that maybe I kinda had some 'princess syndrome' ha ha ha...
oh, yes maybe they're right, I have this 'princess syndrome' when it comes to girly sweet things.
When I heard about Etude Princess Etoinette line, OMG I have to grab it, I have to have some of them in my room.

 (All commercial images in here were taken randomly from google)

I knew that I'm super duper very much too late to post about this line. It's launched on winter 2012 ago and I just happened to write about it now.
One thing that kept me in a hold is their price. Some of them are little too expensive for my pocket.
But I kept wanting them so bad 'til I could not sleep (I mean seriously) :)
And here the result of my obsession :)

 I just got 3 of them :

1. Etoinette Blush On PPK001 Pink 

2. Etoinette Mirror

3. Etoinette Hair Comb
This portable hair comb is really small in size. 
U can see on my previous pic how it looks compared to other products.

I bought them via an online shopping. It was a very slow responses to my email. My order arrived yesterday (saturday). I supposedly get the crystal powder coz I paid for it. But there's mistake in the package I received. I've contacted the olshop via email and FB but it closed during weekend so I have to wait until tomorrow to hear their respond. So sad coz I've been trusting that online shop and this is my third purchase from them.
My two previous transaction gone well, but this time I'm dissappointed. 
I only received 4 items from 6 that I have transfered my money for.
I hope I'll get some good news tomorrow. I really sad and worried. This is a big downfall for my trust as a customer in them. Slow response and missing items are not things u would expect as a buyer with limited budget.

My Dear Etoinette Crystal Powder. Why aren't u on the package I received?
Really hope to hear about u.

Maybe I should look for other trusted online shops that sell Korean Cosmetics. I feel like I can't just rely on just one or two olshops.
I live in East Java, Indonesia. Do u have any suggestion for trusted online shops in java?

Another snap, sorry for my low quality phone camera.

Even I do obsessed to have this line, I don't plan to grab all items in it. I only intend to have the Blush On, Powder, Mirror, Hair Comb, Lipstick, Pouch and Brush Collection.

Next (month) To Go:
1. Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick 
in PPK 002 and PPK 004

I read several reviews about those shades and I plan to try them.
My lips rather dark than pale so I will avoid color that is too light or too pale for me.

2. Etoinette Pouch
See How Lovely it is

3. Etoinette Rose Brush
This brush has 3 functions : 
- to apply Etoinette Crystal Powder for a glamorous look
- to apply Etoinette Blush On
- work with Etoinette highlighter

4. Etoinette Brush Set
I want this one, but not as much as the previous other :)

(taken from Qoo10 page)

Etoinette Collection has other products in it, those are candle set (contains 3 candles), nails decorations, bubble bath, and teardrop liner if I remember correctly.

If only I had decent camera, I would love to do many snap2 of these cutie I got. But instead, I just let u to see the glimpse of them. I'll be reviewing them one by one in my future posts.

Well, Indonesian girls, actually I want to know where do u usually purchase Korean Cosmetic via online from?
I need ur suggestion about trusted Korean Online Shops in Java which usually have many Etude Ready Stocks, fast response, and safe wrapped package. Can u suggest me some?

Thank u for visiting my blog, Have a nice day, lovelies ^^

Update 10 April 2013 :
I've solved my problem with the olshop. They gave me refund for the OOS items, so case closed.
I plan to buy more of this line, of course from other seller :) so I'll update on this post after I grab the rest of my wishlist above ^^


Carol P. said...

Aww everything look so cute. <3 I love Etude House products. ^^ ...I don't know about any shops where you live because I'm from Europe, but I like to order things from kpoptown, it very trustworthy online shop and the prices are very good. ;)

Penulis Amatir said...

Hi, thanks for visiting here
Yes, I plan to buy the rest of this line :)