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Acnes Natural Care Oil Control & Whitening Cream First Impression

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Here I am still on Rohto corner. The past several months I've been trying products from Rohto. This brand offers various cosmetic products with good quality ingredients and affordable price. I already post about some products in their Face On Face line days ago, and then previously I write update about their sunscreen. And this time I'll talk about their skincare line.
Now it’s for me to share another first impression about a face cream I recently tried. As u know, now I always intrigued to try any products that has ‘Natural’ word in it. Well, I want to maintain my life better by using as much as Natural products in my daily routine as possible. For rice example, I pick the organic one. For face serum, I also use product with organic ingredients in it. When I know that Mentholatum Acnes launched its Natural Care line, I really intrigued to try it. 

 Scanned front carton box

I saw this product when walking in Hypermart. The price is affordable so there is no reason for me not to grab it. It was on discount, I only paid IDR 25,853 from normal price 28,725.

Ingredients list 
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 The front of the tube

Back of the tube, contains almost the same info as the carton box

I have oily combination skin so I have to pick something with light texture and oil control and I thought this product has both in its claim.

How the cream looks like

Texture :
It’s like milky colored gel-like textured cream. It’s not runny in consistency but it’s lightweight. It takes only little time to absorbs into my skin, very fast compared to most moisturizer I ever tried. It leaves matte-like finish and non greasy. It has fresh smell.

Don’t get it wrong, even if I say this cream has good oil control, it’s also do good job in moisturizing my skin thanks to Hyaluronic Acid inside it. This cream does not have SPF so if u’re going outside, layer it with sun screen. I now use Rohto’s SKIN AQUA for my daily sun screen. Sometimes I layer it with BB Cream that already has SPF and PA inside. It’s good to be used prior to make up because it has good oil control, so It could make the coverage of my BB Cream/ foundation stays longer.

So here what I can say :
Pros :
- Affordable price and easy to find on many drugstore or supermarket in where I live
- lightweight and easy to absorbed
- the smell is okay, not disturbing one
- decent oil control
- non greasy
- did it job well in moisturizing my skin
- tube packaging, easy to control the outcome of the product
- Has many herbal/ plants (natural) ingredients in it
- helps to mattify the skin (for oily skin this is good advantage)
- if used under make up, it could make BB Cream or foundation lasts longer in me because of its good oil control

Cons :
- perfumed
- the herbal extracts/ natural ingredients are on the lower list
- Not really suit skin in sensitive mode
- Isononyl Isonanoate on the 5th top ingredients list so it has potential in clogging pores
- propylene glycol and various preservatives

Actually it’s a decent product for certain types of skin. So I would recommend this cream for anyone with criteria below.
Who may like it :
- combination and total oily skin
- skin is not in the sensitive mode
- skin which not in acne prone mode
- want a good oil control cream which also moisturizing one
- want a lightweight cream which fast absorbed
- want a lightening/ brightening cream

It has some soothing properties in the ingredients but it also contains the harsh ones. So, it’s kinda made me little confuse. If they want this cream to give soothing and calming function, they should minimize potential irritants inside it. The potential irritant has made other good soothing/ calming ingredients becomes less or even no use… >.< I’ve proven it on my own skin.

I only tried this cream about less than two weeks usually in the morning only, so I could not say much about the long term effect. It’s not every day I use it, sometimes I ceased the use when I have acne. I have my other fave moisturizer and serum that I use more often than this cream.

Repurchase ? No. I only could use it when my skin is at normal mode, with no acne and sensitive signs. I want more gentle product than this one.

So, what do u think, girls? Are u using anything from Acnes or other Rohto’s brands? Share ur experience on the comment below, until then see ya on my next post : )
Don’t worry, be happy n stay pretty : )

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