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Oriflame Pure nature organic Tea tree & Rosemary

Review about : Oriflame Pure nature organic Tea tree & Rosemary
Purifying Wash & Tone Gel 150 ml 5.0 fl.oz
Made In China, Oriflame Cosmetics

 I took this pic from official Oriflame website

How to use :
 Cleansing and toning gel.
Massage on wet face and rinse off.

Ingredients :
Aqua, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Hydroxyethylcellulose, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Parfum, Methylparaben, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Limonene, Sodium Chloride, Cl 42090, Cl 19140, Cl 17200.
                Hello, everyone^^ Hope u have a good time today.
                I realize that I’m a bit busy lately, so many products to review, so little time… ha ha : )
Here I go with a review about one of oriflame facial wash. Just for u to know that 2 of my girl friends at work are oriflame consultant and guess what they do? Seems like they always try to put a spell on me to shop every time new oriflame catalogue comes out, guess they know my weakness as cosmetic junkie ha hah.. So I bought this facial wash several months ago when they offered it in a discount. I got it for about 49.000 rupiah (about $5).

This is the indonesian link : http://id.oriflame.com/products/product-detail.jhtml?prodCode=21350

This line is for combination and oily troubled skin. The name ‘wash and tone gel’ tells that we can skip toner after washing our face with this product. This product claims to give 2 benefit as facial wash and toner.

Texture : green transparent facial wash gel.

This one does not lather as much as common facial wash. It has strong smell of herbal maybe tea tree scent with hint of mint. The smell does not bother me though. I could feel a cool sensation when I put it on my face.
At my first application, this facial wash was gentle on my skin, moisturizing and did not dry my skin. There was no tight or squeaky feeling on my skin after using it. But I noticed that this product did not wash away the dirt as effective my previous facial wash, my face did not feel  totally cleansed. I tried to add more amount but it still felt the same. This claims to be wash and tone gel but I suggest u to use toner afterwards.
After my second trial, I got some tiny pimples around my jaw and then I gave up this product after my fourth use coz the tiny pimples started spreading. After that I switched into facial wash from other brand to replace it. The tiny bumps were gone after I stopped using this product so guess this product is not for me. One of my friend at work also bought this product and she had oily-combi skin like mine, she had the same experience and regretted to buy this product.
I gave this product to my mom, she has dry-normal skin. Surprisingly she had no problem using this product, actually she liked it coz this product felt gentle on her face and did not dry her skin.

Pros :
- contains tea tree and other natural soothing and trouble care properties
- did not dry on skin
- quite affordable if u buy with member price in a discount period
- gentle on skin
- feels cool and refreshing on skin
- 1 bottle can goes long way
Cons :
- Made me breakout
- Did not lather much
- Did not clean as my usual facial wash
- Contains preservatives, coloring, perfume

Who may like it:
- dry to normal-combination skin I guess coz I found that this facial wash is not ’strong enough’ to deal with oily skin (to clean oily skin like mine)
- want a facial wash which is not dry on skin
- don’t mind if it does not lather much
- not a sensitive skin
- don’t mind the preservatives, coloring, and perfume inside

Who may not like it:
- don’t like preservatives, coloring, and perfume in skincare
- sensitive skin
- oily acne prone skin who have issue like mine

Repurchase ? Definitely it’s a No
Dear Oriflame, I’m sorry to just throw this review out but this is my personal experience. This product is not for me but may has different result on other people. Hope Oriflame will keep developing their products so that even the most troubled skin like mine can use it.

How ‘bout U? Are u oriflame user? Anything u can suggest me?


aliceorionaaxelle said...

i wanna commented again.,, hope you not get bored with my comment.,,
i ever used these too.,, like you i had friends who work as a consultant on Oriflame MLM.,
so when these product overed me some special discount on catalog.,, i bought it.,, (not too hard to predicted yeah?!?)
i had very oilt skin with a huge problem with it., when i try these product.,, long-long time ago .,, too long so i can't remember again hehe (lol)
i agree when you said these not clean face like usual face wash., (before read you review.,, i always think that just my bad feeling.,,)
lucky for me these face wash not make me break out.,,
but it's not reduce my redness or dries my acnes.,, (didn't had an effect in my face )
but anyway.,, you had good review agai
two thumbs up for you

Penulis Amatir said...

hello, dear, I love comments coz that's the way we can share experience each other :) Thanx for dropping by :)
ha ha that's what happens if u be friend with oriflame consultant, they'll always encourage u to shop more and more :)
Well, u did have the same experience like me, but u're lucky to not having any breakout. Well, before u tell me, I thought I was the only one who had problem with this product, seems like this product is not for everyone.
Thanx for ur compliment :) I'm not really good at writing and describing though, it always takes me long time to just write one review he he :)

Via said...

Hi deasy, I give you an award on Versatile Blogger Award ^^
kindly check it on my blog :)

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello, Via :)
Thaaaannkk youuu for giving me the award :)
I'll go run run to ur blog .....flash ooo(^_^)>

Andhika Lady Maharsi said...

Sama Ses Deassy, aku pernah pakai ini tapi hasilnya kurang memuaskan. Masih mending tea treenya Larissa. :)

Penulis Amatir said...

Hallo, jeng, makasih udah mampir kemari
Aq belom pernah coba larissa sich, di surabaya ngga nemu cabangnya..

reach oriflame said...

Dear Madame,

I would like to take this opportunity and assure you that product safety is of paramount importance to Oriflame Cosmetics and safety is assured by careful selection of ingredients and assessment by our experienced toxicologists in accordance with the safety provisions of the European Cosmetics Directive. Only the highest purity grade ingredients are used in Oriflame products to ensure they are safe for use for all consumers.

Regarding your message below, occasionally breakouts can occur once people change products in their skincare routine. If you continue experiencing breakouts when using any skincare product, it may be the case that this product is not suitable for your skin type. As an alternative product for problematic skin, we can recommend Optimals Mattifying Foaming Gel (19946) followed by Optimals Mattifying Toner (19969) if your skin is very oily and the cleanser itself is not enough.

Thank you for taking the time and expressing your opinion regarding one of our products, your experience is very important to us.

Best regards,
Oriflame Team

Penulis Amatir said...

Dear Oriflame Team,
First, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience in my review. I really appreciate that Oriflame has responded to my experience regarding this product. I use many products from Oriflame, from skincare to bodycare, and I like some of ur products that I usually repurchase (example: pure skin mask that I reviewed before).
Thank u for giving me recommendation about ur products. I would like to try it.
Oriflame is known for using natural ingredients and that's one of the reason I trust ur brand. Hope our brand can always keep it up in producing products with more organic natural ingredients and reducing the usage of artificial and chemical preservative.
Thank u for visiting my page and keep it up ur good works^^

Warm Regards,
Deasy W.