Saturday, 17 November 2012

Caring Colours Happy Lip Colour no. 09 Dazzle Pink

Bonjour, Lovelies^^
It's been a while I haven't done any post about local brand. Now I'm gonna let u know my experience with  Caring Colours Happy Lip Colour no. 09 Dazzle Pink.

official link :

Price : IDR 31.900

When I stopped at Giant supermarket cashier, I saw this little baby. The packaging was really catching my eyes. It's very adorable pink cute with dots. Just fyi, I'm a lip color maniac.
I have 25+ lip color in my cabinet. And I always want to try any color I never have before.
Unfortunately they didn't have tester so I could not swipe it before buying. Considering the price is affordable for 4,2 gr so I put it on my shopping chart without hesitation.
The packaging is made of plastic and pretty lightweight compared to my la tulipe and wardah lipstick. The plastic material feels cheap but still it's cute.
The middle part of the container is transparent so u could seethe color of the lipstick bar inside. I assumed that the color was somewhat medium rose-pink nude.

The lipstick has moisturizing core. So it acts both as lip moisturizer and lip color.
It's moisturizing enough according to my experience using it. I could skip lip balm.

It turned out that...
The swatch color is lighter and brighter than what appears on the container. Daamnnn!!!
Another mistake! The pink color is too light for my dark lips!
I think it's suitable for people who has fairer tone than me or should I say fairer lips.
The coverage is sheer to medium in my opinion. It's not quite pigmented. If u apply one light swipe, it will appear like u only wear semi-transparent pink lip balm. I have to swatch it at least 3 times to get the pigment out.

 One light swipe, u can see the hint of pink color

3-4 times swipe

I really gotta remind my self not to buy lip color without trying the tester first. And as much as I could remember, this is the 7th time I bought lip color without testing it first and I was mistaken by the look.
The lasting power is considered poor. It'll definitely washed away everytime u eat. Especially if ur menu is fried one. In normal condition with little snack and drink a bit u have to reapply every 2 hours.
Another minus is that it sinks into lines. If ur lips is not in a good texture (flaky, dead cells), u may want to scrub ur lips first. This product won't appear smoothly in a dry flaky lips.

My conclusion:
- cute adorable packaging
- affordable for 4,2 gr
- can go for a long way
- available locally in indonesia
- moisturizing
- nice smell
- many color varians other than this
- contains natural oil

- Sink into lines
- not pigmented enough
- I chose the wrong color!
- poor lasting power
- contains preservatives
- a bit 'thick' and 'oily' feeling on the lip when wearing it

Who may like it:
- those who like moisturizing lipstick
- who look for sheer color
- don't need full coverage
- don't mind to reapply several times in a day

Who may not like it:
- looking for great staying power
- looking for full coverage
- want a bold and pigmented color

Repurchase? No. Not for this color.
I don't think I'm gonna keep using it.

What do u think about this product? Let me know.


On my previous post I mentioned about giveaway.
I'm sorry I have to postpone it.
Need more time to prepare the items.



Shasha said...

packagingnya cantik ya~ sayang warnanya kurang keluar :(

Penulis Amatir said...

Iya, Sha, hu hu sayang aq salah pilih shade pula...
Ga kepake dech...

Janet said...

the color doesn't show much at all~ the packaging is quite nice though =)

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello Janet
Yes, I was hypnotized by the packaging.
Too bad I won't use it again since I don't like the color