Sunday, 15 July 2012

Etude Aloha Dear Darling Tint

Hello guys, I’m back so sorry that I haven’t post anything in 1 month, well I can tell u many excuses (my study, my job, my ex-boyfriend) but I prefer not : ) ha ha..
This time I want to share about my new lip tint, Etude House Aloha Dear Darling Tint no.4. It may one of my shortest review.

U know, I’ve been boring with the color of my lipstick collections which all of those are red, I have divine red, brown red, magenta, coral red, dark red, rosy red, oh yes I WAS a fan of dark red lipstick.
I have bought several red-orangey color like Maybelline bronze orange and wardah exclusive lipstick mango and they went well on me so I thought I should hunt for more orange color. And so the hunting began…
I took a walk to Ciputra World Surabaya on last Sunday and found this item.

I was interested to buy this because the natural orangey color which I like. The color in the bottle and on the swatch on my hand seemed to be some neon bright orange but surprisingly it’s different when I applied on my lips.  I like the natural finish on my looks. This one gave u sheer to medium coverage and I would suggest to wear lip balm or lip concealer first, except if u have smooth lips. It’s a bit sinking in my fine lines. The coverage is buildable and u can layer as much as u want to create more coverage but I suggest u wait until the first layer is dry and settled before u add another layer. The texture is water-jelly, and the brush applicator is quite soft although I prefer tube than this kind of packaging.
It’s too bad it did not provide us ingredient list so I don’t know what it was made of. Hello Etude, why u didn’t  tell us about the ingredient list, we deserve to know! I bought it at the Etude official counter but for a new item, it even was not sealed! Hello again Etude, at least u should have ur items sealed with sealing plastic to ensure it’s original quality until it arrives at costumer hands safely. Even cheaper local product like viva and sariayu has plastic seal on their lip products to ensure that those items are new.
Aloha Tint is quite longlasting for a lip tint without ‘long wear’ claim on it. I applied it in 7.30 morning and I have to retouch a bit after lunch. In the end of the day I have to use eye and lip remover to completely remove it’s traces on my lips. 

One thing I don’t like is the bitter taste when I accidentally lick my lips. It’s like artificial flavouring but it was much much much bitter than sweet.

 See, there is no manufacture plastic seal between the cap and the container, the product is not wrapped by anything. Unlike other lip products that usually wrapped in plastic seal to ensure that those are 'new'.

It may looks  like bright neon color bit it goes natural once u apply it on ur lips.
Pros :
- natural color
- long lasting
- did not dry my skin
- wearable for everyday use
- affordable (if u purchase via online), big container and can go for long time
- the coverage is buildable from sheer to medium

Cons :
- bitter taste
- can’t fully cover my pigmented lips
- can’t fully cover my dry chopped lips
- I prefer tube than brush applicator
- where the hell is the ingredient list?
- The lip tint does not have protection seal that usually provided by the manufacture
- bit sink on lines

Who may like it :
- looking for natural color tint
- want a sheer coverage
- don’t bother with the taste

Who may not like it :
- don’t like the taste
- want a full cover

Repurchase ? I don’t know. So much I like the color, but not the taste, unsealed packaging, and not providing ingredient list are the downfall for this gorgeous brand.
Are u an etude user too? Have u tried it before?


Anonymous said...

i have this one too bought the no.4 and 5, tapi tulisan dikemasan udah wash out gitu, hilang, karena sering dibawa kemana mana >.< haha

Penulis Amatir said...

Thanx udah mampir :)
iya aq suka warnanya, produk lipnya etude emang rata2 warnanya lucu2

aliceorionaaxelle said...
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aliceorionaaxelle said...

hello again sweeties .,,

you always had way too make me impressed
i had these one too (in red shade).,, and i like these.,, these lip tint it's make lips little bit dry i think and i think all kind of lip tint it's had a bitter taste.,,
THE FaceShop aqua lip tint that i realy love to used every day it's have that bitter taste too :( maybe the bitter taste and lack of moisture it's deficiency from all of product in these type.,,
but i still love these.,, maybe you can add more picture, i realy wanna see the shade (orange) when you applied on you lips.,,
maybe you can see my lip tint review here : (it's from the body shop)
enjoy lol

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello, Dear, thanx for dropping by :)
so u have lip tint with bitter taste too, well this is the first korean lip tint that I ever tried he he...
I've come to ur blog and read ur lip tint review too and u picked nice color there.
So sorry for my lowres pic here coz I took it with webcam since I haven't had my digicam repaired.
Maybe I'll add pics of swatch on my lips later after I get a decent camera.
thanx for sharing, really appreciate ur opinion :)

♥ CHAOI ♥ said...

Hello! :D
I'm lip tint lover, lol~ I want to buy this item too.. But I think coral/orange color won't suits me well.. >.< And it settle in fine lines + bad coverage, i think i must find another tint :O thanks for your review :3

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello,U're welcome dear, thanx for visiting me here too :)

So u're not a fan of orange color, well, Etude has various color in their lip tint product, orange is only one of them.
This product gave me sheer to medium coverage
If u have pigmented lips I suggest u use lip concealer but if u don't like to put too much product on ur lips then simply look for some full coverage lip product.

aliceorionaaxelle said...

anyway it's still good review