Friday, 21 March 2014

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash Review

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I come back again after a while. I remember bought this Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash in travel size bottle as part of gift set which was consisting of 4 products. My skin was at very oily mode when I bought this. I also was in the middle of fighting acne.

 This pic is courtesy of The Body Shop

It is said to be a product for oily, blemished and acne prone skin but surprisingly this facial wash did not leave any tight or drying signs like other acne and oily skin facial wash I ever tried. Well, I have oily combination skin and this is what I experience. It may have different result for drier skin than mine. This face wash does not lather too much, but the cleansing performance is good. It also did help to fight acne and prevent it from coming back, regulate sebum secretion and contribute in controlling my oily skin.

 Ingredients List behind the sticker label

The smell is tea tree smell, some of people may not like it, but it’s okay for me. It gives me refreshing cool feeling after use, think it comes from menthol inside it.

I have finished this travel size bottle in some months ago, and I already repurchase it to the full size. I paid IDR 109.000 for 250 ml bottle. I guess this gonna last me long enough. I read that it has other function as good brush cleaner. Besides cleaning, it has disinfectant function to get rid the bacteria from brushes. I have not tried it yet to wash my brushes, but soon I will.

I repurchase the full size

 Full size bottle when still on full amount

So here what I can say.
What I like :
- Cleanses my skin well
- did not dry my skin for daily use
-helps to combat acne and regulate sebum
- contains natural skin healing properties
- has other function as make up brushes cleaner
- gives refreshing feeling
- no perfume
- no parabens, no phenoxyethanol
- moisturizing properties prevent skin from drying after wash

What I don’t like :
- the presence of alcohol, colorant, benzophenone

I would recommend it to :
- combination and oily skin
- acne prone skin
- blemished skin
- skin with white/ blackheads trouble
- okay with some amount of alcohol in the facial wash

Repurchase ? Maybe.

So, what do u think ?

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