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Erhalogy True Matte Face (Loose) Powder Review

Hi, everyone
long time no post, sorry ^^'
Lately, I often feel unwell. I'm pretty sure it's because of rainy season. I often got caught in the rain these past days and ended up catching cold. Well, since I was not doing pretty well, I hardly find good mood to write a product review. Staring at bunch of unfinished articles in my draft section makes me a bit guilty. I still have many promises (read : review requests) I haven't fulfilled.

This time I want to share my experience with :

Erhalogy Esme’ True Matte Face Powder with Antioxidant for Oily Skin

a. Background Story
I was looking for loose powder to replace my Make Over Translucent Loose Powder that I already reviewed in HERE. I was bumping at some review about this product and tempted to buy because it has so nice packaging with the mirror inside : ) U know, it’s so rare for a loose powder to have mirror inside it’s packaging.
Then I dropped at Erhalogy Ciputra World and asked about this powder. Oh, yes, I really fall in love with the container ho ho.. : )

I got 2 free puffs for purchasing this powder. I also bought cleanser gel along with this powder.

There is flower pattern on the top of the powder container. The pattern has texture and reflect the light.

The carton box has the similar flower pattern too. Sorry my poor camera can't capture it clearly.

Now, I’ve been using this powder for say… one month and I’ll let u know why I keep continue using it.

b. Product Description

Official Link :

Product Title :
Erhalogy Esme’ True Matte Face Powder with Antioxidant for Oily Skin Beige

This whispery light, velvety soft powder provides a beautiful matte finish without the powdery look. This formula contains antioxidant (Vitamin A, C, E) and sunscreen. Light diffusers look of fine lines and minimize imperfections. Making your skin look fresh.

Dengan butiran yang halus, memberikan sentuhan halus, tidak berminyak dan tampak natural. Bedak ini mengandung antioksidan (Vitamin A, C, E) dan tabir surya. Dengan sapuan lembut, dapat menyempurnakan tampilan tata rias wajah anda. Membuat kulit anda terlihat segar.

Ingredients :
Talc, Methylhydrogenpolysiloxane/ methicone copolymer, Mica, Silica, Methicone, Cellulose, Triethylhexanoin, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Calcium phosphate hydroxide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methylparaben, Triclosan, Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, Retinyl palmitate, Iron oxide yellow (Cl 77492), Iron oxide black (Cl 77499), Iron oxide red (Cl 77491).

Netto : 15 g
Manufactured By : PT. Pharmacore Laboratories

The carton box has hologram sticker as the seal. See the top. 
*It's written on the seal : 
Warranty void
erha (on the center)
 If seal is broken

The container of this powder is quite sturdy. Made of good plastic material and thick enough to protect the content inside. It won't easily broken if u drop it. 
Erha sure put alot of effort on the packaging. Thumbs up :)

Holaa ladies, this is the powder container. Lovely isn't it? with the mirror inside. Say yes, I'm sure u agree with me :)

There is sticker seal when I first opened the powder case.
This sticker covering the case holes.

Sorry for the dirty puff.
The puff is included in the inside.
The puff quality is good. It's quite soft and thick enough, nice to use.
The container holes is perfect in size. We can control the amount of the product we want to get.

c. Texture and Formula : Soft particles, Fine milled powder. Almost unscented. Easy to spread.
It has sun screen but It doesn’t written how much SPF provided, so I think the sun protection is not high.

d. Availability : 

Price : I forgot the exact price, maybe about + IDR 89.000 ($9) cmiiw

Where to buy : It’s only available at Erha Clinic 

Shade :
Actually there are 3 shades available in the Erha counter I went to. There are Translucent, Beige and Natural. I chose beige because it is the one which is closest to my skin tone. Shade Natural is somewhat yellowish that looks darker than my face skin tone. I tried to apply it on my jaw before I decided the shade.


 The shade I chose, beige.
Skin Type :
I chose varian for Oily Skin. Actually they have for dry, normal skin too. I don’t know maybe the ingredients list is different.

e. Finish :
- Matte
- Sheer coverage
- No shimmer
- It’s good as finish powder
- Good staying power and oil control
- Not cakey in the midday or even when I sweat

f. Conclusions :
Pros :
- Good oil control
- matte natural finish
- fine texture
- did not oxidize
- not cakey
- Adorable and functional sturdy packaging

Cons :
- contains preservative
- Can be bought only at Erha clinic
- A bit expensive for some people

Who may like it :
- Oily / combination skin
- want sheer coverage
- like the shade
- there is Erha Clinic in ur city
- Don’t mind the preservatives, talc, triclosan

Who may not like it :
- dry skin (the varian I bought is for oily skin)
- can’t find the right shade
- Don’t like preservatives, triclosan, allergic to talc
- Hard to get Erha product in where u live

Repurchase? I’m not sure. It contains triclosan and paraben. If only it does not contain triclosan, maybe I’ll consider to repurchase it.
When I’m done, I won’t throw away the packaging, I may refill it with other powder, he he he…

I've been using this product for quite some time. And I notice that this powder is almost 'transfer-proof'. This powder won't easily transferred to ur clothes or ur cell phones. Unlike some previous powder I ever tried.
And this powder also helps to 'lock' my bb cream, so that my bb cream won't easily transferred. I notice that when I wear my Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit which is often transferring on my clothes and cellphone. I dab this powder on top of the Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, and see what, the BB Cream is less transferring than usual.
Note : wait for bb cream to completely dry and settled  on ur skin before u apply the powder on top of it.
Actually I like this powder in terms of the texture and formula, except for the triclosan and paraben. If only this one does not contains triclosan, maybe I'll still consider to repurchase it.
Have u experienced any product from erha clinic before? I’d like to know, please share with me : )


Icha Ramadhanii Butar-Butar said...

Mbak, kalo mau beli ini apa harus jadi member erha dulu ya?

Penulis Amatir said...

Ngga, ini produk dijual bebas koq.
Non member bisa beli.
Banyak juga koq produk Erha yg dijual bebas terutama yg make up.
Tapi belinya hanya di konternya Erhalogy.

Penulis Amatir said...

Maap ya kalau balasnya lama. He he
Kalau sibuk biasanya saya jarang nengokin blog. Tapi setiap komentar akan slalu berusaha saya jawab koq :)
Thank u for visiting here

Yushellia Tania said...

Hi! You have such a nice blog here. Your review was well-written.. I have just bought the same powder as yours, but I have just realized that mine does not have the pretty flower decoration on the package and that was kind of disappointed. The silly reason why I bought the powder is because of the pretty and simple package. I just wish the would sell the refill as they sell refills for the two way cake powder...